Nokia begins Windows Phone 8 OS update for AT&T and Rogers

Nokia has begun to push out the first over-the-air (OTA) update for Windows Phone for their Lumia 920 and 820 devices

This morning at 10AM PT (1PM ET), Nokia and Microsoft along with their carrier partners Rogers and AT&T have officially begun to roll out the OS and firmware updates for the Nokia Lumia 920 (and Lumia 820 on AT&T).

Last night, we reported that this much anticipated update was to arrive this morning and unlike T-Mobile, we have absolute confirmation that Nokia and their partners are on track for this update. Read on for all the exclusive details...

OS Update features and fixes

The OS update is expected to address stability issues that left some users with an occasional device reset or freezing of the operating system. The problem appears to have originated from issues with Bluetooth pairing, which has been refined in this update.

In addition, an improved startup sequence is also included, which most likely addresses an issue some reportedly had when factory-resetting the device, resulting in their phone being unable to restart. Though these incidents were isolated, it’s great to see Nokia and Microsoft addressing these problems.

The OS update, 10211 aka ‘Portico’ also brings new features to the table, including keep Wi-Fi alive (under the Lock screen), SMS enhancements (call reject, mass delete) and automatic Wi-Fi Hotspot detection. There are also some general performance enhancements as well and fine-tuning of the OS.

Full change log can be found here.

New Nokia Firmware

For its part, Nokia is including a new firmware maintenance release (build 1249) that will fix and enhance user function. The main thrust of that release is to greatly increase sharpness in photos taken with the 8.7MP Pureview camera and front-facing camera. We did a side-by-side comparison yesterday and demonstrated that indeed Nokia is listening to users, doing an excellent job at improving image focus.

We’re also told that power-management has also been improved, resulting in some minor boosts in energy efficiency in the device, which is also a welcomed addition.

Availability (AT&T and Rogers)

The over-the-air update is expected to be “live” on Microsoft’s servers right now. Users can go into Settings –> Phone Update to manually check for the OS and firmware, or they can wait for the notification to come to them.

The update should be all at once for Rogers and AT&T users meaning we are not expecting a delayed or regional roll out.

Availability for International Lumia 920 and other carriers

Now for some not-so great news. For those who are not on AT&T or Rogers, the Portico OS update and firmware enhancements are not expected to go live until early February 2013.

Nokia is working with carrier partners to make sure the experience is top notch and that there are no issues when installing the update, resulting in damaged or sub-optimal performance. Of course schedules can change and unbranded devices may get it earlier than carrier-supported ones.

Feedback and Forums

Share your experience with the Nokia OS update in our Lumia 920 forum and Lumia 820 forum, where you can leave feedback on the update, including any problems you may be having. Likewise, feel free to leave a comment here.


Reader comments

Nokia begins Windows Phone 8 OS update for AT&T and Rogers



I manually checked mine, and the update is there (Springfield, IL). I'm going to wait until tonight, though. I want to take some stock, repeatable pictures with my camera before the update, then replicate them after and see how the camera look each time (day and night).

Not downloading! No wifi at work.  I don't know how I'm going to last the next few hours 'till I go home to update.  My lifes' over.  At least I don't have to wait "till Feb.

VERY impressed with this Update Process!  Also tricked  a fellow L920 user and a L820 user that I work with by installing the BSOD app and saying it crashed my phone! LOL!  They were shocked and and I told them it just an App. :p  

Even with my unlimited data plan, the update still required the Wi-Fi ONLY connection. There should be a option for though that have the unlimited data plan to be able to update firmware OTA freely without connecting a wifi.

No update on my developer phone from BUILD. Why in the world would they delay the update on developer phones???

All done wiht the update! Red Lumia 920 in Dallas, TX with AT&T. Took about 20 minutes start-to-finish...
Note that your phone will reboot itself after the update is done.
Does the fact that they're headquartered here mean we get their updates first?

Finished downloading. Finished preparing to install. Installing (gears on screen). Rebooted. Now says almost done (migrating data- step 1 of 4)....

Downloading now- Rogers, Calgary. The first few tries I got an error message; all clearl now.
Where's "inteller" in this conversation? He must have overslept.

yep, it's February for everyone other than AT&T and Rogers. Way to go Nokia. Delay a critical update by nearly 2 months. Morons.

Downloaded really fast on my AT&T Lumia. Waiting as it migrates the data. I didn't get a notifiaction for the update though. I had to manually check for it.

