Liquid Labs updated, fixes Windows Phone 8 bug


LiquidLab has been updated yet again, as promised by the developer. We last looked at the puzzle game last month when it was bumped to version 2. The update introduced a number of new levels, new gametype and more. The issue we found was when attempting to play LiquidLab on a Windows Phone 8 device.

Unfortunately the game was unplayable due to a bug that would not register screen touches when in-game. This was a real shame as the game is highly rated and we found it to be addictive enough to return numerous times. We contacted the developer, who won the Developer Camp Competition in Macedonia earlier this year with the game and he revealed that the bug was overlooked and a patch would be immediately applied.

Should you be a fan of the game, you'll be able to find the update rolling out. If not, you can download LiquidLab from the Windows Phone Store, which is free of trial limitations for Windows Phone 8 devices as an apology by the developer.

QR: LiquidLab


Reader comments

Liquid Labs updated, fixes Windows Phone 8 bug


Just wanted to say thanks to the dev for fixing the problem and keeping in touch about the fix, the game is great.. Even more so now you have made it free for WP8 users. Thanks again.

Just downloaded. seems an enjoyable game so far.
I'm stuck on 'Measure' level 9 though; I'm sure there's a simple solution, but I just can't find it. Any tips would be appreciated :)

Just download the trial version. It's fully unlimited for WP8 users, so the trial version is essentially the full version.

Hi 920inBlack :)
I agree with you that the required access is represented in a bit confusing way. However here is an explanation that can make things more clear:
LiquidLab uses two capabilities:

  1. Media capability - this is required in order to play the sound effects within the game. Besides the sound access, this capability also covers the photo and video libraries which are not used in the game.
  2. Data services capability - this capability is used in order for the user to provide feedback about the game. Should you wish to send me feedback or to report a bug, you can do this by sending an email which requires data service.

Hope that now you can play the game without any worries :)

Sorry to disapoint you guys, but I can't spoil the fun :)
One thing I can confirm, there are no bugs in the levels :)
Good luck :)