Report: Win Phone 7.8 available through Nokia Care centers for Lumias

Lumia 900

The Windows Phone 7.8 update for Lumia smartphones is reportedly available through Nokia Care i.e. local store/support centers, scattered throughout the world including parts of Europe and India.

According to a number of tips we've received (mostly from India), the anticipated upgrade for those who remain on legacy hardware is available should official support channels be unavailable. Users can simply bring in their phone and have them updated right there by Nokia, even before the "early 2013" date.

The new OS is currently resting on Nokia's servers, and is confirmed to be available for the Lumia 900, 800, 710 and 510. It's advised that consumers contact their local Nokia Care centres to see if the 7.8 update is available for your Lumia Windows Phone (you can start by drilling down through Nokia Support).

We previously looked at Nokia and Microsoft rolling out the Windows Phone 7.8 update, which later turned out to be limited to just pre-production devices only. We're still impatiently awaiting the notifications to begin trickling through, but at least there are channels for consumers to manually upgrade hardware.

Note: US and Canada users will have little luck with this as there are very few Nokia Care centers and what's more, the 7.8 update is not yet available on Nokia's servers.

Source: MobiGyaan;Thanks, Devarshi and Sithick, for the tips!


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Report: Win Phone 7.8 available through Nokia Care centers for Lumias


jordanfernandes I agree with you. I was hoping as Nokia keep informing their customers, that if HTC were to compete in the Windows Phone market, they would do as Nokia are. No word or announcements by HTC regarding the 7.8 update. If anyone has any news on HTC's 7.8 update please let us know. 
I have a HTC titan (UK) any news I will let you know.

Posted a question about 7.8 on HTC Facebook page and got the response " we don't have any information about that at this time"

I just hope HTC releases 7.8 soon with things like screenshot, better Bluetooth transfer option, wi-fi alive and a smoother UI. Nokia users are complaining about the sticky music controls with the volume rocker keys and the slow responsiveness from some live tiles. Btw am I the only one in here with a HTC Radar?? Everyone else has a Titan O_O

No, my lonely friend... I too have a Radar that I wish I could update to 7.8 when I heard about 7.8 in spring 2012! Awesome phone I am using it as a music player and demo phone at work.

After the initial Samsung Focus success, Samsung has been all but absent from the WP7. My next Windows Phone will definitely not be a Samsung.
I all but lost hope that they will ever do a WP7.8 for my Focus.

After installing 7.8, as ayush pointed out in forums, apps takes some time to open. A fraction of a second more than previous. Battery is a welcome change! Lasts much much longer than previous. My regular use used to last for 16-17 hrs, now it's more than 27 hrs on same usage...

In BT share there r two options - files and pictures, while pictures work flawlessly, the file thing is sh*t. I transferred a few pdf/xls from my laptop, but its showing as unsupported file type on lumia.

After installing 7.8, as ayush pointed out in forums, apps takes some time to open. A fraction of a second more than previous. Battery is a welcome change! Lasts much much longer than previous. My regular use used to last for 16-17 hrs, now it's more than 27 hrs on same usage...

In BT share there r two options - files and pictures, while pictures work flawlessly, the file thing is sh*t. I transferred a few pdf/xls from my laptop, but its showing as unsupported file type on lumia.

My battery life got worse after installing 7.8. It was about 48 hours on 7.5 and became ~31 hours on 7.8 with the same usage. Grr. I'm rolling back to 7.5

No Love for the RM-808, Rogers, AT&T, Mexico all outta luck at the moment -- LTE enabled devices have no update available yet.

What's their point in releasing the 7.8 update? Is it fear of bugs or something?
Yesterday my gradpa got a Lumina 900 for his 80th birthday - it would be awesome to upgrade his phone to 7.8 in the next few days.
So you say I have to walk to a Nokia Care center (whereever one may be..) to have it done?

you can do it yourself if you install nokia care suite, but this could already be done a week ago? at least thats the way i updated my lumia to 7.8

Just called my nearest Nokia Care Point and they say they can do the update to 7.8 for me. Lumia 710 in UK on Vodaphone if anyone else fancies giving it a try. They did say that it was not released for all carriers yet.  Gonna stop by tomorrow and see what happens.

Called Nokia Support here in Canada. They knew nothing about it. Suggested I check for updates through my Zune software which is obvisouly showing that my phone is up to date. 
This didn't surprise me as anytime I call Nokia support they have never been helpful out side of reading what is on the trouble shooting check list they are given.

