myBattery: Keeping track of your Windows Phone 8 battery life


To help with the on going battle to monitor your Windows Phone 8 battery performance, enter the Windows Phone 8 app myBattery.

myBattery will chart your batteries life cycle, note the percentage of power left and an estimated time left on the current charge. Live tile support includes the multiple sized tiles with the medium and small tile showing just the percentage left and the large tile showing both the percentage and time remaining.

Additional features include customizable colors for the battery meter and chart, charts cover not only daily use but overall use history and notifications in the lockscreen.


There are some limitations due to the Windows Phone 8 APIs. Live tiles and lock screen are updated approximately every 30 minutes and can only show the battery percentage up to 99%. The icons on the lockscreen and live tile won't change.

For now, you can't export the data but the developer is working on an update to backup your battery charts to SkyDrive. Which will be a nice and handy feature to have.

There is a trial version of myBattery that is limited to eight uses with the full version running $.99. You can find myBattery here at the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

myBattery: Keeping track of your Windows Phone 8 battery life


But Battery for WP8 was a horrible app. On three phones with several different installs, before and after Portico, I could never get it to update reliably and consistently. 

I disagree. It updates just fine, as long as you understand the normal WP8 limitation of only updating every half hour or so.

Not really - it doesn't really update the % unless you click on the live tile no matter how much time has pass.

Again, mine updates just fine. Not that it means yours will, but it's not absolute. I assume you've checked and the background task is active?

If the developer at least would have tried to change the UI of this app. He's just copied it from Battery Level for WP8... FAIL!;

The small live tile seems a little more balanced than Battery Level for WP8.  It's subtle, but you can tell the difference.

I like battery tile by yivosoft better. It has like 8 themes to pick from and has a bunch of shortcuts too. I really hate the ugly UI of those other battery apps like the one above.

I think l hit the point were l'm done obsessing over the battery life of my 920 (after a shaky first week). l just check the battery saver in settings once or twice a day. It was already getting me through the day and the Portico update just made it more efficient.
Is there a problem with random apps unexpectedly draining a lot of power?

Don't have the Portico update on my Lumia 920 yet, but I have severe battery loss when using Whatsapp. (Before and after the new WP8 Whatsapp update)

Same here. When an app comes out that shows us battery usage based on what's actually draining the battery like android then I might be interested.

Drainage on a per app basis is what's really needed. Maybe the APIs devs need to accomplish this will be added in the big annual update?

Looks the same as Battery Level for WP which is free. Only a mug would buy this. Thankfully for the app maker there are plenty out there.

Already bought battery level for WP8 cause it came out first. Set the chart to the default (one day). When I changed it to 3 days my battery took a hit.

This is a more general question for all of these "battery" apps. How much do they contribute to the drain on teh battery?
If anyone who uses any of these apps could answer that would be cool. I'd love to see some WPCentral comparison of them one day.

I believe there is essentially no impact. They only activate once every 15-20 min, poll the battery level, store it, and deactivate. I believe that people that say there is additional drain don't understand how WP8 handles app switching and deactivating, and are reporting completely subjective information that has nothing to do with the battery apps.

I installed this app (after portico) and my battery took a hit (from what I've seen). I installed it right away and the battery holds a lot better.

I installed this app (after portico) and my battery took a hit (from what I've seen). I installed it right away and the battery holds a lot better

A rip off that brings nothing new. Let me know when we have a REAL battery monitor app that can actually track screen on time, app usage, etc. I wont hold my breath on it because I believe MS's lock downs of this OS will prevent us from an app like that, and they're too lazy or stubborn to make that app themselves

+1 to that! We need a battery app that allows us to track app usage so at least we can be aware of what apps use the most battery. That I would pay for and yet it comes built-in on Android devices, would be nice if Microsoft did the same. 

My question is, what is the point watching your battery die? It would help to see what the battery parasites are than just finding out its draining. Any battery app doing that?

Why are people so obsessed with battery percentage?
I have an 820 and my battery life is decent (without Portico). I rarely check it. If I want to know how much battery I have left I just tap the upper corner of the screen. Simple. It's also displayed in the lockscreen everytime.

Live tiles, where "your stuff, always right there in real time" actually means data that might be half an hour old.

I've used this for a couple of days and I gotta say for me its the best one yet. Updates alot better for me. Altho the graph on the lickscreen doesn't change, but its been doing that on all battery apps.

I already had Battery Level For WP8 installed.  I installed myBattery on the evening Dec. 25th.on both my phone and my wife's phone.
The next day both of our phones had very poor battary performance and had drained  barreries by about 4:00PM, which was very unusual.
I subsequently removed myBattery from both phones and battary usage has returned to normal allowing for a full day or more of use.  I cannot say with 100% ceartainty that myBattary was the cause of the battary drain issue, but it looks that way to me.

When the app is closed, the background agent works approximately every 30 minutes and only to get battery informations. If you have drain battery issue, check the others applications. Maybe some background agent who use data connection

These are all good apps but I since I don't have $$$ to burn on all the apps, I try to go for FREE alternatives and am using Zapi Battery at the moment which does the job :)