Guns 4 Hire blasts its way to Windows Phone 8

Guns 4 Hire for Windows Phone 8

Guns 4 Hire is a new Windows Phone 8 game that landed in the Store the other day and calls for you to tackle a wide assortment of missions against ruthless dictators, warlords and terrorists in general.

Game play is a little like a mobile tower defense. Instead of planting stationary defense towers that defend against enemy attacks, you control a squad of four soldiers, each with unique skills, that takes the fight to the enemy. Graphic are nice, game play challenging and with 18 missions and several side objects, Guns 4 Hire won't get stale too quickly.

Missions mostly include seek and destroy type objectives but there are missions to repair or defend posts. Along the way you earn cash that can be used to buy equipment and character upgrades in between missions.

Guns 4 Hire

Game controls are rather simple, tap the area of the screen you want your team to move to and they shoot up any enemies that come into sight. You can move the crew independently or collectively. Along the left side of the screen are controls to heal your crew with health packs that can be purchase or discovered during missions and controls to use a few bonus weapons as you battle the angry hordes (grenades, land mines, and automatic turret machine guns).

Guns 4 Hire

You can continue to play if one or more of your team members goes down but, obviously, if all go down the mission is a failure. You'll just need to heal them before you can tackle more missions by purchasing more health packs.

Not enough cash on hand to buy the health packs? Guns 4 Hire has the option for in-game purchases of diamond or cash that can be used for health packs, upgrades and equipment purchases.  You can spend $46.99 and get $5,000,000 in cash or as little as $1.29 for $20,000.  Special offers pop up on specialty items and attributes as well.

All in all, Guns 4 Hire is a nice addition to the Windows Phone 8 gaming library. It's a free game and you can find Guns 4 Hire here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, messi, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Guns 4 Hire blasts its way to Windows Phone 8


I played this game on my Surface. I had 4000 Diamonds (not easy to get), and I lost it all when I reset the tablet. It does not save to any cloud, so every reset means start over again.

yes its available on windows 8 store maybe with future updates we will see some type of cross plateform play

Microsoft fired them engineers. Now you pay for Xbox, phone and tablet version of the same game 3 times.

Yeah this sucks. ITs not even a ecosystem if a windows store is different for tablets and phones (android ans ios wins). I understand the xbox being a seperate platform tho.

Downloading it right now, the pictures show excellent graphics. Finally, more games with good graphics are coming, seems like WP8 is getting pretty popular eh.

This game is awesome...play it all the time on my Surface.  Yeah it is FTP, but it doesn't screw you bad like some freemium games do.

Hi George,

It seems, it is high time we should follow up with the developer for the updates.

May be you can try doing a game round up featuring such great and long forgotten games.

This game has potential but developer seems not to be interested in updating it.

Game need updates for, occasional crashing on Lumia 820, heating on WP8 and new feature/additions.