Reading Lens for Windows Phone 8: Helping you read the fine print

Reading Lens for Windows Phone 8

Reading Lens for Windows Phone 8 is a simple app that will help you read small text, much like a pair of reading glasses would. The app makes use of the Windows Phone camera to magnify small print so it can be easily read.

Even if you aren't needing to go get your eyes checked, Reading Lens will help you read the tiny print on medicine bottles, coupon expiration dates,  contracts and other documents where fine print is prominent.

If the normal magnification isn't enough, you can pinch the screen to zoom. There are also control to turn on your Windows Phone LED light and to pause the image for better reading.  You could use your camera app to do the same thing but you have the hassle of pressing the shutter button down to focus in on things and you lack the ability to turn on the camera light to use as a reading lamp.

Reading Lens is free for a limited time only (not sure what regular pricing will be) and you can find Reading Lens here at the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Reading Lens for Windows Phone 8: Helping you read the fine print


Awsome!  The one feature I missed from my Windows 7 Samsung Focus was the Macro mode of my camera that allowed me to to basically do the same thing this application does.  My eyes are not what they used to be and sometime when I am very tired, I have trouble focusing.  This is awesome!

Yes but there are other similar apps in WP7 which may not be as good but still adequate. I use MagniLens.

Does not work on my 920. Camera doesn't see anything, it just shows a green screen. The led can be turned on and off though.
Edit: nevermind, after I restarted the phone, it works as described.

Weird, I was having the same green screen problem too.  But a restart fixed it. I wonder if it has anything to do with the new Portico update

Thanks for the review, I'm the author and I hope this app comes in helpful. The app will go to $.99 in a couple of weeks after I add a couple of new features including improved performance and quick fix of images to improve contrast. As for some of the comments, I've certainly had more issues with the 920 over the 8x and it has to do with the camera lighting the lamp to focus and then getting confused about whether it is on or not. Also pre-Portico the focus doesn't lock in as well as the 8x, hoping that is resolved in Portico.
As for Windows Phone 7, you can use my other app, Reading Glasses, a free ad-based app (you can use it on WP8 too if you want), but it doesn't have the ability to light the lamp. I just couldn't get that working reliably enough on Windows Phone 7.

This looks very similiar to Reading Glasses which has been in the marketplace for some time now and is free.