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Nokia confirms "Portico" update still on track for this month for Windows Phone 8

According to the NokiaCareUS Twitter account, Microsoft is still planning to roll out an update for Windows Phone 8 smartphones this month (codenamed "Portico"). We've already had our unbranded HTC 8X receive and apply an update, which was pinned as Microsoft simply testing its new OTA update process.

The update itself is expected to fix issues that many are experiencing, including random handset resets. It was first revealed that the update will be coming in December last month by All Things D at the WSJ. In addition to system performance and stability improvements, Microsoft will also be implementing SMS drafts and call rejection functionality to name but a handful of features that are on their way.

This is merely a confirmation that Microsoft is still working on preparing the backend systems for a December rollout, which would wrap up 2012 nicely. The question of course remains, how even and universal will this update be? That remains to be seen. But going by the Tweet, is sounds more like this is a direct Microsoft patch with Nokia having little to do with the update.

Source: Twitter; thanks, Giovanni, for the heads up!


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Nokia confirms "Portico" update still on track for this month for Windows Phone 8


Good news cuz I'm getting sick of the bugs in my 920. I love this phone but these problems I'm having are really starting to drive me nuts

You sound as if you're taking it really personally... Did it occur to you that maybe in a sea of other posts nobody saw it or that it was Saturday night and people were busy with other matters? :) I honestly didn't see it... and I've been watching the 920 and WP8 subforums.

@Mauler X Do you know why? Technically it's not news. The WSJ, who broke that the update was coming, said it was due in December. We say as much in this story too.

All Nokia did here was re-confirm what was already known. We're posting this mostly to (a) keep people informed, as most missed that bit of info (b) so we stop getting "tipped" on this story ;)

this will be released in name only to claim it came out this year.  The bulk of 920s (ie on ATT) won't see this this year.

Surely they only have this coming week to do this update and even that is cutting it very close to Christmas. So unless it is ready to go and being deployed in the next few days there would be zero chance of this before January.

True. People are going to get WPs for Christmas and I fear this will detract from user satisfaction for new converts if it isn't fixed by then

My Ativ S that I bought yesterday on Bell in Canada already has SMS call rejection and I haven't done an update. It worked out of the box.

Hope this comes out soon i hate the rebooting i encounter every day, i am still happy with the 920 its the best device i have used.

Err, are you sure it isn't your hand over the light sensor? It is meant to go black when that happens. Light sensor is around the Nokia logo

Ok that is a different problem. I had that on my dev unit from build. I believe it is a problem with the proximity sensor. You should tweet @nokiacares working with them they replaced my unit. Was pretty painless experience.

Better be.... Shouldn't have let HTC beat them. And carriers in the US, had better not be a factor

What model number is your 920? It seems like the pentaband 920s in Canada have few to no problems. I wonder if it's the slightly different devices and firmware causing problems?

My auto connect never works and the txt to speach in the car doesnt work.  This worked great with my 900 but not my 920.

I am having issues with my 920. It just dies twice a day and have to softreset it each time. Date and time goes back to 1 sep 2012 each time I softreset. Hope Portico update will fix this. A great phone but this goes on my nerves. 

Nokia should not release half baked phones. I was eyeing for 920 and dis not regret buying iphone 5 after reading some comments here. I would still buy 920 as soon as it is ready.

I dont think its got anything to do with Nokia but half finished wp8 product from MS. They promised full skype integration and VOIP calls, instead they  release a beta product. Shame on MS. Hope they will fix this soon.

My HTC Windows Phone 8X still reboots once up to twice a day, even after the update (8.0.10211.204). The funny part is that the same update has already been pushed twice to my phone! The sad part is that I've paid a lot of money for that phone...