Windows Phone Central crosses 1 Million unique visitors a month

With Nokia and Microsoft starting to roll out their first over-the-air OS update today, it has brought with it another significant milestone: Windows Phone Central has officially traversed the 1 million unique visitors a month threshold (and nearly 12 million with all of Mobile Nations).

Yes, dear readers, it’s all because of you. Not only are we the number #1 Windows Phone site, we’re also one of the fastest growing as we’ve doubled our monthly visitors in the last three months. Yowza!

The reasons for the explosive growth we believe is two part:

  1. We’re constantly striving to give you the best experience in news, reviews and tips
  2. This whole “Windows Phone thing” is finally starting to catch on

Indeed, if there is any indication that Windows Phone is finally breaking through as the true “third contender” it has been this site’s growth over the last year. The amount of readers is only as relevant as the number of Windows Phone users and since August, we have seen a major uptick in daily traffic.


With this momentous news, we’re going to do a site contest to celebrate! We’ll give away a brand new Windows Phone 8 device, because that’s what you’re here for, right?

Stay tuned for those details in the next few days and as the site’s editor in chief, I’d like to say thanks to all of the Windows Phone Central staff, our Mobile Nations team and of course all of you brilliant readers who come here everyday, tip us on news and participate in the best mobile OS around.


Reader comments

Windows Phone Central crosses 1 Million unique visitors a month


If not a sign of market improvement, it's at least a sign of healthy interest and community. (You guys deserve it!)

Me 4 :)) first thing I do in the morning: alarm clock at 4am, have a look whats new at 4.05 (possible because I live in Europe) :))

Congratulations. I'm on this site mainly because of my RSS feeds but because there's been a lot of development in the WP world and you guys are truly on top of it. I love when I see The Verge sourcing material about WP from here.

Keep up the great work!

We should be thanking YOU Daniel! We'll keep coming back (and telling all our friends about it)! Love having you guys here. You do an excellent job. Keep up the good work!

Not surprised because I find WPCentral the best site for WP news and discussion. Another reason I support this site is because they don't bite on so many BS rumors and don't dish out misplaced "editorials" like some others do. Daniel is the man!

Congrats! This is my first windows phone and I find all the news and discussion I need on your site. Great job!

Big congratulations! You guys do a spectacular job with this site and deserve the attention and kudos.
I, for one can't live without WPCentral on my phone and can't wait for a Win8 app (hint, hint Jay...y'hear me!)

I dunno about that, I visit your site on three different computers in three different location a day.
Trollllllllinggggg. = )

That is awesome. Everyone that I show my phone off to (L920) that is interested in WP8, I tell them to go here for news and advice, as you guys are way more up to date on what is going on than me. 

You guys really deserve it. Your site is truly different. Congrats and keep it up. Remember, more unique visitors = more responsibilities :)

congrats, if i may make a sugestion: i would like it if you guys made it harder to win something, make us do something more then just post a message. 

i know its prob not the most popular proposition but this helps keep people out that roam the internet just to win something whether or not they really even want it.
things like the nokia cardboard challenge could also help generate great content for the site and its readers and could also garner media attention on other sites/forums.
when you are actively doing something even if it's something small you feel more connected to the site and other people that participate in the contest and when you lose then you at least have the feeling that the price goes to someone worthy of it.

An interesting point of view, I believe that that is minimized by only allowing WPCENTRAL members to participate in the contests, it my understanding that you must be member in order to post a comment, this keeps the rift raft out lol, and they do have contest that you have to do something in order to win, which I usually don't participate in cause I'm not a photo buff and I'm a bit lazy lol, but I have paid for the app as well as have gotten at least 10 other people to either join or BUY the app, so ya, I kinda like the contests where I just have to post, it caters to my lazy nature LOL

Congratulations!! Really, awesome accomplishment. And contrary to what haters think, WP has more than 10 people that care, love and are passionate about the platform. Cheers!

Awwww that's not fair. :) As a former webos fanatic (and precentral user), I consider palm fans to be more like kindred spirits.

Corgrats! I've been following wpcentral for just over 2 years now, since I bought my Samsung Focus WP7 device. You guys have been awesome! Congrats on a job well done!

It's also thanks to you guys. The fact that the articles written are good is what helps get me to keep coming back ever since I first found the site when I picked up my first Windows Phone way back when it first launched.

This is indeed great news! My best wishs to the entire WPCentral team for keeping us up to date. Also WPCentral App is just one of the best designed app - it is amazing that you guys have implemented almost all of the UI features that the WP8 platform supports. Keep up the good work - Wishing many more milestones to cover in the near future.

Congratulations and may you live long and prosper, the force is strong in you. Now, Andromeda, take us in to slipstream. Peace out.

Congrats, guys. You've earned it. This is easily the best source for WP news. I can't help but wonder how app traffic play into this, too.

Keep up the near constant coverage and I'll keep coming back.  Been looking for a site like this for the last two years.  Sorry it took me so long but glad I found ya.

Congratulations to all of us...
WELL OFF COURSE WINDOWSPHONE is finally getting noticed..and we will see more in the future.. Do you still the doubters out there??? Exactly..they STHU!!!

