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Rogers reportedly pushing out Windows Phone Portico update for HTC 8X

No surprises here as 1PM ET rolls by reports of more Windows Phone “Portico” updates have begun to come in. This time, it’s for the lucky owners of the HTC 8X on Rogers who are reportedly now getting the combo OS and firmware update.

Rogers (along with AT&T) began pushing out the updates for the Nokia Lumia 920 on Wednesday but the 8X was left on its own. Now that looks to have been fixed as users can manually check (via Settings, Phone Update) to grab the new OS off of Microsoft’s servers.

Of course there is no love yet for AT&T users as we just checked our 8X with negative results. Still, seeing as Rogers and AT&T overlap a bit, we wouldn’t be surprised to see AT&T’s 8X get an OS bump soon as well. Yesterday, T-Mobile US began updtes for their version of the 8X after a 24 hour delay. Thanks, Sean W., and others for the tips!

Let us know in comments if you have had luck getting the update on Rogers.


Reader comments

Rogers reportedly pushing out Windows Phone Portico update for HTC 8X


I gotta give rogers the credit, for pushing out the updates as soon as possible. This means that rogers not only cares about the customers , but also giving a chance for people to invest in windows phone.
Bell on the other hand, has been a disaster in pushing out updates. I literally had to wait for 2 months before i could get the windows phone 7.5 update. it is only then when i contacted the bell technical support to find out what is wrong and found out that they were holding the update. This is ridiculous. Not only Bell is supporting android and iphone devices, they refuse to acknowledge windows phone to even have a chance in the market. I know that when my contract is up , I will not be renewing my contact with bell, but with rogers , because they have done what no canadian career can do at the moment.

Wow, you got it...lucky you.
I am on O2 in UK and I still waiting for just the second, the firmware update. I've already have the first update since 12th of December, but I don't know why I didn't get the fw update. I need it to fix my reboot problem.

Yesterday I got portico update on Rogers. But today I checked again and another update was available. It was Microsoft Update 8.0.10211.204 (KB 2788412). I don't quite understand which update it is! I took a screenshot, anyone interested?!

Based on the number of comments here, a lot more users have the 920, or those users are at least more vocal.

[cough]ahem[/cough] So Verizon... please be quick, but thorough, in your approval of Portico for the 8X. I would assume that its already been vetted by Microsoft and / or HTC though...