Took about ~30-40 minutes from start to finish.
Looks like everything migrated okay. We'll see how it goes for the rest of the day.

When I get off work I'm going to download this. I remember when I returned my 1 l920 I went to reset to factory settings and it never started up. Same thing happened with my 2nd one att tried to troubleshoot

Maybe spoken like someone who wonders why he has to wait more than a month longer for the update of the exactly same device? (I'm one of those)

Depends on when in February so it might be as well 4 months and even if it is in the beginning of February its still 1 1/2 months and that with random rebooting so yeah i have the right to complain especialy since i have an unlocked/unbranded lumia 920 so it should be able to get the update from nokia and ms since No carriers are involved
It is like big Fuck You from Nokia and MS

What kind of logic is that? It is at most 2 months and 9 days with the least estimate being 1 month 12 days, its hardly a lifetime is it? I am disappointed too but thankfully i don't need to swear

I don't need to swear I just like to and furthermore: I wasn't swearing I just was using swear words I think there is a slight difference of course I could have said that Microsoft and Nokia don't care much about people that don't live in North America and one of the two carriers and its not about the time that I have to wait longer in general it is that I have to wait longer than others for no reason at all p.s. I just saw my typo I didn't mean to write 4 months I ment 2

Though I hate comparing WP8 with iOS, the update process is something the latter has really gotten right.

As someone who has had no problems with their Lumia 920, I am always curious how the experience of other users can be so different than my own.
I am skeptical that your phone is faulty...but I could be wrong and it could have some manufacturing defect that causes your issue.
I would be curious to know how many different apps you have installed and what they are.  It is always possible that there are one or more misbehaving apps that are the cause of some of the problems you are having.
It might be instructive to uninstall any apps that are not "mainstream" apps (ie, from a well-recognized source), especially the games, and see if you are still prone to the problems you have.
I have not installed any games on my phone, and so far the stability, battery life and performance are all very good.  I know it's a shot in the dark, but it's worth a try, right?

Done and done... Don't see any significant changes. Keep wifi live option is there. Haven't had a chance to try the camera yet. Overall its pretty awesome to get an update early on OTA. ATT was the last one I thought would be able to acheive this feat... They made me say I was wrong.

Confirming update rolling out in Texas. Installing now. Can't wait to test out the camera!!!!! Thank you Nokia, MS & AT&T!!!

Cool...everything apears to work as normal after the update, and all data and settings were maintained. No problems with the update!

Don't worry if it takes awhile. The updated downloaded quickly for me but the actual install process afterwards took close to a half hour.

Looks like the bug with kid's corner is fixed where it required a password if you had a password required for your regular lockscreen.

Also, not sure if this was just me or they way its working. In my car I did check for update and nothing showed up. Only showed up once I was connected to wifi. Also plugged into charger for added security.

Just got the notification to download the new firmware. Will have to wait until lunch when I can get to a better wifi connection though.

A spinning hourglass or a horse running in place, yes....but turning cog-wheels, you've activated the self destruct mechanism!

Updating right Now OOOhoooo!! I hope this cures my screen freezing as will update as soon as its done

Is there any update log for this update? just want to see what is being updated and what new features are added

So, you lucky U.S. guys get a quick update and the internation version takes till February to get this good?
I don't get it. I really, really don't get it. Is this the punishment for having to pay more?  That's disappointing.
I have a carrier-free device and am hoping it will take not as long !!!!

I believe the update is over a gig. AT&T wouldn't like sending a gig of data (whether you care about your data charges or not) to millions of folks at the same time over their cell towers. So they require it over wifi... so you're connecting to their servers instead. It's pretty logical.

Since when do unbranded phones finish last? February?! Are you kiddin me? Oh well... nothin to do but wait then.
Props for Nokia for fixing this with the operators in such a quick time frame!

Downloading now! Branded AT&T 920. Washington, DC. I took a few camera shots before the update. I will take the same shots after the update.
I had to use wifi to download it. I just did internet sharing from my Focus S! ;-)

Update done: Portland OR.
Took about 250 shots before the update and I am already noticing instantly the sharpness! Thank goodness that was really annoying me.

This is off topic but I came from Android and I love my Lumia 920 but how the hell can I create a playlist? I download music from torrents etc...... I added them to my Lumia 920 but I can seem to make a playlist from the device like I could with my Android? This might be a deal breaker for me as i use playlists all the time and it's such a basic function. Can someone help me?

