Nokia begins Windows Phone 8 OS update for AT&T and Rogers

Nokia has begun to push out the first over-the-air (OTA) update for Windows Phone for their Lumia 920 and 820 devices

This morning at 10AM PT (1PM ET), Nokia and Microsoft along with their carrier partners Rogers and AT&T have officially begun to roll out the OS and firmware updates for the Nokia Lumia 920 (and Lumia 820 on AT&T).

Last night, we reported that this much anticipated update was to arrive this morning and unlike T-Mobile, we have absolute confirmation that Nokia and their partners are on track for this update. Read on for all the exclusive details...

OS Update features and fixes

The OS update is expected to address stability issues that left some users with an occasional device reset or freezing of the operating system. The problem appears to have originated from issues with Bluetooth pairing, which has been refined in this update.

In addition, an improved startup sequence is also included, which most likely addresses an issue some reportedly had when factory-resetting the device, resulting in their phone being unable to restart. Though these incidents were isolated, it’s great to see Nokia and Microsoft addressing these problems.

The OS update, 10211 aka ‘Portico’ also brings new features to the table, including keep Wi-Fi alive (under the Lock screen), SMS enhancements (call reject, mass delete) and automatic Wi-Fi Hotspot detection. There are also some general performance enhancements as well and fine-tuning of the OS.

Full change log can be found here.

New Nokia Firmware

For its part, Nokia is including a new firmware maintenance release (build 1249) that will fix and enhance user function. The main thrust of that release is to greatly increase sharpness in photos taken with the 8.7MP Pureview camera and front-facing camera. We did a side-by-side comparison yesterday and demonstrated that indeed Nokia is listening to users, doing an excellent job at improving image focus.

We’re also told that power-management has also been improved, resulting in some minor boosts in energy efficiency in the device, which is also a welcomed addition.

Availability (AT&T and Rogers)

The over-the-air update is expected to be “live” on Microsoft’s servers right now. Users can go into Settings –> Phone Update to manually check for the OS and firmware, or they can wait for the notification to come to them.

The update should be all at once for Rogers and AT&T users meaning we are not expecting a delayed or regional roll out.

Availability for International Lumia 920 and other carriers

Now for some not-so great news. For those who are not on AT&T or Rogers, the Portico OS update and firmware enhancements are not expected to go live until early February 2013.

Nokia is working with carrier partners to make sure the experience is top notch and that there are no issues when installing the update, resulting in damaged or sub-optimal performance. Of course schedules can change and unbranded devices may get it earlier than carrier-supported ones.

Feedback and Forums

Share your experience with the Nokia OS update in our Lumia 920 forum and Lumia 820 forum, where you can leave feedback on the update, including any problems you may be having. Likewise, feel free to leave a comment here.


Reader comments

Nokia begins Windows Phone 8 OS update for AT&T and Rogers



mine stayed on the gear screen foreever.. still there since 3 pm lol its bricked  took it to att they sending me a new one  i got offered a replacement at store but they didnt have red    update bricked my red 920

Nokia CareSuite 5.0 should fix your bricking problems. I thought it was going to be really hard to do but actually was easy. Download the Nokia care suite. Can find it in wpcentral article. Install. care suite will recognize your phone. You'll have options what you want to do with phone. Click. Care suite will download rom from internet. Be sure chose right one RM-820 something. Once download, just follow onscreen directions. I was shocked how easy it was! Phone works flawless and got every update. No reboots or nothing. Even got yesterdays update! The spinning cogs came up and scared me but no it all worked!!!!!

It is especially terrifying given the low stock available..warranty replacement is 1-2 weeks at least for a popular color. Now when I see the spinning cogs I get very nervous too.

Anyone else having issues with the Auto Brightness? Mine will randomly go dim then get bright again. Thats in a well lit room. I tried turning of the two new settings under display+touch and that didn't seem to help. Going to try turning off Auto brightness.

I have just noticed today while browsing Navifirm that the new firmware for the Rogers 920 is on Nokia's servers, what is interesting is that it is showing firmware for Black, Red, Yellow and White on the Rogers Network, So it looks like Rogers have finally listened to Customers and will be getting a variety of Colours sometime in the future.

I updated my Lumia 920 and the pictures are still blurry. Everything looks great when I'm focusing, but right when it snaps the pic it slightly blurs. I was really hoping this update would fix it. I took side by side pics with my old iPhone 4s and the pics are so much clearer on the iPhone.

Couldnt see it mentioned anywhere... but seems the bluetooth stack has been fixed...   before the update the phone would just not pair with my 2006 bmw... sfter the update the paiting works fine... glad to see this fixed :)

Seems like either the screen freeze is is still not addressed with this update or I have a defective unit. Not sure which one its. Anyone having this freeze issue still?
Today is my last day to exchange, but since i have a yellow one I can't do it in a store. They will give me a red one. But after this I deal with warranty dept. What a shame..

Phone bricked (unrelated, but this morning while resetting phone). Rogers is out of stock.  Waiting 3 weeks without a phone.  Luckily I was testing out a Samsung ATIV S on Telus, but now I might end up keeping it.


I keep on getting this message when checking for update we are currently unable to check for updates (80072ee7) any clues?

Just updated mine. It took around 15-20 minutes to download both MS and Nokia software.
Nokia Lumia 920 Rogers (1st batch) now on Wind Canada, Toronto.

Really disappointed with the decision.
First I have to wait till Q1 2013 for WP7.8 to be released before I'm able to update my Lumia 900.
Now I have to wait again till "until early February 2013" to update my Lumia 920.

Just what this thread needs, another post! :) Lumia 920 updated thru AT&T in Chicago earlier today. I did a manual update check through "Settings" and went extremely smooth. Dare I say it feels a little zippier now too across the board. No immediate issues at all!

oh, look another reboot! second one today. guess I'll just have to endure another month of this (germany, unlocked 920)

<p>Yeah, this is not happening anymore. I will be returning my phone and getting my money back. I cannot wait two more months for a working phone. Why did they even release it? They must have known that it did not work fully and they must have known about the restart issues?</p>

I'm on rogers and I can't do the OTA update. it is making me hook up to wifi....  WTF is the point of having 6gigs of data if I have to hook up to wifi everytime i want to download something more than 25 megs......

After the update, I'm not seeing the improvements on the camera department. Still all well-lit photos come out way too sfot. Dammit why is it that I cannot adjust sharpness in my Lumia 920 when I could do that in my Lumia 900? WTF

I just downloaded this update. One interesting thing that I noticed was my storage. Before the update I had used about 26 gigs of memory. Now its down to 20? Did this update do some type of memory compression? I haven't deleted anything at all. The other added features are a great welcome. The OS seems much smoother than before when scrolling up and down my tiles.

My 900 says 7.5 BUT Zune says it is already updated 7.10?
Please help...................live in San Francisco and I have received no update messages.