Befriend your lockscreen with the brilliant HelloFriends for Windows Phone 8

We’ve been getting a lot of Windows Phone 8 live lockscreen apps lately and we couldn’t be happier. With these new tools for developers we’re going to start to see some real creativity in the coming weeks and we just found our new favorite: HelloFriends.

The app is so ingenious, we’re kind of shocked Microsoft didn’t build this in to the OS—after all, the concept is their very own. HelloFriends simply generates gorgeous lock screen wallpaper based off of your contact photos. It creates three types—all mini tiles, one with varying sizes and one with some huge tiles mixed in and then updates every 30 minutes with a new pattern.

What’s nice too is the app generates the images so that near the bottom it fades to black, allowing your time/date and notification area to remain highly visible.  Conceptually, the app reflects the core design principle of Windows Phone—making your phone personal. We already have Live Tiles, especially for the People Hub and Photos that display and flip images of your close ones—so why not bring that to the lock screen as well?

Okay, we suppose if you have really ugly friends, you may want to avoid it. But we’re not going to, as we love the look of these images, how it updates every half an hour and the whole idea behind it.

For that, we have to highly recommend this little ditty.

You can pick up HelloFriends here in the Store for $0.99 with a free trial (that appears to be limitless right now).

QR: HelloFriends


Reader comments

Befriend your lockscreen with the brilliant HelloFriends for Windows Phone 8


Is there a way to generate images like this on a wp7 device? Like an App which creates the images and saves them on your phone... You could then pic the image and save it as a lockscreen image...

If the developers are reading this:
Please do something like this for us! I am quite sure that a lot of WP7-users would love this!

Thanks in advance :)

Hey Lingling,

thanks a lot for your answer :)

I downloaded the app and it's quite fun to use. Is there a way you could add more options and filter for the collage making? Like different Tile sizes and so on. ?

Would be really awesome! 

(Will try the app for the next few days and give you some feedback if you want :) )

Does no one else feel weird having all of your friends faces showing up on your lock screen? We'll see how the wife reacts to some girls showing up on there. Haha

haha nice^^

I once had my ex-girlfriend (doing a kiss face on the pic) right next to my girlfriends pic on my peoples hub. Was kind of funny. But I'm sure there will be some nice random stuff with this kind of an App.

VERY cool. I'm using it ut waiting for inevitable bugs n glitches that come hand-n-hand with these lock screen apps. If this dev got it right the first time I'll be very impressed.
Now if only I can have it update with photos of JUST my friends or people in a certain group. That would be slick. perhaps a future app update. Very nice job by the dev

I've been using it for 24+ hours. Have had zero issues. There's not much to it, so I'm unsure of what bugs could happen. Updates have been very timely on the screen refreshes.

not sure why but my lockscreen pics do not update as what this app should be.  daniel how often does yours update?

not sure why but the pics in my lockscreen do not update regularly as per what this app should do.  daniel how often do yours update?

I'm glad they leave some of these things up to developers, actually. Lay the ground work and leave room for folks to step up and shine!

Now all that needs to happen is a live wallpaper option for your pictures on your phone... Also being able to control the friends you actually want to be on there.

They also should do this with pics from the camera roll and saved pics.. Idgaf about my fb friends enough to have them on my lock screen.. lolol

I could never use this app, safely... I have a few people with custom contact images that are less than polite while being completely accurate to their personalities. For example, I have one contact (an attractive but rather unpleasant woman) who has the image "Go eat some makeup so you can make yourself pretty on the inside, bitch." I can see that getting me in trouble.
It's a brilliant concept though! :)

OMFG...awesome..."okay, we suppose if you have really ugly friends, you may want to avoid it". Freakin brilliant! I love reading WPC! :D

Pretty cool!  I would love it if Microsoft allowed this for the People Hub - I don't use Facebook, but having the pictures from my camera roll populate the little squares in the People Hub would be kinda cool.  But for now, no pinning the People Hub :(

Would be cool if it also had filters included, that it applied to the image before adding the gradient at the bottom. Sortof like black/white, high contrast, etc. Instagram style.

Can you limit it to Google/Facebook contacts? I find it rather annoying that in WP7 and WIndows RT People hubs, the collages show LinkedIn and Twitter contacts. People that I know through work or online don't need to show up there.

I submitted feedback on the app that I really can't see myself using it unless I can limit the friends it pulls from to a group, as I have a lot of business and old contacts I would not want to see on a regular basis.
Only 2 hours later the app creator got back to me and said he will be sure to put the feature into version 3 (he just submitted version 2 with some tweaks).  Very awesome, he certainly earned my money for the app!

With all the suggestions being thrown around in the suggestion box, looks like people really like this concept. My opinion: if u guys like it, pay for the full app instead of the trial so the developer will have more incentive to crank out the updates you want. It only takes a few Bing searches.

Hey guys,
Thank you so much for all these suggestions. They are so great. You can be sure that I will push regular updates into the store, so that you will be excited by new great features that help customizing your lock screen!
The update containing the letter "A" bug fix for large contact lists is already submitted and will be available during the next days. Enjoy it!
If you have any other suggestions, please contact me. There's also a feedback option in the app :-)
Thanks again!