Elop: Nokia planning exciting things with Verizon. Flagship Windows Phone?

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has hinted in an interview with CNET that the Finnish company could be planning a flagship Windows Phone for US carrier Verizon. Much like the Lumia 920 deal with AT&T (and EE here in the UK), Nokia may have a device in the works that could well be exclusive to Verizon.

When asked if Nokia has a flagship phone for Verizon in the works, Elop responded with the following:

"We are planning a lot of exciting things with Verizon as well."

Elop also expanded on exclusivity deals that are being signed and why they're being favoured over mass availability:

"One of the things we had learned with the first launch was being very narrow would yield better results for us. We take a product and go exclusive with a particular carrier. In a market where subsidy and marketing dollars are heavy, we encourage them to promote it as a hero product, and use the subsidy to drive down the pricing to a competitive point. It also gives you access to in-store resources."

We know many would disagree with exclusivity pacts, but should a carrier actively promote the hero smartphone it can't be all bad for Nokia? The Lumia 920 has sold well with AT&T (according to all the reports on low stock), but until we see definite digits in a report, we're yet to know just how effective exclusive deals are for the company's Windows Phones.

We're yet to hear confirmation that a flagship Windows Phone is on the table for Verizon (or another US carrier), but if what Elop says becomes reality then we could see US subscribers on networks battling AT&T able to get their paws on an exclusive product. What that flagship handset could be is anyones guess. Lumia 922 anyone?

Be sure to read up on the full interview with CNET.

Source: CNET, via: StreetInsider; thanks, zyran, for the tip!


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Elop: Nokia planning exciting things with Verizon. Flagship Windows Phone?


I haven't gotten a WP phone yet b/c I want the L920 but it's only on AT&T and my company subsidizes Verizon phones. Hopefully, this will be worth the wait.

The Samsung Ativ S has a disgusting pentile screen like the Galaxy S3.  Good luck with that.

There's no hate between all of us as long as we rock a windows phone its all good Nokia, Samsung, HTC , Dell,LG
As long as its windows we support Microsoft

well Nokia and HTC are more active on windows phone than samsung thats why you see more news about nokia and htc if samsung wasn't lazy on windows phone you would see more news about it

Yes being "SICK" of a company because they seem to be the only one that wants to really get the ball moving for WP8? That's weird. Go see a doctor for that "SICK"ness.

I didn't know that this app had a live tile or toast notifications but now I do and just changed my settings. Thanks! :)

You will always regret about your phone purchase, since nowadays, every 6 months or so, there is something better. 
So I say, no need to regreat. 822 is not a slouch. 

I have had the 822 since the day after launch and will say that it is an amazing phone for the $$'s. I though I might regret it as well but so far have not. Buy it, you will not regret it.

I got the Verizon Blue 8X.  It's a work of art and LOVE the WP8 OS.  I came from the android side and they have nothing on this 8X as far as hardware and software.  Nokia really needs to bring their design A game to get me to turn my head!  I think the 8X will force Nokia to duble down.  You gotta love what competition does for the consumer!  Finally, we are getting the good stuff on Verizon! 

I disagree. I really didn't like the 8X. The buttons are so flush with the body that it's not hard to miss them, and it feels brittle because of that "thinness feel" the body gives it. I love that the Lumia 920 feels and is a very solid device that can take a little abuse without fear it will break.

I like my phone to have heft.

Let me ask you this, did you buy 8x and used it for 2 weeks? Aa far as the button goes, I only have complaints regarding the power button, feels numb and hard to press. Other side buttons feel nice even though they are flushed, it feels distinctive. If the power button was the only factor that gave you a negative impression, then you are missing my point. Design wise 8x is superior even though it's subjective, most people would agree. Besides considering how only trophy were the only WP available in Verizon, the customers can't complain with only 8x available and Lumia 822 available.

Irrespective of the design, 920 has other things going on for it, which are way better than 8x. 

White Lumia 822 is quite good. Far from ugly. 
If you do a survey of a large group, I am confident majority will agree with that. 

The Verizon Nokia is not pretty, what is it the 822, it's short and fat, I wouldn't buy it if it was the only windows phone on my carrier, well maybe I would, but I wouldn't be happy with it. The 820 is pretty, if it weren't for the specs not matching the 920, it would be mine.

completely agree with u.  this phone is so anti-nokia.  it looks so painfully boring that it makes it look even uglier than it already is.  i just want to sweep this dang fone under the rug &pretend it never happened!  i dunno who to blame for this fone... vzw or nokia

Too little too late for me. I wasn't going to wait months and months for Nokia to bring something good to Verizon. I got my 8X and couldn't be happier. HTC chose not to play games with their customers and in turn they got my business.

All I ask is make the design similar to the Lumia 920! Please! I knew someone on Verizon interested in windows phone but then saw the 8x and 822 and unfortunately went with the GS3. So disappointing... Make. A. Good. Attractive. Design!

Well, you purchased a 8x and there were some that purchased a 822; I'm pretty sure that there will be plenty of other potential buyers by the time a new Nokia device hits Verizon.

Please bring a design to contend with the 8X. The 822 has the features but is lacking in visual aesthetics. Need to upgrade my Trophy but how long before a Nokia flagship on Big Red is released? 8X has my wallet eager to open up wide.

I will wait to see what Nokia and Verizon will come out with. I think Big Red and Nokia has something under their sleeves that will shake things up. But hey, that's just my opinion. Hi do think that some of you out here need to chill and relax about how MS is handling WP. I do agree Microsoft needs to be a little more aggressive with the marketing, but they don't need to go the route that iOS or Android has went. You seem to forget that Microsoft is a billion dollar company. Give another year and then start complaining about what they have and haven't done. Some of you sound like traitors to WP.