After Tom Warren went to The Verge WPCentral has been my dedicated place for WP news. WPCentral+TheVerge covers basically all the tech/culture news I need. Congratulations guys on 1 million!

I picked up a Trophy a little over a year ago and one of the first apps I installed was Weave.  When adding news feeds one of their presets was for Windows Phone and had you guys in it.  It all started from there.  You guys do a great job and you're one of my first news sources in the morning.  Congrats!

Awesome job guys! Thanks for keeping the site fresh and relevant. Here's to a great 2013 for WPCentral and WP!!

Congrats fellas! Love the site, the windows phone app, and waiting patiently for a windows 8 version.

Congrats, and thanks for a great site!
WPCentral is the fastest and best way to get hold of the wp-news!!
Keep up the good work..!!

One of the newbies here.....
was a frequent visiter of Android Central, but after recently upgraded to Lumia 920, I call this site home now :)

You guys have done an awesome job. My very first purchase was your app on my HTC HD7. Keep up the great work!

Awesome site full of awesome people. Thank you for all the news Daniel, Rich, George, Sam and all of the others that are part of the team.

Thanks for all the work you do guys. This site has earned every single visitor it has through excellent reporting and moderation. Please keep up the good work.

You all do a great job at Mobile Nations. I have been a big fan since my palm pre with precentral. I also think you have a great app for W8 Phone. Keep up the great work and it will only get better.

A loyal fan

Well deserved! The best WP news site around! Thank you also for that graph! I've been interested in seeing that for a month... another great data point for investing decisions. Thanks!

My most used app by far, it was my first app I bought as well when I got my original focus back in late 2010, now have the L920, you guys deserve a huge pat on the back for all of your hard work and dedication, I believe that windows phones are here to stay and that you guys here at WPCENTRAL have played a significant roll in getting this platform rolling, yes your WP fans but have always been truthful about the platform, never blind fan boy crap, telling it like it is, the good AND the bad, congrats and keep up the excellent work

More work for you....Any work going on for a Windows 8 app? Following you on HTC HD7 past more than 2 years!

Been a daily visitor since february 2012. Congrats guys! Keep up the great work!! Now about that ohone? :P

Congratulations guys. I read your articles regularly to make sure I'm kept up-to-date with anything I may miss in regards to Windows Phone. Keep up the good work, I'll be back again tomorrow.

Congrats I visit this site at least 30 times a day if not more both from my 920 and my surface RT tablet....big fan of this site.

Congratulations to all the folks at WP Central and Mobile Nations for bringing us the best WP enthusiast experience on the internet! Here's hoping 2013 brings a lot of WP excitement to us all (assuming that the Mayans were wrong)

Glad to see the site gain more viewers... That's a good sign for MS and Windows Phone. This site is veyr informative and I visit it daily as well as use the mobile app. Thanks to all of you that put in all the long hours and hard work to bring us users all the info you do. Thank You!

Congrats to all of you! This site is top-notch and one of my favorite sites to visit. The staff here is very friendly and I've supported this site for a couple of years now (who remembers WMExperts!). I visit this site multiple times daily, have the app on both my Windows Phones (Arrive & 920!) and love being a part of such a great family.
I tell others about this site all the time and I share the posts because they're so well-written. Kudos to Daniel and the gang... you guys deserve all of this! Keep it up!

Nice job fellas.  It's all about the content and you all are making it happen.  It helps that MS makes an awesome software and the hardware kicks butt.

Congrats guys. Have been reading this since start of WP7 and have noticed over the past 6 months just the general increase in comments and also forum threads and posts. I must admit that a year ago I was still shaky whether WP would survive because it seemed a little late in the game and had nightmares of choosing an OS between iOS and Android. I probably would've just done everything in my power to keep the WP I had alive for as long as I could, but with these stats and what I've seen it's definitely here to stay. Deep down I know it would survive though because of the giant that MS is and you could tell they really wanted this it succeed. But also because sites like this existed and you could see passion here from the editors and the readers. Kudos to all.

Congrats! I have been a good reader of this awesome site since I got an HTC Mozart last year.
It would be great if you guys can come up with a website (and the accompanying Win8RT app ) which covers news and tips about Windows 8. like maybe W8Central or something. I'm getting Surface RT by the time it reaches south east asia and I'm counting on you guys to helping me make the best of it!

great news for wp central, it is a great site, also the fact that windows 8 phone is growing that is great to, the problem i see is that microsoft is leading from behind, what i mean is there products are better then apples and google but they are still following the trend, for example apple made re did the touch phone, but 6 yrs later microsoft now has a more stylish phones, but apple has moved on and now are going to revamp the living room tv sets with better menus and intergation with there system iTV, so what is microsoft going to follow that years later. apple is going to catch that market first. because the way tv works today they need and overhaul

I love the site, but when are you guys gonna update the app so it fills the entire screen for my 8x?? You should be leading in this kind of stuff...

Congratulations, guys! Windows Phone Central is the bomb! I visit this site several times a day. I'm addicted! Thanks for keeping us in the know with all your timely and informative articles. This is THE place for Windows Phone news! Awesome app too!