NAVIGON USA, Europe updated with text-to-speech


NAVIGON has updated its Windows Phone apps for both Europe and the US to version 4.6. This latest release takes advantage of text to speech for the app to read out street names to the user. As well as both apps sporting new functionality, the development team has also fixed a number of bugs that were present and has improved stability and performance. 

NAVIGON Cockpit is also now available as an in-app purchase. The apps that have been bumped to the latest version were previously updated for Windows Phone 8, but NAVIGON Australia hasn't yet been updated to 4.6 - we're not sure as to when this is expected to roll out. NAVIGON enables Windows Phone owners to make use of rich navigation and downloadable maps. 

Navigon Europe

You can download both NAVIGON apps from the Windows Phone Store for $29.99 (US version) and £51.49 (European version). Do note that NAVIGON Europe contains maps for forty European countries, while the US version spans all fifty States, but not Canada.

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NAVIGON USA, Europe updated with text-to-speech


Really wish they would put this on sale...  I just don't know if I can justify $30.00.  I'm still holding out hope that Nokia Drive comes up for sale so i can get it on my 8x.

I can say that with Navigon I've had much better luck with it then Nokia Drive.
I live in Vancouver Wa and drive to Portland OR and the results have been less then stellar. However using Navigon it's perfect every single time. I've been using both off and on for a while now and can say that it really is better. Nokia might get better though but we'll have to wait and see.

I have tried numerous navigation software and also own a Garmin GPS receiver but using Navigon has been the closest to a real GPS receiver as it gets. Spot on every time. I bought it when it was on sale for $25.

Yes it has full postcode search & it really is a fully featured SatNav system. It hasn't let me down yet.

I would love to have voice turn by turn, I am still waiting for drive to get fixed, the one pic of the app does look very smooth though

It had "Reality Scanner" way before Nokia City Lens came out. It also has "Nearby" that works just like Local Scout.
It also shows you weather of your destination when you plan a route.

I have used the navigon app for years starting on iOS then moving to WP7 and I have to say it's the best turn by turn app available on either platform.

They say in the release notes  "Link from Bing Search to the NAVIGON app on your Windows Phone. Lets you start navigating immediately to destinations which you have found on the internet”
 But it still doesn't show up as an option when I click drive to, anyone know what's up with that?

The beauty of Nokia Drive for me is I can get maps for free when I travel to England. I have Navigon as well for use in the US but I would not pay to use it for the short time I'm back home, Nokia Drive fits the bill nicely there so while Navigon is more fully featured for a free nav program Nokia Drive is more than sufficient.

at least navigon europe supports text-to-speech since its release ;-)
I'm pretty confused why they put it on the changes list...

Only problem with Navigon is it won't let you set a point in the wilderness where a GPS crucial.  It's mainly for driving.  No roads then no use.

I take it there are no plans to update the Garmin app for WP8? They're owned by the same people as Navigon, right? I guess it makes sense that one of the apps is doomed... Just wish it wasn't the one I bought. :(

Just a question here, I purchased the Navigon software shortly after I got my Nokia 920, purchased it actually on 11/13/12. Now I see it sells for $29.99, I paid $49.99 for it less then a month ago. Is there someplace I can go to see if I can get a refund, I guess a price match offer?

Maybe I'm completely mistaken, but wasn't Text-To-Speech always avaialble on this app? I use it about once a month and I could swear that it would read out street names. Am I going crazy??

Works for me on WP7 for both Spanish and English, so maybe the TTS stuff wasn't present on the WP8 build?

@ gtbuzz, Nope, you're not crazy, the Text-to-Speech functionality has been present in the US version since its release

Text to speech update is for WP8. Navigon for WP7.5 had this for a long time... Specifying that kind of information would be really helpful for your readers :-)

Yep, totally worth $29.00!!!!!  I've been using it since October 2011 and it's the best GPS I've ever used, including stand-alone units

Really $29? It seems to get good review here for the most part but in WP store not so much. Going on a trip next week for the holidays. Is it really worth it? Can I download maps? I'm new to WP8 but I really like that feature by Bing Maps, Nokia Maps/Drive.

Nokia Drive is good for a free app, but doesn't compare to this. Its now fast and feature rich. Worth every penny.