I seriously hope it's the Lumia 920 and not a 820 mid range phone. Its the only way to really compete with the IPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3.

a 920 with a MicroSDXC slot and a Simm on Verizon's network (dreaming) ?????  ...I might even give up my Unlimited data plan for that one..

Even if this does happen, I'm afraid Nokia is a bit too late... most people on Verizon looking for a WP8 handset already picked up an 822 or an 8X.

So you're saying that there will not be anyone coming off of contract by the new Lumia's hit Verizon shelves?

Got my trophy on day 1. Upgrade eligible on Jan 26. So they have until then to wow me or 8X here I come. Almost tempted to get the 8X any way just because HTC has done alright by me.

Hehe, me, too. 1/26. Not sure what I'll go with. If we have hard news on a Nokia/Verizon device with an excellent camera then I'll wait up to 4 or 5 months.
If we don't, then I'll have an 8X by 2/1. My guess, though, is no news until MWC, so odds are I won't bother waiting.

I don't think there's really "too late" for a cell phone. Most people don't even follow phone launches, they pop into their local store when their phone breaks, or their contract is up. While Nokia may not benefit from the pre-launch wind up like they did with the 920 on at&t, I think they'll do alright if they can get Verizon to hold the Droid Love and display the phone prominently in their stores.

I agree. Only a small percentage of the population gives a crap about phone releases. I found this news rather pleasing. My contract is up on the 26th as well (Verizon trying to weed out the unlimited data peeps) 5 months early. We put in for some new WP8 phones to Microsoft through our CAP. Just waiting for confirmation. If we get some then I will use the 822 (they only send us the low end phones) till Nokia goes big on Verizon.
Exciting times...

I can understand those who feel frustrated by the lack of a Verizon flagship Nokia Windows Phone, but it makes sense for Nokia to release a new flagship on Verizon when the 920 is a little longer in the tooth. It feels painful the first time around but gives the carrier something special and will allow for more frequent releases without constant supercession on a carrier.
Lumia 920 AT&T - November 2012 - dual core - 4.5in HD - 8MP
Lumia 932 Verizon - March 2012 - Quad core - better GPU - 12MP
Lumia 940 AT&T- July 2013 - better, faster etc.
Lumia 952 Verizon - November 2013
You get the picture. Verizon and AT&T are close to separate markets - Nokia may want to be able to release a device every 3 months without being what HTC or Samsung used to be with constant refreshes and confusing name changes.
If Nokia can have a new hero device every 3 months, both Nokia and WP could do well.
For those HTC owners - I am glad you are happy and I think MS will support with updates, but I wouldn't buy one for the same reason I won't buy an ASUS Vivotab RT .. there are just not going to be enough other owners to motivate them to keep supporting it ... I may be wrong ... but I am sure Titan and Titan II owners feel kinda left for dead, whereas Lumia 900 owners are likely frustrated about the WP upgrade, but keep seeing app and other updates from Nokia.

What makes you think HTC devices won't be supported? The 8X is the flagship on Verizon and T-Mobile so you can't say it won't sell as well as the 920 especially with the extent Verizon has been pushing it. HTC has done an excellent job keeping their WP7 devices up to date and the only reason Titan and TitanII owners have gotten shafted on Tango is because of AT&T. Verizon did an excellent job supporting the Trophy and I don't expect that to change with the 8X.

You may be right, the 8X has much wider distribution than previous HTC Windows phones. My prediction is that between AT&T, T-MO and Verizon they'll sell less than half what AT&T sells of the 920. I could be completely wrong, but my opinion is that there is a part of HTC that cares about Windows phone, but the reality is that it's not their primary business.

Seems a bit much to me. I don't think there is another company that would release this many "flagships" in a year.
I think it is likely that they (and other OEMs) will introduce new flagships in line with Microsoft's software updates (that add more capability), and use the in between time to introduce mid range and low range devices. So that will most likely be Spring and Fall. Mobile SoCs typically release at a yearly cadence, so there isn't really much need to go faster than that unless you're doing something unique outside of the processor (screen size like the note, or camera like the 808)

Nokia had me until they decided to keep their flagship exclusive so I went with the 8x and I don't regret that decision. They missed the holiday season..big mistake.

Just don't make it look like an oversized Trophy for God sake. I'm renew in April and look forward to the competition.

I think if this is the case, it could be what wp needs. I mean verizon has a ton of customers and plenty who would love a true flagship from nokia on verizon. Personally I would have gotten the 920 had it come to verizon.

Well I haven't bought anything because I wanted a 920, so this is at least somewhat intriguing.
But I still seriously question the sales benefits of exclusivity deals.  I have seen countless commercials for the 8X and from Verizon, but nothing about the 920.  I had to go on YT to see what commercials their were for it and all I found were the Will Arnet ones.  Is that really it???  I personally would be very surprised to see the 920 sell anywhere close to the 8X in the US, which is on 3 carriers and actually being advertised widely it would seem.
Lastly, whatever Elop is (not) talking about here, it can't simply be a variant of the 920.  It's going to have to be a step up.  Time waits for no one in the smartphone world (just watch what CES brings ...), so it would need to be more or why even bother.  Maybe we'll know something come MWC in February ...

I really wanted a nokia phone, however the exclusive deal forced me to go with iPhone 5 for two lines. 
Hopefully if the rumoured phone knocks it out of the park, I might just be tempted to sell my iPhone 5 and buy it off contract.
These damn exclusive deals need to stop.
/rant over.
Good luck Nokia. Lets get some amazing devices out to the masses!

It will be too late for me; I'm locked up with my blue HTC 8X from Verizon for two years.  The music that the 8X plays is amazingly good.