Nokia firmware and OS update for AT&T Lumia 920 spotted on their servers

Looks like AT&T is also getting in on the game for updating their Lumia 920 flagship phone. A new update has just popped up on Nokia's servers, viewable by the third party Navifirm software.

The update is simply labeled PR1_1_V3, which to us sounds a lot like the update detailed yesterday by Engadget that fixes the soft-focus on the Lumia 920. But there is reason to believe that this is more than just an update for the camera as it will presumably address other minor issues with the phone and tweak some settings.

We’re uncertain at this point if this includes the ‘Portico’ OS update as well, which is a separate function from upgrading the firmware to version 1249 (current one is 1242).

If you are thinking of doing this update yourself, we would strongly advice you to wait, as we don’t know the status of the version on the server. What’s more, you will hard-reset the device and wipe it clean, potentially losing any “saved game” states and other personalization. Only the official “over the air” update will preserve this info and be a true update instead of a device flash.

Having said that, we’ll take the bullet for you and try to flash one of our own devices.

Update and Confirmed: it does have the Windows Phone 8 OS update to Portico.

Thanks, Ryan M., for the tip


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Nokia firmware and OS update for AT&T Lumia 920 spotted on their servers


Since I flashed my phone yesterday, I have nothing to lose. I am going ahead with it. It is downloading right now. See you after flash...

The new FFU is about 10MB bigger than the original. New FFU size is 1.03 GB. Total download size is 1.08 GB.

I am back...with Portico installed. So far it looks fine. Picture quality has improved, but they didn't add any settings to the camera app. Once download completed, the Flashing process took about 3-4 minutes. I was back up and running within minutes.

I used to get better quality with 4:3 ratio pictures compared to 16:9 ones. But now they have identical and better sharpness. HUGE improvements.

if the at&t version is on the server, it means they already tested it. Now it's just Microsoft scheduling the update (they have the 8X update rolling out too, and they usually roll it out in waves)

Totally agree, pleasantly surprised to be getting updates one month from purchase of my Lumia, Verizon is very slow at updates

To be honest, this is also an improvement from WP7.  The first update, NoDo, didn't come out until March I believe and there was a whole fiasco with carriers delaying it for months.  I like to think MS has improved greatly in that regaurd.

I flashed it on my device after I tipped WPC and it includes Portico and the camera improvements. I definiely have call reject with SMS and the drafts as well. Awesome update!

I saw a nifty tip in the forum and it worked for me. If you are a having problems with your 920 battery life, factory reset it... I TRIED IT... THE SHIT WORKS!. anyone suffering through this try resetting. And the with the new backup feature and auto app install you really have nothing to loose. But officially this update would be awesome for those who don't wanna take that route, and to put this problem to bed.

Did bot brick mine, nor did it fix the issue. I traded it in for another one because all the "tricks" people said worked, did nothing for mine.

I think the people that bricked their phones where doing the funky key press where you hold down power + volume etc.  I don't know what the exact sequence is.  I did the reset from within the phone software itself.  Under about, there is an option to reset the phone.  While I didn't notice a big imporvement with battery life, the reset did fix some other issues I was having.

I brinked my first 920 by going into settings \ about \ rest your phone.
It never came back.

Can anyone tell me if SMS messaging with windows phone 8 will auto send multiple messages if you go over the 160 character Limit?

Not exactly true. I had the HTC Arrive on Sprint and that device did NOT send SMS over 160 characters. I don't know if that was a Sprint limitation, but once I bounced to an ATT WP device, it worked. The Android I had before the Arrive DID send over 160 Characters. Sprint was always just WEIRD!

They didn't even deploy the KB fix update.  That is the second reason I switched to AT&T for the Lumia 920.  First being they didn't want to support WP8.  Bye!  Loving that it automatically splits the messages for you.  That was VERY tedious on the Arrive.

Ok, so it isn't the os that was limiting me. I hate this arrive phone. Unfortunately, I can't get as good pricing on my cell phone bill anywhere else.

Nokia Lumia 920 and I use the LG HBS-730 Bluetooth Stereo headset since release and listen to mine all day no Bluetooth disconnects... Yet.. ;)

All I want is this double text thing to stop. Everyone complains about the double text. Its not on the carrier side either as I have already done the necessary steps to resolve this on carrier side.

Don't know about omkneepotent, but for my wife and I messages we send to each other and people on other networks can be received up to 5 times, and messages people send us can be received up to 5 times. It was a lot worse a few weeks ago, near Thanksgiving, but it is still an issue, only getting doubles now though. Haven't seen the 4-5 duplicates in couple weeks.

Agreed. I have converted a bunch of people over and now when they text me it comes double. Or delayed. I'll sometimes get multiple texts all at once.

This is the worst part.  Not that I'm an evangelist, but my friend and I have had Windows Phones since around launch and we both recently upgraded to 920s, and our other friend, who was stuck on a POS Droid 2, decided to upgrade to an 8X to join us on WP8.  Now, we can't get Rooms to work properly and it's really souring his experience.  Just frustrating that WP8 has finally, finally gotten Microsoft to the point where people are willing to switch and core functionality does not work properly.  It's not worth getting too upset about, I guess, but still pretty disheartening.

I had issues with Rooms too - it finally only got sorted when all of us were on the same WiFi network and tried one last time and VOILA! it worked.

are you guys using the same live/hotmail/outlook account on the phone, and if you have SMS Backup on then of course it will do this.

I think that happens when you include an emoticon. Had the same issue. Works fine when I stop sending smileys.

