DIY: Wirelessly recharge your Nokia Lumia using a coffee table.

Wireless Charging in the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 Windows Phones (not forgetting the Verizon HTC 8X) opens up news possibilities, especially for those who enjoy carrying out DIY around the home. Windows Phone Central reader Andre Schneider has managed to alter his coffee table to enable Wireless Charging by resting his compatible Windows Phone on top.

By mounting the standard Nokia Wireless Charger pad underneath the table, the Windows Phone is able to start charging when positioned above the pad. This not only provides a pretty neat trick to show off to friends and family, but also makes it super simple to charge the device. We've previously witnessed the power of creativity when it comes to DIY and accessories for Windows Phone and this raises the bar.

In case you were curious to do this yourself, Andre gives us a tip on the limitations: "Looks like the operating range through an object like wood is around 1.5cm."

Have you managed to create wondrous contraptions with Wireless Charging and a Windows Phone? Be sure to let us know what you've been up to.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Andre, for the heads up!


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DIY: Wirelessly recharge your Nokia Lumia using a coffee table.


I wanna transform my bed into wireless charger so I do not have to connect my 920 to charger every time I go to sleep...

I cut a little slit in the fabric of my sofa armrest and slipped the charger inside. It's not exactly an expensive sofa, mind you...

My girlfriend wants a boob job, so I asked her if I could have the doctor install a wireless charger.  Now that is a fat boy pillow for you...

You would actually get two charging pillows then. This opens up all kinds of new cellular possibilities. ;)
I was thinking along the same lines, of sticking a chargin plate underneath the thin teakwood table next to the sofa. Then I wouldn't have to turn half of the smart smart phone features off in order to make the battery last all day.

Really? Not that cool to me personally. It would be much better if he dismantled the device and ran more wires zig zag across the bottom so no matter where you place it, it could charge, and maybe even handle a few phones rather than one. And on another note, why do people keep recording vertically? Its so lame. I see it on iwitness news videos and all over YouTube. Its just so amateur, turn the damn thing sideways so i can watch it full screen.

Hmm...wondering how safe this is. I mean-it says online that there shouldn't be anything between the charger and the phone. Had to feel paranoid, but...ill stick with the regular method.

Too bad I can't use the 2 palm touchstone chargers I bought, considering that they're useless as chargers

Are you also having issues with it actually charging the Lumia 920? My palm touchstone and Lumia sense each other but no charging occurs.

I wish I saw the update before buying one. Luckily I didn't leave it on the touchstone for very long. I hope qi charger comes down in price quickly now that more than one phone has it. Has anyone tested the energizer qi charger?

Sorry, wish I hadn't but it got the point across. Holding the Blackberry Torch I was using to film this in landscape feels really awkward too.

Does it take more time to full charge?
I don't know about how the wireless charging works, but is the table some kind of resistance?
Doesn't the current becomes a lower value?

I need the entire surface area of my coffee table to be Qi compatible. I just want to toss my electronics down on the table and hear the familiar beep that its charging

If there can be a way to use the Palm Touchstone chargers, it would be possible. There are pics of webOS users with their modified TS chargers in their vehicles. It is modified with a stronger magnet to hold the phone in place.

As cool as that looks, I found the rubber ring on the charging plate (raised about 1mm) to be very useful to keep your 920 off the surface to avoid having the lens area with direct contact to it. The lens on the 920 is only sunk 0.5-1.0mm from the ceramic plate so it's kind of scary to place it on a flat surface....not to mention it'll vibrate. 
The rubber ring avoids any slip offs as well. 

On the other hand this idea is perfect for cafe's ;-)  
Maybe a little neat marking will do too. Kudos.

I'd love to get some clarification on how wireless charging affects the life of the battery.  I've always heard that charging your phone, whether from 0 - 100 or from 95 - 100 uses one of the finite "charges" on the battery.  Does anyone know the truth about this situation?  If I drop my phone on the wireless charging pad and it goes from 50% to 75% then I pick it up, do something, drop it down again so it goes from 75% to 100% is that two of my finite charges or one? 
This is my main concern with wireless charging.  Any clarification here would be great.

Actually wireless charging may actually help battery life.  While Li-ion batteries will run longer on a full charge, their service life decreases. Also, charging Li-ion at higher voltages decreases the usefull life of the battery, so the lower charging voltages of wireless charging may help give you more charge cycles.
Speaking of charge cycles, some smart batteries (that report on charge cycles left, % of capacity, etc.) do not count topping off the battery as a "cycle" until the battery is discharged 70% (30% remaining) and filling Li-ion batteries before they reach maximum discharge increases service life. In fact most manufacturers leave up to 20% capacity available when the battery is reporting it's empty to increase it's life.
Here is a great resource if you want to know more about your batteries.
Hope this helps.

I was going to do this to my nightstand and other places... too bad Verizon wont let me keep my unlimied data...