Windows Phone 7.8 update for Lumia 900 ready on Nokia’s servers

Nokia is getting ready for a mass Lumia 900 upgrade

Just yesterday it was discovered that Nokia had been seeding some OS updates for the Lumia 800 and 510 devices on their servers, specifically WIndows Phone 7.8. The evidence came via the third-party software Navifirm, which shows the updates waiting for distribution.

Now, one of our eagle-eyed readers caught the Lumia 900 getting in on the action. The OS update is for RM-823, which is the international, non-AT&T version and has an OS version number of 8858 with the 12480 firmware. Windows Phone 7.8 is finalized at 8858 making this a bonafide official update.

Windows Phone 7.8 is poised for release on the Lumia 900

While we didn’t count the number of carrier or regional updates, there are plenty including Baltics, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, India, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, European unlocked, Sweden and more. It looks like an army on the hills getting ready to attack, as Nokia is evidently going to roll out 7.8 en masse within the next few weeks.

The AT&T version, RM-808, unfortunately did not have an 8858 update sitting on the servers. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad as that situation can change at any moment now.

Our reader, Jens_V, managed to also download and flash their Lumia 900 with the updated OS and noted “No Nokia features, just live tiles, Bing wallpaper, new colors, new boot screen, new wallpapers”, which are things we expected. Nokia is likely to add new camera apps via the Nokia Collection soon after the update goes live to users.

For those curious if you can flash your AT&T phone with one of these combo OS/firmware packages, yes you technically can but we do not know the ramifications including whether or not you’ll hose LTE, let alone of the rest of the radio via this update. Best to sit back and just wait a little while longer.

Thanks, Jens_V, for the tip and photo!


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Windows Phone 7.8 update for Lumia 900 ready on Nokia’s servers


I flash bricked 920 using only Nokia suite 5.0. The instructions using navifirm was somewhat confusing for me. Nokia suite searched the web for the rom in connection with the phone you chose and downloaded it.

ROM for Lumia 710  (India, black color) has some Nokia goodies preinstalled like bluetooth sharing and ringtone maker. Bluetooth sharing app appears in a list when clicked on share button and works flawlessely. Tried with Xperia J (android).
Ringtone makers let me select any song (DRM free) from phone and I can crop any 30 second part of it and set as ringtone from app itself. Again works flawlessely.
However I couldn't find  cinemagraph and other new camera add on anywhere.

I'm at México so I installed the Country variant version from Argentina and I see the Bluetooth sharing but I can't find the cinegraph and ringtone maker

Hey, the Cinegraph is not and application itself... and you will find it in the camera settings as well as the smart shot function. But I cant find the ringtone maker eather. 

Nokia is doing everything while the other guys are doing nothing. My next phone will be Nokia and to get the one I really want, maybe it's time to look for a new carrier as well. T-Mobile, its been a good run.

+1. I will wait to get the 7.8 on my Focus S, but I am tired of making excuses for Samsung. They have supported their Focus line a little, but Nokia is all in and is proving it. Now, HTC hasn't supported either the Titan or T2 at all, so I have good money that says I will see the 7.8 before My Wife who is going to have to wait on HTC. But Nokia will be an easy choice for me when I move to WP 8.

Yes, exactly. Clearly Nokia has separated itself from every other OEM with their exclusives and added value for customers. They really work for your business. This is how we should be treated.

Lumia 710 RM-809 is also available for wp7.8 update.
Short Tutorial,
Required software:
Nokia Care Suite 5.0
Nokia Data package manager or Navifirm v1.7
1. Download firmware package for your phone via Navifirm/Data package manager
2. Install Nokia USB driver (included in Caresuite folder after installation)
3. Launch Product support tool and -> open product -> programming-recovery and choose the firmware you downloaded -> hit start and wait until you get a popup telling you what to do with your phone in order to start the process

Actually not a typo, I mean 'hose' as in "yeah, my new computer got hosed by the upgrade". But I can see how you would think it should be 'lose' as that works too.

I can notice that 7.8 update for Lumia 510 is pulled off from servers, atleast Navifirm isn't showing it. Yesterday, it was there.

Don't want to flash!  Just want to update!!!  Someone please push the "RELEASE U.S. UPDATE"  button already!!!  Or tell me where the button is and I'll press it myself!  

Yeah it still uses zune. But the live tile is now more active. It shows the picture of the artist, the name of the artist flyes thru the live tile and you have now all three sizes of the music+video (zune) app.

Nokia is getting back on track!! Waiting for my contract to end in January, so I can switch to a Lumia 920. The yellow one:)!

What about first gen devices like my HTC HD7? Nokia sure does the job right but I'd like to see some HTC love too!

"For those curious if you can flash your AT&T phone with one of these combo OS/firmware packages, yes you technically can"
No, you technically can't. The signatures and product codes are different, trying to flash an RM-823 rom to an RM-808 will just result in care suite saying it can't. Once the RM-808 package is out, it'll flash w/ care suite.

CANT WAIT TIL ITS OUT. The home screen without the wasted space on the right and way more shortcuts. Sweet.

Its not much of an update really. Its a real shame MS didnt add a little bit more, screenshot, font size, basic photos edit options.
My they be cutting out anyone over 40 with out a font size option. You cant even pass your old phone off to your parents. 

When I flashed my 800 i didnt need to use the NaviFirm firmware, I downloaded it through NSS and it flashed it easy as pie, pretty straight forward process.

Wow it's coming pretty soon then im dying for that new start screen ...anyone know if you can pin photos in 7.8 ?

Wonder if my friend htc arrive will get an update to 7.8 since it gotten awesome reviews from sprint customers

I just updated my Lumia 900 With the RM-823 VAR EU NO CV BLACK ROM and it worked perfectly.  Loving the new home screen, spent ages playing about until I got something I liked.
Anyone know if there is a screenshot function built in yet?
Anyway thanks for the tip!

Anyone installed 7.8 yet , know if we can now backup SMS messages, and use always on WiFi. Thanks :)