From what I've experienced, you have to first go to music>songs, and select all the songs you want in the playlist.

Then click add to playnow. Afterward, when you start to play the music, hit the three dots at the bottom of the screen and hit "save as playlist". Then name it.

Ok, this is something i am a bit scared of. I have an unlocked rogers phone using it on the Wind AWS network. Can anyone report if the new firmware does not lock out the AWS band like AT&T does? I am just scared to lose that.

At least make it January. I have some faith on you, Nokia & Microsoft. 

Your happy-international customer

One of my Lumia rebooted @ 77% migrating your data & statrted again...wondering what might have gone wrong. My other one is fine. Did anyone else have an issue like that?

I'm traveling in Salt Lake City from DC. While in SLC, I did start the download process. The entire upgrade took about 30 minutes to complete, but it's done.

Just performed the update and it went well but took several attempts to get my phone to acknowledge an update was available.
One oddity, the ROWI tile on the homescreen was lost during the upgrade. All other tiles were fine. Added it back without an issue, but seemed strange.

Anyone know whether it resolves getting warmer problem? Sometimes it becomes warmer than what I would call as acceptable. And I'm pretty sure it's not the hardware only. It's my 3rd straight 920 with the problem and does not happen always. Believe some processor/graphic/radio intensive task just keeps on running. I don't have any games in my phone and so it could be any native or 3rd party apps.

I've found that Need for Speed most wanted can overheat my 920 to the point where the screen freezes for a couple of moments
Just a small niggle in an otherwise great phone

I got the impressions that this update would come this month to all, wait until February? Can't I understand why. It small, but crucial fixes. And they are needed now

Is there a link to some info that says unbranded phones won't be getting the update anytime soon? Or is that just an assumption?

FEBRUARY?! Fuck! The bluetooth-problem is killing me, problems reconnecting my bluetooth headset daily, and resyncing it 5-6 times a week. Damnit. :(

I am still not in a reliable wifi zone. Will install the update at home. Any news on any actual solved problems with Bluetooth specially?

So far update went smoothly (updated about 2 1/2 hours ago) but after testing with my Jawbone Era bluetooth headset, I am still having problems. It will work for a little while then audio stops coming through and then I still cannot get the audio to work again without having to reboot the phone. The phone did not freeze like before, just no audio until a reboot. I am going to try some soft resets and hard resets of the Bluetooth headset to see if it is the headset causing issues.

My Xbox musicbeen tripping lately it lags when u tell it play all it hangs for about 30 secs and sometime stops doing random idk the problem

I'm curious as to whether this is going to resolve any of the battery issues. Some days my battery is fine a whole day and others it sheds 50% in 2 hours, even with quitting all apps, airplane mode, Nokia drive+, and all the other forum threads tricks tried. Anyone noticed any change in power performance yet?

So, whatever happened to Msfts statement that early adopters could get updates earlier? It was one if the things they highlighted when announcing wp8 in June. Feb is only 5 weeks away, but the camera improvements would've been nice to have on Xmas day. Have to say, Apple get this spot on, zero delays and all at the same time.

Ugh. I started downloading the update and my phone froze up during the install. That's the 4th time today in addition to 9 yesterday (all doing random things too). Before that, I had a freeze up on my 920 maybe once every few days. Really hopes this update clears things up, assuming I can ever download it.

I just checked for the update just now (ET 14: 58) and I am on my way to update. It is still downloading though. What I liked is it did show a message saying, check your Wifi before downloading.  This is the first OTA and I am really excited. Will keep you posted!

This update was pushed to at and t to save Christmas sales and improve on them.
I think once the us falls in love with Nokia the rest if the world will be pissed at her.

With the february update for the rest of the world and unbranded phones for sure rest of the world will be pissed. Yay Nokia saved sales in US only...

Migrating data.... I have to say,  so far the upgrade was incredibly fast, less than 5 minutes to get to data migration. Now let's see how long that will take...

I got my update fixed the crashing when Bluetooth was trying to connect love the new WiFi options great job MS and att for releasing so fast for once love my 920

here is some more detailed info about the progress, so you knwo what you (probably) can expect:
Download started via 4G lte (mobile hotspot) 3:00pm
Download completed and preparation for upgrade done: 3:12pm
Upgrade started: 3:12pm
Migrating data started:3:17pm
Data migration completed: 3:20pm
Time from checking for the upgrade to playing with my phone again: 20 minutes on a layover in Baltimore
Red Lumia 920 on AT&T
Happy as a witch in a broom factory

Update definitely bricked my yellow 920, none in stock, so they suggest me going to the att store and BUYING a go phone to use while I wait some unknown amount of time...I got the phone 18 days ago, so they won't just exchange at the store and are handling it as warranty..TERRIBLE SERVICE.