No double texts for my wife and myself. Also, rooms works well for me so far. My family in Saudi created on a 920 and it works flawlessly here in the States. I'm not discounting your issues, just saying it isn't all of us. Which carrier(s) are you on?

same here; no issues with texts or rooms.  i'm sorry to hear its not going well for you.  if you find a fix, let us know!

I didn't have the double, triple, quadrouple, or cinqtouple text issues on my 920. It DOES happen ALL the time on my Xperia TL though (which I have to use because my 920 got bricked doing a full reset and Nokia is now having to send me a new phone).
Not sure what the issue is with the multiple texts but I sure hope it's just an Android thing for me. Pretty annoying.

Well, looks like as usual Rogers is slowest to push updates. Will unbranded firmware brick a rogers phone? I know it has with past handsets...

If its AT&T then it will break the AWS functionality on the rogers handset. Someone else flashed AT&T rom or firmware and after they reverted back to rogers these bands no longer worked.

Damn, i am on wind so i need aws. I hope rogers is good with the wp8 updates because they were totally horrible and nonexistant with Symbian.

I thought one of the issues that was supposed to be taken care of with WP8 was the ability to cut the carrier out of the loop and push updates directly to the end user.  This article seems to suggest that it is carrier specific, unless I am misinterpreting something. 

Kinda like Mango - have everyone test teh updates faster and roll them out together (or around the same time)

Small cert fixes are direct from MSFT now - they did cut out the carriers on those

Interesting.  I remember a good deal of discussion prior to the release of WP8 about how carriers were the problem and were responsible for delaying the push of updates to consumers.  

Hopefully the issues with Rooms will be addressed, although I'm not optimistic.  Right now, my friend and I can't join each other's rooms and we've gone through all of the official troubleshooting suggestions from the Windows Phone support forum.

I'm in a big thread in the answers forum and have resolved a bunch of issues there. What domain are you live id's?

Mine is a live.com account, his is a yahoo account.  Here's our story:  I created a room, my friend with a 920 was able to join fine.  My friend with the yahoo domain was able to join and see everything but not participate.  He went through all of the options in that thread in the answers forum and then performed a hard reset, but then he texted me that he still couldn't do anything so he wanted me to re-invite him.
This was a mistake, since I went in and deleted him from the room and then tried to re-add him... but just before I deleted him, he found the room (he was unsure of where to find it, being new to WP8) and went in and all of his functionality worked (chat, add calendar appointments).  But then I deleted him because we were doing this from two different locations simulatneously.  So a miscommunication took us from everything working properly to me deleting him from the room.
So I figured I could just re-add him, right?  Wrong.  Now he can't even join the room.  He creates a room and I can't join it.  I tried unlinking accounts so that only his microsoft account was asked to join, I tried all of the options at the Answers page re: registering at sms.live.com and other stuff, still no dice.  We haven't performed hard resets again, because frankly, that should not have to be an option to get Rooms to work correctly.  I was surprised that he was willing to do it in the first place; it's just too bad that I got a little impatient and deleted him from the room when the hard resest solved his problems.  Having to do it again for either of us does not seem like a satisfactory answer; in fact, wading through that thread (the eight page long thread that I assume you are referencing) and the really long official troubleshooting article isn't something I find acceptable either.  It shouldn't take that much effort to make Rooms work.  Really frustrating.

Can't wait for this to hit. I love my 920 but these random resets are annoying and are getting worse. Already locked up 5 times today alone just browsing email.

I had odd crashing issues with email and messages. Uninstall Skype and restart phone- this solved any issues I had.

Or try a hard reset too- back up prior in settings and its really not an issue. Only, you have to rmset up your start screen again.

Yup, I do use Gmail, but it's been pretty stable before today. Also, the crashes weren't all with Gmail. By my count:
1x - reading work email (Exchange server)
3x - reading gmail
2x - browsing web page in IE
3x - using Nokia Drive +
That makes a total of 9 crashes today! Really not sure what caused the uptick, but before today, I'd get one maybe once every 2-3 days.

Do you guys know if this will be pushed through AT&T or Nokia? I've got a 920 on T-Mobile...just wondering if I'll get notified or not...?

Just hold your horses ppl. Nokia will fix things. And you all will be getting it. If not at the same time but fairly close. It was same with the Lumia 800 update.
I can see that you haven't been used to Nokias type of doing things well.
Just calm down :-)

I'm guessing there's no fix in this update for making music playlists on the phone? Right now it is such a pain

I think the one playlist I made was by accident so I don't really make them now. I guess my question should've been are they adding a playlist feature

Just hope the update is out before I go on vacation and don't have my wifi connection with me anymore

What's the different between Nokia Lumia 920 (RM-820) and Nokia Lumia 920 (RM-821) ?
RM-820 contain firmware for AT&T and Rogers while RM-821 contain firmware for all other carriers.
Is the hardware different?
Also, why are their different firmware for different colors?

The Lumia 820 for ATT has the PORTICO update too.
Its RM824... If I Have a RM825 i cant have that Rom?

Hmmm only AT&T update available on Navifirm. I hope it isn't the opposite case here, AT&T gets the update first while factory unlocked variants keep on waiting

Hoping this resolves my issues with the phone randomly turning off and not restarting. Been through two 920s already with the same behavior.

When will this update be available in Sweden? Do you guys know if there is an update on Navifirm that I can flash my device with?

There's a PR 1.1 firmware for Verizon Wireless's Nokia Lumia 822 on Nokia's server.
I am not sure if it's Portico or not. Does any brave soul wants to try flashing his/her device?
RM-845_NAM_VZW_VAR242360_PR1_1_White (059P3Z8)