Official Microsoft Store app for Windows Phone now allows online shopping

Looks like all Microsoft needs is a little time, as they’ve finally added the ability to go shopping in their Microsoft Store app. Yes, the app was bumped to version 2.0 today and with it brings a new redesign and the ability to purchase items.

The mobile version of Microsoft’s growing Store presence now has Tiles for difference sections, including Windows 8, Surface, Computers, Xbox & Kinect, Office 2010, Accessories, PC Games and Software. Unfortunately, Windows Phone is limited to just accessories, which is most likely due to the contract-nature of smartphone purchases here in the US.

The app still has the Store locator, for those of you who live near one, which includes store hours, phone number and upcoming classes. There’s also a built in Twitter news stream from the MS Store Twitter account.

The app isn’t too bad though some of it, including the cart for actual purchasing, are just shortcuts to the mobile web version. That means purchases go through a secure web browser rather than the app itself. By implication, that also means this is not a Windows Phone 8 app (as we noticed on our HTC 8X, which still had a black bar at top). Had this been updated for Windows Phone 8, presumably we could have used our Wallet for purchases, but alas, we’ll have to wait.

You can pick up the official Microsoft Store version 2.0 app here in the marketplace. Thanks, kevin2577, for the tip!

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Official Microsoft Store app for Windows Phone now allows online shopping


Still, Canada has 1 microsoft store in Yorkdale Mall, Toronto, plus several holiday popup stores around the country.  Oversight perhaps?

This app used to work in Canada...seeing a lot of apps suddenly not available in Canada or for WP7. Happed with e*trade as well...

Probably not available in any country that doesn't have at least one Microsoft Store.


I might try the app again, but I have a feeling I'll be back to using just the web site, especially if the app is little more than shortcuts into the web site. The app does look nice, but I guess I expect more from it.

Yes!! Finally! They had arguably the best Black Friday deals on some of the best games (Assassin's Creed 3 - $25, Forza Horizon - $15, etc...) and tried purchasing with their app. When I realized I couldn't I scrambled to do it on the browser. Welcome plus.

Yeah. They had Star Wars Kinect for $10 down from $50 with free shipping. Granted, the game supposedly is a POS (haven't opened it, yet) but for $10, why not?

It is a fun game if you think about the audience. My nephews and brother played the heck out of it. I bought them lightsabers that light up from target at props.

The mobile-friendly site is apparently only available in the US. I guess the idiots at Microsoft only want Americans to buy their products. No wonder Apple is doing so much better than them.

MS Store is on my sh*t list.  I spend more time with their online chat than I do enjoying their products. 
I received a promo code from an order for free 1600 MS points.  The order sat in limbo for a week before I contacted support who in turn told me it had to be escalated.  2 weeks later I receive an e-mail confirming my order, but no code.  Im going to have to contact them again to find out the code.
Same thing happened when I pre-ordered Resident Evil 6.  It showed up in my order history as processing and never went through.  When I contacted support after the game never shipped they said they'd still sell it to me after it's back in stock, but not honor the promotions they were offering. 
Other things.  I have multiple coupon codes for $10 - $25 off my next purchase.  The e-mail never states an expiration date , but apparently it's end of this year according to chat.  The codes also do not stack, so 1 code per order which is never stated anywhere as well.
They have a long way to go.  They can't hold a candle to Amazon.