Are there even any care centers in the states?
Also can this be done through nokia care suite for sure? Anybody try it yet?

The 7.8 Update for Canadian and American (Rogers and AT&T)  Nokia Lumia 900 - Model# RM-808 - is NOT available yet via Nokia Care Suite.
Please update the title of this article as it is misleading to the majority of North Americans who are waiting on the 7.8 Update. I read the article only to be disappointed to find out it was only available overseas.

I knew the unbranded will get the update first. Don't worry we will get it soon and wpcentral will be the first to report it.

I agree with DrewLumia. The article states the update is available on the Nokia servers, and then says that it is not. I shouldn't have to read through comments to try to make sense of the articles I read on here.

So I changed the ROM on my Rogers Lumia 900 to a Telcel ROM..do i just keep checking the DPM for updates?

I sent a tip to the website two days ago (which wasn't really picked up on) regarding the 7.8 update on Lumia devices.
I spoke to a Nokia Care agent who informed me that the update could come before 2013. His exact words were "Nokia are working on the update which will hopefully be released this month" (or something long those lines). WPCentral have ignored my email completely.

Im waiting for official release... Or lets say im waiting for a nokia tablet and a surface phone... I dont really care about 7.8..all the latest and brand new apps are made for wp8...7.8 will die quietly

Updated my Lumia 610 yesterday through the Nokia Care suite (on Windows 8 no less).  Used generic Euro GB rom  - no issues at all.  Start screen is excellent, and since I was on Telus, I didn't have the firmware update yet.  Seems snappier since it was updated.  One issue though is that  neither Zune or the Windows Phone Client in Win8 sync the device.  Sync and device recognition worked on the new Windows Phone for Mac client (figure that one out!!)

Nokia clearly rules in India and I'm glad that this word of update is spreading. I officially thanked Nokia India on their Facebook page and twitter for giving such amazing service. As I said earlier I was personally called from Nokia care regarding the update (Mumbai) and the update was done in 15- 20 mins and I was explained all the new features and apps after the update too. I'm glad I chose Nokia and wp7.8 on my Lumia 800(black) looks absolutely gorgeous !
I was upset with tango rollout coz India users got it almost a month late but karma has its ways I guess :D

Haha, nice.
Can U please tell me @ which centre U updated ur lumia. One of my friend in Mumbai wants to update but his area care centre are denying any new update.
Thanx in advance

Its there at Borivali Nokia care and Thane (where I did from). Do check other places. The top two are confirmed.

Flashing is mandatory at Nokia care centre, let it be a windows phone update or Symbian Anna it belle update. Its better when formatted, it helps clear the junk and speeds up the phone and I've all important stuff backed up on sky drive and my contacts are backed up in my windows live id, so it's ok for me

It should be clarified that they most probably don't offer an upgrade but a refurbish with NCS, which wipes all your data. Any computer-capable person can do that theirselves at home.

Its better that way to start fresh, I've always done all the updates the same way by formatting and then updating. Whatever data I have is backed up safe and all apps are easily accessible and there are chances of bricking the phone at home if computer crashes or power failure or anything so I prefer going to Nokia care which is just nearby my house and updating it #likeaboss

It is not. Neither can you backup any phone settings, app settings, game saves...
Actually: it's not possible to backup anything in WP, except for photos, videos.

(Yes, contacts are synchronized with your mail account, but that's just how Exchange ActiveSync works).

Not everyone likes to loose their SMS and savegames.
And if your flashing fails and the phone gets stuck in the constant boot loop, you can still revive it using NCS. You'd have to try very hard to kill it completely. And then you can still take it to Nokia Care, can't you?


News Flash : the latest Pc suite for Nokia supporting windows 8 which is available at Nokia beta labs, it syncs your contacts and messages :) it worked for my lumia 800, do give it a try

Do you have a link to which version you are referring to? I'd very much appreciate if you could add it to the thread. Thanks!

Hey @ayush , glad to know that you've got 7.8 very early.can you tell me how's ur Nokia music working??I mean there were some issues regarding download and music mixes in tango os...

Upgraded my lumia 900 uk version to 7.8 via nokia care suite, so far only that photobeamer is not working:-(

Using my Lumia 710 (US) as a music player only, just upgraded to 7.8 with a generic EU rom through nokia care suite, looks pretty good!!

