Nokia begins Windows Phone 8 OS update for AT&T and Rogers

Nokia has begun to push out the first over-the-air (OTA) update for Windows Phone for their Lumia 920 and 820 devices

This morning at 10AM PT (1PM ET), Nokia and Microsoft along with their carrier partners Rogers and AT&T have officially begun to roll out the OS and firmware updates for the Nokia Lumia 920 (and Lumia 820 on AT&T).

Last night, we reported that this much anticipated update was to arrive this morning and unlike T-Mobile, we have absolute confirmation that Nokia and their partners are on track for this update. Read on for all the exclusive details...

OS Update features and fixes

The OS update is expected to address stability issues that left some users with an occasional device reset or freezing of the operating system. The problem appears to have originated from issues with Bluetooth pairing, which has been refined in this update.

In addition, an improved startup sequence is also included, which most likely addresses an issue some reportedly had when factory-resetting the device, resulting in their phone being unable to restart. Though these incidents were isolated, it’s great to see Nokia and Microsoft addressing these problems.

The OS update, 10211 aka ‘Portico’ also brings new features to the table, including keep Wi-Fi alive (under the Lock screen), SMS enhancements (call reject, mass delete) and automatic Wi-Fi Hotspot detection. There are also some general performance enhancements as well and fine-tuning of the OS.

Full change log can be found here.

New Nokia Firmware

For its part, Nokia is including a new firmware maintenance release (build 1249) that will fix and enhance user function. The main thrust of that release is to greatly increase sharpness in photos taken with the 8.7MP Pureview camera and front-facing camera. We did a side-by-side comparison yesterday and demonstrated that indeed Nokia is listening to users, doing an excellent job at improving image focus.

We’re also told that power-management has also been improved, resulting in some minor boosts in energy efficiency in the device, which is also a welcomed addition.

Availability (AT&T and Rogers)

The over-the-air update is expected to be “live” on Microsoft’s servers right now. Users can go into Settings –> Phone Update to manually check for the OS and firmware, or they can wait for the notification to come to them.

The update should be all at once for Rogers and AT&T users meaning we are not expecting a delayed or regional roll out.

Availability for International Lumia 920 and other carriers

Now for some not-so great news. For those who are not on AT&T or Rogers, the Portico OS update and firmware enhancements are not expected to go live until early February 2013.

Nokia is working with carrier partners to make sure the experience is top notch and that there are no issues when installing the update, resulting in damaged or sub-optimal performance. Of course schedules can change and unbranded devices may get it earlier than carrier-supported ones.

Feedback and Forums

Share your experience with the Nokia OS update in our Lumia 920 forum and Lumia 820 forum, where you can leave feedback on the update, including any problems you may be having. Likewise, feel free to leave a comment here.


Reader comments

Nokia begins Windows Phone 8 OS update for AT&T and Rogers



A factory rest gave me the spinning gears for an hour.  Turns out it bricked my phone.  Waiting for my replacement 920 now. 

go to forum on here for the 920 and there is a post there on how to unbrick the phone by adding new firmware from nokia servers. Spinning gears bricked my phone yesterday and I tried the method in forum with new update from micro/nokia and works perfect now

You shouldn't have to be searching forums to "un-brick" your brand new "flagship" phone. There is no excuse for a reset bricking your brand new phone. Nonetheless you shouldn't have to go through a full reset just to try and alleviate issues that are so elementary and basic to the operation of a phone.
But alas, I am expecting my replacement Lumia 920 from Nokia today because mine bricked during a full reset, recommended by Nokia Care, to fix numerous issues with said "flagship" phone. Pretty ridiculous but at least they won't leave you completely in the cold. Just without your phone for a week or two. I'll be pissed if mine bricks again, especially if they come out with a newer phone as mine will have been not working or at the repair center most of its life... Shameful for a new phone.

Mine bricked.  I've had problems with it since I got it (spontaneous reboots and powering off then it reboots).  AT&T is overnighting a new phone to me.

I can confirm this worked! Mine was stuck on the gears for four hours and after bickering with both Microsoft and Nokia I found this article. It's pretty simple, but at least for me it did a factory reset of my phone. But hey, it works.

I had mine shipped today.  Re-downloading everything, then going to try the update again.  I had forgotten how long the initial charge takes.

I second that.  There is virtually no difference between this and the Rogers version (minus the unbranding).  So why is there no update and no firmware on Navifirm?

Nokia Cares tweeted me that they are still working on it... better be quick and they need to speed up on international devices.  There is no reason people should suffer bugs like the Bluetooth one until early Febuary.

Same.  I have one of the BUILD 920's and it is on ATT but I get nothing.  Any ideas on how these will be updated; there are over 2000 of them.

I too am wondering about this.  I have my Dev Lumia on Straight Talk though - so I was thinking I wasn't getting the update because of that...

