Draw Something for Lumia Windows Phones updated, fixing bugs

Draw Something

Draw Something for Lumia Windows Phones has been updated to match the version the official app is currently on for all other handsets. Unfortunately a changelog isn't available (as usual with most apps and games), but it's believed the latest release, version 1.0.13 fixes bugs that saw the game freeze when waiting for opponents to guess the drawing, and more.

The paid edition of Draw Something saw the updated being rolled out last week. Nokia offers Draw Something for free (but is ad-supported) in its collection of OEM apps.

You can download Draw Something from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store. Thanks everyone who tipped us!

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Reader comments

Draw Something for Lumia Windows Phones updated, fixing bugs


I remember wanting this so bad that I helped lead the charge to bug the developer on FB, Twitter and their boards. Now I'm not as interested as I once was. I never see anyone even mentioning this game anymore. Back to Cut the Rope.

To late .. I deleted everything from Zynga.... They didn't care enough to try; neither do I. I want scrabble? I've got Alpha Jax. I want Pictionary; I've got Duudle

Ive got the free/full version on Tmobile (8x) and it is unplayable.  It has SO many issues (too many to name).  Words with friends works fine but the the drawing game doesnt work.  ba bye drawing game...

The game is at least playable now, but it's still very slow.  Also, the sensitivity and accuracy of the drawing is very poor compared to the iPhone version.

Speaking of the full no-ads T-mobile version, it seems we didn't get our version updated. All this fragmentation between the carriers, developers, and device manufacturers is enough to make me scream.

Still doesn't work on my Lumia 800. The game works the first three times I launch it. Then it gets stuck at "Getting ready". Tried waiting for 10 minutes. Nothing happened, so this is still uplayable.

Even tried updating my firmware to 7.8 with a reset. Same issue.
Work great a few times, but then it dies.

All the issues I've had are from Android users sending me a response to my picture. It seems you see them guess the word, it shows it guessed wrong because its missing a letter. Had to cancel 4 games in progress because of it. While the game I play with somebody using an iDevice works fine.