T-Mobile US HTC 8X getting Portico OS update starting tomorrow

The HTC 8X on T-Mobile is set to receive its 'Portico' update starting tomorrow, December 19th. The update info comes via T-Mobile’s own support forums and will include an OS as well as firmware updates, bringing both up to OS 10211 and firmware version 1532.20.20004.531. T-Mobile is also emailing customers to let them know about the update, which is a nice touch.

The update for the HTC 8X will bring many new features, including stability (no random reboots or freezes), SMS call reject, the ability to mass select SMS messages and more under the hood optimizations including a reported great increase in battery life.

Microsoft so far has been quiet on the exact nature of this update, not providing an official changlog of the additions. T-Mobile US will be the first carrier to officially support and push out the OS bump to their customers, though AT&T and Verizon are expected to follow within the coming weeks (or sooner). The update should go a long way in making the 8X an even better phone than it already is, including the addition of a few bonus features.

You can read more about the 8X and this OS update here in our detailed coverage of the update process in addition to the new firmware.

Source: T-Mobile; Thanks, Juan R, Daniel F., for the tip!


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T-Mobile US HTC 8X getting Portico OS update starting tomorrow


Whatever AT&T will be the last one to push the update.... always...... AT&T will be the first one to get exclusive rights on flagship device, but they won't care about it's customers after they bought the device.

You do realize this is a firmware update not an OS update and its OTA? This is a security fix which adds a couple of features. ATT has nothing to do with it.

1. It has both OS and Firmware updates
2. All carriers test OS updates
3. AT&T is a carrier
4. Educate yourself before you post

You're both right & wrong. Yes AT&T has something to do with it because carriers DO need to test, but it is OTA so AT&T will not be pushing the update out. They just need to approve.

I've got the 8x with telfort carrier and I love telfort nl because the phones they deliver are unbranded, so i get the updates first! Already on portico and htc update for about a week

Great my 8x and I are gonna wanna move forward time now haha.. Thx T-Mobile nice to know we get the OS and HTC firmware updates. Bring on improve battery life :)

YEAH T-Mobile Rocks! i dont care if i dont have coverage at work, home and beyond central citiies. Hey! is company phone and i dont pay a dime.

Your point is invalid lol. I get service at work, home, in all the major city's I've been in and the boondocks around my area. I even get service deep inside the building I work in (inside a hospital) I've been cross country with my HD7 and I assume that my 8X will have even better service. Only thing um upset about is I don't get full 4G in my area. But I still get fast service nonetheless.

Off subject but I just bought a Surface Tablet RT and when I log in on it, it log me off of everything on my phone causing it to act up?? Help please?

This is encouraging.  They were terrible with upgrading my android, which is why I left the platform altogether.  

I wonder when they'll start pushing the update to the 810. Hopefully by Christmas, when I'll get mine. Speaking of which, wonder when the 810 review will be posted lol?? Been looking forward to it for a while.

Wow, that's pretty quick. I'll definitely watch out for this tomorrow. And even with Android updates, T-Mobile is usually pretty quick to push those out (Jellybean for the gs3 is already out). And then with WP, I got updates rather quick as well.

Unlimited, unlimited 4G data on my 8X for like $25. I think I'm at like 15gb on the month.. Whole bill is under $100.. Love it!!! I always have at least 4mbps, and I've had up to 14mbps;;

Same max I was was 17mb and least was 2mb. Truly Unlimited 4G for me and GF is under $130 and I used 18GB of data so far (Netflix ftw) lovingggg it!

I've got an 8x on o2 and I received the update practically as soon as I purchased the phone, which was nice!  The only feature that's not working is the reject with SMS.  I can see the setting in Phone > Settings > Text Reply On and I can edit the replies but when I receive a call, I don't get the option to reject with SMS.  Is this carrier specific?

The number has to be a mobile number but also needs to be in your contacts as a mobile number so then the OS knows the info for that number and will give you the option to reject the call and send a SMS.

Yeah, I worked this out when my girlfriend's call gave me the option to reject but a landline number did not.

Think I read in forum that the number needs to be in your contact list to send SMS reject. I think. Don't hold me to that.

The number has to be a mobile then you will get the option. I don't think its carrier specific. I'm sure its part of the OS.

While I am bummed at times when TMO doesn't have all the phones available I definitey prefer them to AT&T for the way they release updates. It was because of AT&T constantly delaying the update to my BlackJack that I learned about custom ROMs. They kept saying Samsung was delaying it even after Samsung had already released it to he carriers. While I had my HD7 I saw a people complaining about not getting he updates while I always got them quickly. Good to see TMO keeping Windows Phone up to date.

After having three random reboots since yesterday, I am extremely excited to get this update!!! @tmobile u guys rock!!!!

I am curious about how this will work. I have an AT&T branded HTC 8X from the launch event. I have SIM unlocked it and it is now running on T-Mobile. Am I going to be bound by AT&T's release schedule or TMobile's or by perhaps by HTCs release schedule since it is no longer locked to a carrier?

A better partner when they don't want spend a dime to advertise the 810 and the 8x. You will think that the Radar should be free by now but it's still going for $99. In any case I never got Tango update for my Tmobile branded DVP and Radar.

any chance this update for the Verizon 8x adds group messaging, like every other windows phone in existence??

Well I bought this phone as a gift for my mom and that's great to hear from T-Mobile Il give her a heads up...