I am switching from AT&T to straight talk on Jan 1st, dissappointed to hear that you dev phone on ST is not getting the update :(

I have an AT&T-locked Lumia 920 that I'm using on StraightTalk and I downloaded the new update just fine. I'm not sure how the dev version would work, but any AT&T-locked 920 should work just fine.

Ah - hopefully that works for me. Did you have to "get" the update or were you alerted?
I'm waiting for my Straight Talk SIM to arrive in the mail so I can start using my Nokia Lumia 920, and was wondering if I would get updates that are pushed "to AT&T" now that I'm a Straight Talk user.
Thanks for posting... :)

I'm really surprised that AT&T is getting the update before the Dev lumias. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come with WP8 updates and AT&T. But it would be better if everyone got them at the same time. I wonder what the holdup is. I would think the Dev devices would be easier to get updated.

Sadly it doesn't look like it will be today. It really is too bad, you would think Microsoft and Nokia would want to keep the devs real happy.

Just got the notification! ATT 920 here. I'll wait a couple of days though. Y'all are bound to find something wrong, or great unannounced stuff

Intelligent approach! Not jumping head first into anything Nokia throws out. The firmware update will fix some things but might screw others...

Didn't you assure us all that nobody would get timely updates for WP8, especially AT&T users?  Heck, at one point you seemed to say that nobody would get any updates.
I'm starting to have doubt in your sources..

Yay people with unbranded phones are f... in the ass ... Whole europe and rest of the world except US is f... with stability issues, camera, battery till february.

Calm down with the language. I am now up to the back teeth with idiots venting their spleen on forums for no good purpose what-so-ever. We get it, you're not happy. Now go elsewhere and see if you would use that kind of talk in front of your mother. If the answer is no, then don't do it on line either. Twonk!

What the hell is this. Why would it be difficult for an unbranded update. Such devices are as pure as possible.

There are probably hardware differences (radio chips, etc.) that require different drivers, and they prioritize development and testing of the updates/drivers/firmware/etc. for high-volume devices (i.e., the millions of paying customers on AT&T) over low-volume ones (i.e., the hundreds/low thousands of free developer samples).

This is a joke my device reboots and the battery is really sub par at the moment, why such a big gap between US/CAN and International?

Microsoft just starting rolling this update out, starting with the unbranded 8x.  Nokia is just now rolling the update for their branded devices in the US and Canada.  I bet an international, unbranded version is coming very soon.  Go voice your opinion over on the Nokia Connections site, or heck, tweet them.  They DO listen.

Just like how HTC supported the call quality issues on my wife's Titan?  No thanks.  I switched to a 920 from a Focus S and I'm loving it.  Wife is updating as soon as cyan becomes available.

I've had none of those issues on my Lumia 920. A vast difference over the messy HTC I was stuck with...I would never go with them again.

Getting the update as we speak... Wooohhooo,, WIFI Keep Alive,, whoooo hoo.. ANd better camera on the way... 

Downloading now from AT&T. Love WPCentral so informative!!! Kudos to Microsoft, Nokia and AT&T for not pulling out like T-Mobile did this morning. Completely satisfied with switching from T-Mobile to AT&T this month.

it's ridiculous. I bought not branded  becouse of updates and now branded has updates first. Screw Nokia ;/

I have to think Nokia has some contractually binding sweetheart deal regarding updates. Not quite Apple like, but definitely better than other WP OEMs.

Driving to Denver right now, 11:09 mountain time... Using Lumia 920 and there is an update for my phone. Had to go to setting and have the phone search for an update though...

Are the xbox music bugs fixed? And proximity sensor wich not activates the Screen while Phone call. so many bugs...

What Xbox music bugs? And what procimity sensor problem? Both work great on my 920. I'm really enjoying Xbox music. I thought I would miss Spotify but I don't at all. And my screen goes off when on a phone call like it should. Maybe have your phone checked.

Same here procimity sensor works great and xbox music i would just like an easier way to make playlist other than that it works great too!

Well I've had a problem where if you are streaming music OTA, every song, in the last 5 seconds skips a second then continues to play.

That bugs the hell out of me too; I suspect it's because that's when it starts loading the next song, but it shouldn't happen.

I added Music on win8 Desktop to Music App, and matched it to cloud, so it has that radio-icon, and u can listen to it on surface and Notebook, but the songs didn't appear on Lumia phone, but it is enabled in settings! And when I'm answering a phone call and take the phone to my ear to speak, the display won't go on when I take the phone down, it only goes on when the call ends, so I can't hung up. This is so annoying!

I had this problem with phone calls as well.  I fixed it by blowing compressed air into the ear opening.  Works great now.  Give it a try.

