Windows Phone 8 Portico: Now going out to HTC 8X devices in Spain?

Windows Phone 8 Portico: Now going out to HTC 8X devices in Spain

We have been tipped off that the first over the air update ‘Portico’ for Windows Phone 8 might be hitting devices on Vodafone Spain.

One of our readers was informed by push notification last night that the update was available and is now sporting 8.0.10211.204 on his HTC 8X.

Update process from the Vodafone support pages..

**UPDATE** This is from the Vodafone Spain Support pages

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Time update for HTC ion 8x to version 1532.20.20 02,164 [Edited]


Hi all,

Now available the update to version 1532.20.2002.164 for HTC Windows Phone Vodafone 8x and includes the operating system upgrade 8.0.10211.204. Enter the following features and enhancements:

Enter Basque, Galician, Valencian and Catalan.


Usability of the terminal.

The update has a size of about 50 megabytes and can only be done from the phone itself (FOTA), using both WiFi and the mobile network. How to check the update: Settings > Phone Update and activate Notify me when updates are available for my phone .

wpcentral htc 8x informacion

The update is said to address some stability issues with Window Phone 8 and also add a few tweaks to the operating system to which you can read about in our previous post. We understand that the updates are to be staggered globally but there has been little indication that Vodafone Spain was to commence any update on their network. Unannounced or not this is looking very promising for a more rapid roll out of fixes to other carriers worldwide and we hope a sign it will hit other markets sooner rather than later.

Are you a Vodafone user in Spain, we would like to hear from you if you have seen the update on your device. Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to Christian Cano for the tip!!


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Windows Phone 8 Portico: Now going out to HTC 8X devices in Spain


Yesterday my 8X from Vodafone Spain was updated. By the way, since back in the  day in 2010 with the HTC Trophy with Vodafone, they've always been very, very fast with Windows Phone updates. By the way, are the 8X from Vodafone Spain, the only one that can't switch to GPRS (2G)¿? Because the 2G/3G toggle, in Settings are blocked 

Don't know if this is old news, but I did a manual check about 12 hours ago on my o2 UK 8X and received the Portico update. Seems a little snappier - I was one of the few with complaints about minor stuttering throughout the OS. Oh but I did have to hold the power button to reset once; after the update completed, live tiles got totally stuck (my Mail tile showed 3 unread at all times) and when I locked the phone, it wouldn't turn on the screen again. But since then it's been fine - fingers crossed!

Well the Nokia update actually implemented more features. Also my 920 was updated Wednesday, still waiting on the update for my HTC 8X so I have to call bs on your post.

Still waiting here in Australia. I have a sim free unlocked and unbranded retail Lumia 920 and so annoyed that we apparently won't get the update here till Feb! What an absolute joke!

Glad to see Spanish carrier users ain't the last ones to get updates. Hope my carrier free Radar gets its update to 7.8 soon (Well... I mean earlier than other units...). Would like to taste the new live tiles before deciding to switch to a Lumia or a HTX 8 series.

Very off topic, but does anyone know if UK charity songs that are purchased on Zune/xbox music if the money goes to the charity

i just got an update on my t-Mobil htc 8X (USA). Hope it will fix restart issue i have been having.