Images leak of unknown mid-range Nokia Lumia phone

New images of what looks to be an unidentified Nokia phone have shown up on the web today. Not much is known about the device revealed in these photos, except that they are of a Nokia phone running Windows Phone 8 at 800x480 resolution. The device lacks the famed polycarbonate body of the high Lumia 9xx series and that resolution makes this a mid-range device, at best.

The images were leaked on Twitter to MyNokia Blog with the device name “Juggernaut Semaphone” listed and an older build of Windows Phone 8 (9848). The name Juggernaut has popped up before on various speed tests and other heuristics collected by app developers, lending credence to the images. Then again, that phone was referred to as 'Juggernaut Alpha', which may or may not be the same device.

What is also not known is the status of this device i.e. is it an old prototype, cancelled or something to be revealed at CES in January (and don't forget about our contest)?

The old Windows flag button mayor may not mean something, though we don’t put too much weight on that signifying anything. We’ve seen Windows Phone 8 prototypes use the old flag before, possibly to disguise the phone in public.

Those hoping for Juggernaut to be the top end, new flagship phone for Nokia might be disappointed, as this phone is not it. But we’re sure Nokia already has a roadmap with other devices planned for the future and a new wow-worthy device is bound to be revealed sometime in 2013.

Source: MyNokia Blog, @coolRaffy; via Engadget


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Images leak of unknown mid-range Nokia Lumia phone


It has the old flag for the home button edit: nevermind you guys got it in the article didn't read thoroughly

My 900 is smooth compared to my 920 bro. The 920 seems really buggy to me still. Especially when choosing a song... It takes it like 30 seconds to start playing and sometimes it gets stuck. Hopefully they fix this kinda stuff but for right now, I'm still wondering if I made the right choice. Oh, and the keyboard doesn't feel as fast and autocorrect is not as good as the 900 imo... either way you won't be disappointed, good luck.

Must be an isolated issue with your phone. You should probably have it replaced. I have 2 900's and 2 920's and there is no comparison speed wise. Forgive my example but try pulling up the Engadget app in both phones and see what happens. If your 920 lags behind the 900 then something is definitely wrong with your 920.

I'll try that for sure... I know the girl at AT&T messed with it even after I told her that would sync everything myself...

If you've held out this long, I'd hold out a little longer and at least see what Microsofts phone is going to be. I'm betting we find out a little bit more about it in the coming months.

It's just old proto that will never be released. Juggernaut Alpha was around already 10 months ago. it's internal device with likely Lumia 920 like hardware (as far as SoC goes, not camera and such)

You sir, are correct. Microsoft Netherlands already confirmed in october that Juggernaut Alpha was a prototype/dev phone. It's the one that was used by Joe Belfiore on stage the first time WP8 was demoed. Nokia also used this phone a few months back at Teched to demo WP8. The Juggernaut Semaphone is a slighty newer version of Juggernaut Alpha and still is a prototype/developer phone only for internal use only. Don't except this phone to ever see the daylight.
PS Daniel, I thought you be more informed about this phone. It's not really a secret or something.

I feel like another 6 month and I'll need to safe another 250$ for early upgrade again, for another beautiful creation from Nokia (not this phone in particular) and I'm not saying it as a bad thing

Probably just an old prototype. Old build number and old windows flag. Don't forget that all of Nokia 8XX devices have 480 x 800 resolution

Part of Nokia's roadmap I hope is to fix the camera regarding daylight photos. Its grainy, lacks sharpness, unsaturated as compared to the naked eye, alot of noise. Fix, fix, fix, please! I need it to beat the iPhone's ASS!

I'm sure it does, but day photos no. There is also lack of built in options and "Lenses" I surely don't appreciate. See it for yourself, you're stuck with 8.7MP but HTC, have option for 3, 5, etc. We need the N8 software, not Lenses.

Do you own a N8?   If so, you already have N8 software! 
Not sure about the L920, but I certainly have options of 2, 3, 7, and 8MP settings on my Lumia 900.

On the Lumia 920, there's not a whole lot of options. You're stuck with "Lenses", apps more or less, and 8.7MP. Grrr! Everything needed to make Pureview photos awesome and unique should have been built-in. For example while taking a photo, touch the screen and a list options is right there for you to choose. Pureview more or less is just a basic camera. Not good! Oh I don't own the N8 but read and researched about it.

720, I still waiting for you...

And, is any possibility that Nokia will introduce a new number line in the Lumia line?? The 1xxx...

Besides the article, doesn't anyone bother to read comments either? See dormamu's comment. Another clue, look how scratched that screen is. Even if cheap glass was used, that prototype has been around the block a few times.

This is an old prototype. It should be running WP8 at 480x800 on an HD screen, upscaled. The design matches other WP prototypes too, has a flimsy battery cover and a disproportionate size.

it has what looks like a screen protector on it...top left of the screen in the first picture you can see the tab to lif off of.

I'm waiting for the wp7.8 upgrade for my cyan L900, I was so happy to get it back in april. Then I dropped it used my nail clipper file to file the edge smooth again, that's what polybicarbonate is good for. You can't do that to HTC or Samsung. BTW the corners on HTC get discolored after a while. Nokia rocks!

820 too big, 620 too small, 720 please get it right with a 4.0" 800x400 screen, 1GB RAM and a good design (a design similar to the 620/820 would be perfect)!
OK, I really just want a 820 with a smaller screen/body.