Perhaps not bugs, but as far as I can see you cannot delete an album you have downloaded, just every track individually. That cannot be right. Also sometimes it lists the cover with tracks underneath it and sometimes just the cover. Skipping back when in the middle of the first track skips not to the beginning but to the last track on the album. Only Live Tile art for some artists. And lockscreen art. The green background of the tile itself is so ugly it could possibly be considered a bug as well. ;)

The reason for the proximity sensor's staying off is dust, not a problem with the software. If you take a can of compressed air to the speaker, it will fix it. My phone did the same thing, and it was REALLY pissing me off, then  I grabbed some compressed air (I have some on-hand because I use it to blow dust out of my desktop), used it on the speaker, and it has worked properly ever since.
If you don't have compressed air, you'll have to probably try blowing REALLY hard had the speaker. It might be enough to clear it out.

The proximity sensor issue is a bitch. I know it is a hardware issue with dust etc, but it could still be calibrated better with software.

For me the sensor would not work because of sweat or hair grease,,,, just wipe across the top of the phone to clean the glass I front of sensor 

This update has to be regional as my friend in Michigan just got the update and I am in Kentucky still nothing

No update available on my unlocked 920. A branded version gets the update first, that's unexpected...and annoying

Awesome, mines ready to come down, Just need to get to a WiFi network!
I hope this update response timeframe is normal and not a fluke. I'm looking forward to many more timely RELEASED updates!
BTW, I'm on a 920 At&t in Covington Louisiana

I was able to manually initiate the update for AT&T - Lumia 920. The update payload finished download. The update is being prepare for install right now. 

Installing on AT&T Lumia 920 in South Florida.  Odd in that it had already downloaded the update when I went to check and it asked if I wanted to install. 

Right down the road, here in York, updated and working fine. Funny though, before the update my battery was almost full. After the update it was at 26%. Wow.

i didnt get anything. then i manually checked phone update and now it seems to be downloading something

Just leave it to spin. I believe Dan had mentioned in an article the other day that the update can take about 20 minutes. Restarting your device in this state is not a good thing.

also early this morning i recieved updates for coupke of apps including audio.. i dont know if updates show up only once per day

"Live in Chicago" (lahyv adj) meaning something is happening right now in Chicago. He was not telling anybody to live (liv verb) in Chicago

I have to wait till possibly february to get the update for my unlocked and unbranded device? What kind of testing does it still have to go through that it will take them so long when carrier devices are already getting it? That's just stupid. 

If you guys are that impatient for the fix then download it via navifirm and flash it via nokia care suite.

At&t Lumia 920 here, installing the new update...  Will report back in a bit
To turn on wifi keep alive:
SETTINGS > WIFI > ADVANCED > (CHECK) Keep Wi-Fi on when te screen times out

I dont understand the delay till February for some of us? What happened to these OTA updates bypassing carriers?

Yeah I also want to know. I'm pretty sure Microsoft mentioned that there would be a way for enthusiasts to get updates without carrier intervention.

Whew out of the cog wheel. What a relief since that one took a while.
and we're UP!!!
Yay, no brick phone.

Getting my update now [Brooklyn, NY].
For some reason the download was pretty quick, maybe due to the fact I'm on a 5GHz wifi connection at work. 

seems like att/nokia/MS are rolling it out timely. Glad to see updates done correctly this time. Seems big though, my work wifi is taking some time to download and it's fairly fast.

In the "Almost Done Migrating Your Date" phase....this one is taking a while. Anyone know what this step is doing?

This is a tough one.  If I was to guess, and this is a long shot....but could it be....migrating your data?  I don't know.  Pleople tell me I'm dumb.  I'm prob wrong.

i believe that migrating the data has to do with something that's familiar to ios updates - it does a back up of some of your settings and data - does the install - and then puts everything back the way it found it ... hopefully

Downloading now. Have terribly slow wifi here. How long is install take once the download is complete?

I'm still seething with regards to February. How is it that branded can get it earlier than non-branded. Fuck this shit. Apple sends out OTA for ALL iPhones for shit sake.

Thats really strange ... But yeah. If  i'll be really angry (if in february we will see still nothing) i'll just go to apple again (maybe they suck in some ways but the OTA updates for all are terrific).

That was due to your carrier (not approving the rom and holding it back) so i dont get it why they (MS and Nokia) deliberatly delay this update for unbranded phones

I agree, the only real difference is in the radio, which has a couple of different frequencies but should certainly not take over a month to sort out.

Sure, it may take more time for worldwide carrier support, but there really is no excuse when it comes to unbranded devices that customers have laid down hood money for. In fact seeing as there are no carriers to get in the way why not just release updates as they become available, ie camera now, portico in a week or so, etc.

To be honest I was ready to recommend this phone to several people for their imminent new phone purchases knowing the update was just around the corner. With a lot of bugs and less than stellar daylight camera performance for over a month I think I'd be doing them a disservice.

I wouldn't get too concerned with February date, likely a placeholder, be shocked if you don't see it in a few weeeks

Yay, Rogers too!
It didn't fix the issue with the Nokia settings not being updatable. Its still showing the path to it. Annoying.

Switzerland here! Unlocked phone! Come on, Nokia! (The device has been expensive enough, i DESERVE an early update ;-) )