Deal Alert: Nokia Fatboy Charging on sale at Verizon

Fatboy Charging Pillow

Been on the fence on getting the Fatboy Charging Pillow for your Nokia Lumia 920, 822 (with optional charging backplate) or Verizon HTC 8X? If so, Verizon may have a deal on the charger that may knock you off that fence.

The Fatboy Charging Pillow is running in the neighborhood of $80-100. Verizon has the charging pillow on sale for $59.99. While details are a little sketchy, it looks like the Fatboy is only available in black. Still, it's a nice deal.

You can find all the details on Verizon's Fatboy charger offer here.  Oh...not entirely sure why Verizon is listing the 8X as not compatible.  Especially when Verizon's product page notes the 8X's wireless charging feature.

Thanks, Kei, for the tip!


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Deal Alert: Nokia Fatboy Charging on sale at Verizon


More of a pillow than a pillow case I think. Good for vibrating phones that would otherwise be lying on hard reverberating surfaces. :)

Ordered mine over a month ago in my country. In black. Will get it in January if I'm lucky.

That's what it seems like. I wouldn't mind one like that, but I'm not willing to pay more than for the regular charging pad.

That's exactly what it is. I was really disappointed by that, I expected the DT-901 to be a pillow with the charging coils inside. Unfortunately it's just a bundle of the DT-900 plate and a pillow cover for you to shove the plate in.

No, im not. The DT-901 box includes:
- Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-900
- CA-211 cable and AC-301 power supply - same stuff as with the DT-900
- Fatboy Wireless Charging Pouch CP-603
That last thing could be sold seperately as an overpriced add-on for the charging plate. But noone would buy it then.

Yeah the more I like at the stand and that pillow the more I think the stand suites me more. That said my free cyan plate should be here Monday!! :D

has or can anyone confirm that the VZ 8x does indeed have compatile wireless Qi charging?  I haven't seen any videos of people trying it.  Maybe missed it after being on vacation for a week or so

In the Vz store near me they have an 8x sitting on a Nokia charging plate in the store and it definetly connects

Not sure what the Qi charging is, but the VZ HTC 8X definitely works with the Fatboy charger plate, both with and without the pillow.  And it works with the silicon cover.

Crap they have em on sale?! They don't even sell em here in Dutchland period! Hell, they don't even sell the Lumia 920 yet :-\
Dutchland sux as always...

Got mine for free with the purchase of my L920, now of it would just arrive.. But that's a great deal, pillow really helps with the vibrating. Isn't that cheaper than the pad alone?

WIsh this was available from OTHER than a carrier, Verizon or AT&T or other.  Why isn't this avilable anywhere else in the US?!?!?

Tempting.  I noticed my usual discount for accessories doesn't apply.  Is it because its on sale?

these things are way overpriced, you can get a regular phone charger for $3.  i understand the luxury, so i'll pay $20 for a wireless one, but more than $20 is a rip off.  not gonna lie, i really want one for my desk at work, but i can wait until prices drop or amazon comes out of nowhere with a significant price drop for a couple of days like they always do on random products..

so what's so good about this fatboy pillow charger? does it work better than the regular charging plate?

It is the plate with a soft padded cover. Benefit is it still charges wireless on Lumia and 8X with otterbox defender.

Bought this to use with my HTC 8X.  Not sure if its really woth the price, but it is very convenient.  Sure you can't use it and charge it at the same time as with wired charging, but who really cares if it is almost always fully charged.  And I find that I am misplacing my phone less often since I now have a set place to set it when not wearing it.  By the way, I am really liking the HTC 8 phone.