T-Mobile pulls the plug, delays OS update for HTC 8X today

Just yesterday it was brought to our attention that T-Mobile had posted details about the upcoming ‘Portico’ OS update for the HTC 8X Windows Phone. The combined over-the-air update was to bring new firmware in addition to the OS update to fix stability issues.

That update was announced to go live today but a few hours ago, T-Mobile and Microsoft pulled the plug on the update, resulting in a temporary delay.

From the T-Mobile support forums as posted by their moderator:

“I know you were eagerly anticipating a new software update today and I wanted to give you a status update. In order to ensure the best possible experience with your device, we have temporarily delayed the release of the update to perform a few tweaks. We’re working hard to ensure that we get the update to you as quickly as possible.”

That means only one thing: Microsoft, HTC and T-Mobile may have found a few issues with the update and are taking a step back before throwing the switch.

We’re a bit shocked that T-Mobile we cancel plans hours before the expected push, especially since there are isolated reports of unlocked devices (Nokia and HTC) getting this update right now.

So sorry folks, looks like for T-Moible usrers there will be no OS and firmware update today. We’ll keep you posted.

For AT&T Lumia 820 and 920 users, we’re unsure of what this means as well…stay tuned. [Update: AT&T is still on...]

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T-Mobile pulls the plug, delays OS update for HTC 8X today


I guess I'll stop checking for the update and wait for official word. I will stress however that I must have this before Friday on my Lumia 920 as I'd like to have sharp pictures of the end of the world.

True dat... when the aliens come and inspect the ruins of our fallen civilization, I want them to have clear pictures and video with excellent sound to properly document the incident. Don't want any of that nonsense about stone tablets and scrolls being broken/torn with a dead language that nobody can translate and hasn't been spoken for 4000 years.

Not really necessary, the Lumia 920 is so strong it will outlast skydrive and the world and maybe even roaches  :)

"Perform a few tweaks"
The update must have included unblocked Internet Sharing and group SMS.  Can't be having any of that!

T-mobile doesn't block group SMS. T-mobile also is the only carrier of the big four that doesn't charge high fees for unlimited text

It's all cool... if they found a last minute bug or something-- even on the Lumia and others-- I'd rather they know it now and postpone for a fix than to release it to the masses and cause the worst Christmas ever.

I thought Microsoft decided to do OTA updates to stop all this nonsense with Carrier delaying updates?
Clearly not.....

HTC and Microsoft are proving themselves clueless not quality checking these updates. They've had plenty of time to get this bs right. I'm extremely upset to have,to wait even,longer for this almost non-usable phone to get fixed. This maybe my last WP after supporting wm,WP for 6yrs.

Um, actually this means they are testing. It was tested by HTC, then its tested by real world users/employees of the carriers to make sure its suitable for public. I understand its aggravating, but what if one of the issues they had would have made your phone unusable? Still want the release right away? Just how it works. I would look at it as positive because they're at least talking about it and showing they want to support the os.

to put it simply, Microsoft and HTC & Tmobile had plenty of time to correct this.  Microsoft had even more time constructing this OS. 
My biggest gripe by far is the "weaker" experience when compared to wp7.5 scrolling, and other things such as no lag fron animation when changing songs.  Ive noticed alot of things wp7.5 does better than wp8.  They have alot of work to do.

What's so unusable about WP8 that this update will drastically change your opinion?  If you mean the bluetooth and rendom reboots, sure, I can believe that.

So much for bein a Microsoft junkie, get a grip. These delays happen, you wouldn't have wanted the update to brick your phone would you? Now shut up

Kind of figured this would happen. I've been testing the update for the 810 and we have to report any issues. There have only been a couple but that's enough to delay a release. I would have been surprised that the 8x team hadn't run into similar results.

Nope. We're testing a reupdate of the update. Then I think there's a phase two for a different update for 1st quarter. That being said I would assume Jan.

I know people are bummed out about this but honestly this should be treated as good news, it means that the updates are being checked and us as the end users are going to end up with the best possible experience. Of course, provided they aren't removing features, but I doubt it.

"Perform a few tweaks"
The update must have included unblocked Internet Sharing and group SMS. Can't be having any of that!
If I had to guess this is probably the reason.  T-mobile wants every last cent they can get from the consumer.  If this is still being pushed to nokia then why are we not getting it. 

Bummer. For them to review it, announce it, and then delay the issue must have been huge. Nokia has been busting their tails on feature updates, maybe HTC didn't want to look bad in comparison. Maybe they delayed it to add navigation, wishful thinking...

Good grief people, what a bunch of whiners. Yes, I get it, one more delay. But can you imagine the sh!tst0rm had they pushed the update with the bugs the beta testers found? Heck, I'm surprised they were coming out this soon.

Yea, say it again. You don't want the type of sh*t storm Apple got for their abysmal Mapping or their other problems. They update iPhone constantly through out the year. Its pretty pathetic. Makes the sheep go CRAAAAAZZZZYYYYY!!! BBAAAAAAAAA...

I think the lag comes when you have poorsignal even if the file is on your phone it still verifies the license from time to time

Weird part is att still released the update for the L920 and they are usually the worst ones so it isn't. Microsoft fault maybe its just t- mobile htc thing who knows sorry for the ones that didn't get it. Its improved my L920 for sure