Rogers is offering some serious deals on Windows Phone 8

Rogers is offering some serious deals on Windows Phone 8

Canadian carrier Rogers, who announced their strong support of Windows Phone 8 back in October, is offering some sweet deals on their entire lineup of Windows devices. And what an impressive lineup it is. Right now, customers who sign up for a Rogers 3-year FLEXtab plan will be able to choose one of the following Windows Phone 8 handsets:

The Nokia Lumia 920 is being offered exclusively by Rogers in Canada. And while that and the HTC 8X are available now, the elusive Samsung ATIV S is listed as "coming soon." For those interested in Windows Phone 7 or Windows 8 RT devices, the sale also includes deals on the Nokia Lumia 900 and Samsung ATIV Smart PC.

If you live in Canada and you've been waiting on moving to WP8, it looks like now is a great time to do it.

Source: Rogers; Thanks, CylonJason, for the tip!


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Rogers is offering some serious deals on Windows Phone 8


We're all different. We all like different phones. The ATIV does have a bigger screen, larger battery and a memory slot. The Nokia has a better camera. Personally I prefer the ATIV S.

I wanted the Ativ S but they have failed to deliver. I will not knock Samsung but they lost a possible customer to Nokia for taking so long. Maybe in two years I will check out Samsung or maybe I'll turn into a Nokia fan boy. Only time will tell. Btw Nokia services are pretty awesome.

Can u have someone who live there (currently on Rodgers) buy it for you and you just pay the $50 unlock fee?

if you buy it on contract, Rogers will not give you the unlock key. You will have to wait till your contract ends. On the other hand, if you buy the phone for $549.99, you get a pre paid sim and pay extra $50 for the unlock code.

I suspect they'll offer similar deals up until the Boxing Day period so I'm personally holding out for more colors.

Not just you. I guess that will make the disappointment huge when you hold it in you hand and it doesn't live of the the expectation one has from the picture.

I was holding out but a rep said it could be tentatively until February. I just bought the black one and ordered a red carbon fibre case through wpcentral store.

At AML stores in Halifax (they only sell Rogers but I don't know if they are owned by them or not) they have the Lumia 920, HTC 8X and the Ativ for $0 until the 17th. I would switch carriers if they offered more colours but no way I want another black phone.

If you get on ther promotional 6gb data plan that seems to come out with every iPhone release, it's fairly reasonable. ie $60 for 6GB, My 10, unlimited texting.

yeah, that is true. I am full time student and I cannot afford $60 per month. I have the $40 Fido smart plan.

The prices for their phones are horrible, you absolutely must include the pricing on your whole 3 year deal to make this assessment. And Rogers plans are terribly expensive.

Honestly, unless you want a high end phone and use more than 1GB of data, going with any of the big three is pointless.
The prices for the phones are actually great because your phones are on a tab and they take $10 off the price they subsidize every month so you don't really have to stay the full 3 years. Just upgrade every two...honestly, it only looks terrible on paper because it says "3 years", otherwise, you can't find a cheaper deal on the phone (unless you steal it).

Has anyone been able to use the Roger's Nokia 920 with a Fido SIM card without unlocking it?  If not, are there even unlock codes for the 920 available yet?

I Bought the Nokia 920 in Black from rogers off contract on Nov 9.. Fully working on Fido no unlock code needed.. Don't know if they've changed since I got mine.. but It is working for me.. I had an old Fido SIM so I went and got the LTE sim from Fido..

I'm in Montreal and they offer the Lumia 920 here at 0$ for a 3 yr agreement for a limited time in some shops, but voice and  data plans are so ridiculous in Canada and Rogers just changed their plans with even more expensive ones for the holidays so it's not really worth it right now.

Yeah. Would love to get a new phone but plans are outrageous at Rogers. Still stuck for another year on a plan as it is. Not really enticing to commit to another plan. Things need to change in Canada.

yup I is lighter, it is bigger, it does feel cheaper, it's DPI is lower and it hasn't been released yet.  Yup it wins every way.

Ativ S is no other thing than the Same Samsung Galaxy S3 running Windows Phone 8 Operating System.They just change the buttons to make it able to run Windows Phone OS.

I doubt that Ativ is gonna have much sales.. 
Probably getting my 920 tomorrow, even though I want to get a white L920, this deal is hard to resist and I just can't wait any longer!!

I'll be holding out for the Ativ because of the ability to carry a spare battery and not having to charge my phone in the middle of the day, and the expandable storage, light weight, and big amoled screen.

It's too big for me, but at least it has the replaceable battery. It's also the only phone coming to Telus (my carrier) so far, so it's going to be a lot more economical to purchase than the Lumia 920 (which I prefer) from Rogers.  

Wow only been a month and such a massive discount? And a discount on a phone that isn't even out yet? Are Windows Phone 8 selling this badly in Canada?

Nah, just the way the market works up here. No one just buys a phone outright. Most have 3 year contracts to get either a free phone or a heavily subsidized one. Most new phones are never more than $99 but can be had on sale mostly for free.

On 3 year contracts, the price of these phones are effectively thousands of dollars. That said, due to carrier indifference and ignorance, Canada is Windows Phone's worst market in the free world per capita.

Marketing for Windows Phone sucks up her, even with WP8 nothing has changed. No big events, hardly any in store ads, you'd still wouldn't realize it even existed just walking past the carrier stores.

I'm willing to bet Samsung is just playing around with Microsoft since they have such a buge stake in the android market that makes them billions.  ATIV looks sweet though, and those deals are awesome, who said Canadians were getting left out.

Rogers has been getting a nice stock of wp8 phones so a nod for that just wish I was done contract so I could get one. :(

Nokia should drop Rogers as their premier partner.
They are not supporting this device with any accessories like wireless charging pads, Nokia speakers or headphones. Rogers' twitter account just responds with "no plans" or "nothing to announce".
The in store demo model does not function but has a sticker for what the phone looks like turned on. Customers can't actually try the phone before they buy. Staff can't sell it because they typically have no experience using it, which is obvious if you listen to their sales pitch.
Their advertising doesn't mention the Lumia 920 by name. They currently have two huge billboards; one says "largest selection of smartphones" with 9 phones pictured (920 is one); the other advertises the "windows 8 experience"(920 is one of 6). Its more like playing a game of "where's Waldo?", with absolutely nothing written on the 920.
As noted above the plans have been jacked up ridiculously high since summer. The $60 5-6 GB plan is gone, and now you have to pay $95 for the same data, but you get unlimited calling.
I'm pissed at the lack of support from Rogers and cannot recommend them in the slightest, even though I think the phone is a winning device. /rant

I think it's just something we'll have to deal with being Canadian. Rogers sucks and it will never change, because there's enough people buying their plans

Agreed, you'd think that when you have exclusivity on a phone that you would actually be promoting it, including colors and accessories. At the very least Microsoft Store should be selling every color that you could put on a Rogers plan, so MS fails also.