I flashed my L800 using a EURO GB 7.8 firmware via Care Suite and work's great, no screenshot function tho, also couldn't find the rooms, if they will ever be implemented.

I'm sick of all the current WP devices.  Bring on MWC and something new and different!  Nokia 920 with stylus and keboard would make me happy.  Oh, and throw in the water-proofing from the Fujitsu and a working zoom and I will never need another phone.  Come to poppa!

Don't blame the entire start screen, its just few times that are slow, for example : me tile, people hub, etc. I also observed this behavior but rest of the tiles for ex : WP central, baconit, nextgeb reader, etc and all small tiles are pretty snappy

Only Third Party app starts fine.... But the native app like settings, people hub, mail, message, pictures are bit slower when started from start screen

Nokia Care Centre in Lisbon told me they had the 7.8 already. I went there and after 2 hours they came up with an excuse that my phone had an electrical problem and wouldn't allow them to update.
Bollocks, since I've never had any sort of problem with it regarding anything like that.

Oh well.
The Asus Padfone 2 has just been released anyway, I think I'll just get that instead of going throught another painful day's journey with Micro$oft and Nokia. I'm fed up with them.

Now all this sounds great. I'm going to phone Nokia care here in Bristol UK to see if it's available. Don't mind if data is wiped as long as I don't have to repay for the apps. Can somebody confirm this is possible and how it works? Thanks! I have a 610.

hi!, You will not have to repay for the apps :) you can download them again without a single problem :) so go ahead :) and wipe your device with no fear :) 

I am using Nokia Lumia 610. Is my Model eligible for Windows 7.8 Update ? As you people mentioned Update is ready  for 800,710,510 I am little unhappy. I am from India. I really love my Windows mobile and so i want it to be Dressed with more features. I love WPCENTRAL site. It's really informative 

The time this article was written, the update was not available. But now its available at any Nokia care centre. Read my reaction to new update on my blog HTTP://mobihalo.wordpress.com

Hi sir
Thanks for your article.
I was able to update my Lumia 710 with the latest 7.8 version in 15 mins waiting time.
The 7.8 looks great.
Resizable tiles on home screen.
Bluetooth sharing for files and pictures.
More color themes
updated office
Better battery backup
great !!!!

Nokia Singapore knows nothing about this, below are their reply via their Facebook page.
"We do understand this may not be most satisfactory response to your query. However, you will have to check directly with MSFT as they announced that Windows Phone 7.8 will be available as an update in early 2013 and rollout dates in Singapore will be communicated nearer to availability. Hope this helps you. Thanks for understanding. Cheers, The Nokia Singapore FB Team."

Went today to get my L710 upgraded. Nokia people bricked my phone :(
Now i get after 10 days. I would have been better off doing it on my own, i think

I take it data wipe is 100% guaranteed using this method and waiting for the official rollout or cab file leak on xda is the only way to update and not lose everything.

Well that was a waste of time. Despite telling me on the phone yesterday that they could put 7.8 on for me, Nokia Care staff  looked at me like i was a complete idiot when I actually went there today. Infact they were quite rude. Not sure they had even heard of Windows Phone. That's Nokia care in Colchester btw, so no one else wastes their time.

Wp 7.8 is missing diagnostics app. Is it hidden or removed completely. Doesn't make sense to remove it intentionally. Not sure y ms did tht.

Thanks for the Info!
I got my lumia 800 updated to 7.8 today through nokia care center here in Jalandhar, India.
plus make sure to back up ur data before going. 

I did Update my Lumia 710 thru nokia care suit yesterday didn't find any issues but some preference and my battery last for longer now. Iam happy to finally get the 7.8 on my Lumia works very well

Updated my Lumia 800 on last Friday from Nokia Care (Gurgaon, Haryana). Start Screen is awesome, Bluetooth Share and Ringtone Maker apps are pre-installed.
Now, I can transfer MP3's and Pictures, can make any Ringtone of my choice, can set Bing Wallpapers and also can set Google as default search provider in IE.  
But there are some bugs as i feel, when trying to open any apps it's respondig slow and some settings are crashing. 

Nokia Care in Chester UK are currently updating my 800, they just finished testing the update today. They told me my phone will be wiped as it's a flashing process which is fine! Will report back when I've picked it up!

Got my phone back all updated and shiny! Battery life is already better, can't download the Bluetooth share app though so can't test it :/

I don't see any update in India, no reliable information found in any website from windowsphone.com or any other website. As always the Indian market is neglected.