Ugh... Bricking my beautiful yellow 920 is my worst fear. Especially since the color is basically gone right now. Don't want to replace it with white/black. =/

Yep..ATT was so helpful they said I could go pay for a gophone and they would credit the account for the $15 cost of the gophone and send me a replacement phone who knows when...so I will prob have to wait another 2 weeks to get a phone..AWESOME

You can reflash the original rom using nokia care suite. I've just done that.
Right now, I'm trying to update the phone (again..)

Well RELIEF. I contacted ATT first and they were ZERO help. I just contacted Nokia chat and it took about an hour or so to get to the resolution because of all the restarting and what not, but they were able to unbrick my phone by doing a few different button combos (not just soft/hard reset but actual button sequences and involving the charger) So my phone is now back, however; I didn't have service so I couldn't restore my settings at startup, so will have to reset again later to restore my apps/settings but at least Im back in business and not having to wait 1-2 weeks for a new phone. YIKES.

I went there, and read about it, however; I wouldn't have been able to get to the point they were talking about because my phone was in a never ending reset loop and it took a special button combo to get it to stop, then another button combo to get it to load up again. They said there is built in recovery module, essentially meaning no phone should ever be actually bricked.

Good to know NokiaCare was there for ya! As much as we love our devices, we know they're not perfect and occasionally need help. Don't suppose you took note of that super-secret-phone-never-bricked button combo?

Ha, well wouldn't that be nice! the main combo was this -
First do a hard reset (vol down, power, and camera)
After that inevitably fails:
 - With your phone unplugged:

  1. Hold vol down for at least 5 seconds then plug in the charger (an exclamation point should pop on screen)
  2. After you see the !, press vol up, vol down, power, vol down
  3. It took about 20-30 minutes of additional charging, where the phone wasn't doing much other than just being plugged in before the phone started back up like it was being turned on the first time.  (weirdly, my phone did finish installing the update to the current version before becoming a brick).

That was about it. There were a few other resets in there, but I think that was the one that did the trick.

Went into setting to start the update. Took maybe 15-20 min. Crossing fingers it fixes the overheating issue...

Received update and installed roughly one and a half hour ago in Tupelo, MS.  Very happy with the update process overall, especially regarding that AT&T was involved and we get the update before other Nokia's unbranded and fully unlocked phones.

I was hoping it fixes freezing issue. Unfortunately it still freezes a few times a day. Not sure if this is unique to Lumia 920.

I updated my Lumia 920 with the Portico update and I noticed something interesting. The "text reply" option to call reject appears only for the calls I get from other AT&T phones. I tried calling up my phone from a T-Mobile, Verizon and also google voice and I don't see that option. Anyone else with the same symptoms or am I the only one? Oh and by the way, I am on AT&T and I'm from Miami, FL 

Terrible experience here. I had to REFLASH the old rom (using nokia care support tool) to the original Rogers Rom.
Triyng AGAIN with nothing in the phone. Let's see....

I'm not going back to it by any means, but whenever there was an update for iOS, Apple released it to every phone out there.  There was none of this carrier-dependant nonsense that is infecting Windows Phone.  I upgraded to a Lumia 920 on the first day it was available in UK stores and have endured the crashes and WiFi drop outs, expecting that I would receive an update by the end of the year, as Nokia and MS promised.
To make customers wait a further two months demonstrates utter disregard for their loyal customer base from whom good word of mouth has been helping increase sales of WP8 devices.  

I'm on Orange UK but i believe that my 920 is unbranded, from a factory reset the is absolutely no sign of orange except for "Orange Selects" in the store, theres no orange logo on the device an no orange splash during boot either.
Does this mean its unbranded?

Has anyone's phone stopped working after the update. After updating (in school), I went to my last period class and after my class finished the phone "stopped working". I just figured maybe the battery died so I go home and charge it and nothing. The phone just doesn't work anymore?? What happened? What did I do wrong?

The update also fixed the 4 GB video file transfer limit from phone to PC.  I just transferred a 5 GB file with no problems.