Amazon gets AT&T Lumia 920 back in red, white and black. Priced at just $39.

Good news if you’re looking to pick up the Nokia Lumia 920 on AT&T as that phone is back in stock on Amazon Wireless, fetching for the low price of just $39 with a new two year contract (upgrades are $69 and $449 no contract).

What’s more they actually have it in glossy red in addition to glossy white and the matte black (cyan and yellow though are no where to be found).

Amazon Wireless received the Lumia 920 shortly after AT&T put it on sale but the online store had trouble keeping stock, just like everyone else in the world.  In addition fluctuating availability, the online retailer also juggled the price a few times (even dropping to $0.01) and we’re unsure if the “new” $39 price will stick. 

So if you’re looking to pick up that holiday gift for friends, family or yourself, best to act now before that phone goes out of stock again.

Source: Amazon; Thanks, riffraffy, for the tip!


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Amazon gets AT&T Lumia 920 back in red, white and black. Priced at just $39.


Daniel, explain why they are selling  these at $39 when all units are selling out at $99 anyway? You gain absolutelly nothing

Because it's a stupid business practice. They are losing revenue. If they are selling out at $99, why drop the price. Once there is excess inventory, then you drop the price.

I sort of don't understand that too. Normally you will expect them to either increase the price or leave it as it is. The only scenario that will make sense is if they are not giving extra monster headset or wireless charger.

Because they can :)  In the off chance that one cancels their contract for a device that was purchased through Amazon, not only will that customer have to pay ATT an ETF, they will also have to pay Amazon a separate ETF.  Two ETF's!
At the end of the day, it's Amazon - where value is King :)

Does ANYBODY own a yellow. I wish the one I received wasn't broken. I already have a red...but will buy a yellow anytime.

Yellow seems to be back IN STOCK at AT&T's online order again. I suggest to 'be quick or be.. choose another colour'. Good luck..

Everytime I ask about a yellow 920, I'm told a new procedure, channel, conspiracy theory, exclusivity, regional availability, high demand, low demand, delayed shipment, scarce pigment... story.  That's why I read this forum, 'cause I can handle the truth!

Nope. But thats the cycle in the USA. When new phone tech comes to the market, Americans rush to buy. 3-4months down the line, the prices on ebay go from $600 to $250. Thats when I sneak up and grab one. The only merchandise that does not exhibit this kind of erratic behaviour are iThings. Really strange.
Either way, in March, I will have a 920 or 8x for $250

That's because apple never changes their prices except for the iPhone. All other apple hardware remains at a static price and then get's discontinued once a newer version come out.

I'm new to AT&T (switched when the Lumia 900 came out). How do upgrades work? How long do I have to wait until I'm eligible?

Thanks. My mom just got a 920 and I'm totally jealous. I'll have to be content with my 900 and 7.8. By the time I'm eligible for an upgrade there will probably be something even sweeter.

You can actually go into a store and get an "upgrade" price after just 6 months by extending your contract.

It won't be super cheap, but they will take off some money. I bought a Lumia 900 in March and in November, i was able to buy the 920 at $300 (instead of the full $450) by extending my current contract.

Yup, you can get an "upgrade exception" which is $250 plus new contract price. You can use one of these per year.

Wait, please tell me about this more. My dad really wants a 920, but got a 900 cyan when it first came out. Do an article on it maybe?

Order 920 online..then get a dumb phone...insert the sim card to ur dumb phone then go to att and tell em that you dont need DATA with a dumb phone..once that's done..switch ur sim card from lumia 900 to 920,call att to suspend the dumb phone and only pay 10 bucks a month or either way...if they ask what happen to 920 just tell em u dropped it..

It's only $40 for new AT&T customers. It jacks up to $70 once you click one of the "existing AT&T customers" options.

i really wish Amazon would just stock unlocked ones.  I'd pay a little more (like $20) not to have it carrier branded.

damn it, not even a month with AT&T and they've started pissing me off. I bought mine for $100 like 3 weeks ago.