Words with Friends gets native Win Phone 8 support in latest update

Ah, Words with Friends. We’ve waited so long for you to get to Windows Phone and since you arrived, you’ve been a disappointment. The good news is for all the harsh critiques we throw at Zynga, they are at least trying to get this game right for our devices and that gets some respect from us.

The latest version, 1.1, just hit the Windows Phone Store and is now available seemingly just for Windows Phone 8 devices. Yes, version 1.1. is a native WP8 game meaning we’re not sure what will happen with those who bought it and are on Windows Phone 7.

Version 1.1 now has the double wide tile on your Start screen, improved notifications, improved word list, many more crash and stability issues addressed and finally repairs to game/chat-sync events. That sounds all well and good but when we launch the game and head to our Contacts to start a new one, the app immediately exits meaning all those crash-scenarios have not been ruled out just yet. Having said that, it does load faster now and the graphics look a smidge better.

We’re still not prepared to tell you to throw down your $2.99 just yet for this game but it’s slowly getting there. The good news if you have already bought the game, well you get what seems like a significant update for free and we’re hoping it improves your gaming experience. Sound off in comments if you think it’s better or worse!

Pick up Words with Friends here in the Store for $2.99. Windows Phone 8 only. 

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Words with Friends gets native Win Phone 8 support in latest update


The fugly iPhone UI just pisses me off everytime I see it - not to mention the horrible performance since this was a port not a clean code for WP8. I wouldn't mind the performance if the UI was Metro and HD but it aint!

This^^^ Though I often point to it as an example of the fugliness the bandwagon developers with no design standards bring to the table.


Seriously, why is it so hard to make a good looking game - after all Nokia paid for the Nokia version - they should've demanded METRO!

I'm curious what the developers thought about working with the SDK, and the new options they have with WP apps. It would be nice to have some champions inside these largely apple-oriented shops.
Will also be nice if this puts us closer to a version for WinRT.

So what does it mean for me. I have an unlocked 900 on Tmo & i am about to upgrade to a 810 does that mean all the games i purchased on WP7.XX i have to repurchase?

Your purchases are tied to your live account, not your phone or carrier. The exception would be if you had a Nokia and switched to another manufacturer then your Nokia apps wouldn't be able to install on the new phone. Some 7.x apps are not currently compatible with WP8 as well.

I hope someone can answer this...are there really 3 versions of this game on the store but still showing 2? I have one installed on my Lumia 810 but when I try to install both of them (paid and Nokia free), one prompts me to install it and the other to buy it

It is free because it does not cost the user anything to get the app.  The free one is $0.00 instead of the $2.99 that the paid one cost the user.  To make up for the fact that the free one does not cost the user anything then they have to look at ads.

How is it free if there is ads - hmm

Please tell me are your local FM stations free? I mean they have ads after all!
Please send your payment for FM to me directly in the future if you think they aren't free

Noooooo people. I understand how a free app is paid for. My question was why does the free one say by Nokia and have ads and the paid one is by zynga and has no ads.Is the ad based version the Nokia exclusive while the paid one is available for all?

the free one is coded by nokia, just like how microsoft coded some apps and made them free. so it has ads in order to make it free. almost all free apps have ads. the paid one is done by zynga themselves, which is why when you buy it it has no ads. the new version that just came out in this article is the paid one that was just updated by zynga, not nokia. so yes paid is zynga's official wwf app and the free one is nokia's port. both are a port of the android or ios versions so they have stability issues because neither nokia or zynga bothered to correct the code so that it calls to the API's correctly to be stable. this update fixed some of those API calls and made it more stable, but as the article says, the API for creating a game with your existing friends is not correctly coded so it randomly crashes at that spot in the app.

Do you have a source for what you said because it sounds way more complicated than it should? i just assumed since Nokia paid some price to get it to the platform, they exclusively have the free ad-supported version while all other devices have to get the paid ad-free version.

I am being very honest here:

There isn't anything you can do on an iDevice you can't on WP8 - please tell me what apps it is you are looking for

Speaking as someone who has used iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone within the past 12 months, its not even that the apps aren't on WP, its that they aren't as good or are lacking features compared to the iOS and Android versions.
An example, the Flixter app on iOS lets you stream Ultraviolet copy movies that you may have (which I happen to have a large number of) and the Flixter app on Windows Phone doesn't allow that.  Hulu+, which is growing in popularity, is available on iOS and Android, but not WP, Amazon Instant Video is available on iOS (don't remember if Android or not) but not Windows Phone.  The Amazon Kindle apps on Android and iOS are both less buggy and crash prone that WP version.  Nook (which I use a lot) is available for Windows 8, iOS, Android, Windows 7, and OSX, but not Windows Phone.
I could go on, but you get the idea.  I like Windows Phone, but if people take the position you are taking, developers will think Windows Phone users are fine without their apps or with crappy versions of their apps and we will never get the quality of apps that iOS and Android get.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so don't stop squeaking till we actually do have a full app catalouge with apps the same quality that iOS and Android get.

So true, keep complaining, ask for the apps you want, I am constantly tweeting, Nike and Runkeeper, and instagram, I don't really need any more, but I'm sure you all do, keep asking for apps, and stop this, 'you don't need apps on windows phone' just get the apps, just because you don't use them doesn't mean someone else wouldn't.  this ecosystem needs to be built. Squeak Squeak.

I strongly disagree.  How about HBO Go? Mobile banking apps? I even asked my bank (not a small one, by the way) when they would release a WP8 app, they replied "we have no intention of making one at this time." And if there isn't an MLB at Bat app before the new baseball season, I'm going to have a breakdown.  
I knew going in what apps I was giving up when I switched, and I can live without them (not to mention I still like my Lumia 920 a lot).  But I still think WP8 has a long way to go. 

Words by post is better anyway and is cross-platform. My friends and family didn't mind installing the free version to play with me. WWF is a cluster fu** UI

Are you using the paid or free version? I have an 822 as well, and want to get whichever one works best.

What I've noticed is that when I tap+hold the back button when the app appears to have crashed, its sitting to the left.  Not sure what's going on with it, maybe its tombstoning when it shouldn't be.

Ah hell no!!! I will never download this freaking game..words by post all the way.. Alpha jack is meh!!! And why the hell we kept talking about this game!!!

I always read these articles on wpcenteal but never get the update notifications until later in the day for me. I will give it another 8 hours. Maybe the Nokia update is lagging behind.

Just downloaded this on my HTC Trophy on Verizon Wireless. Store listed version 1.1. I am running Windows Phone Tango 7.10.8773.98

WWF is something I wanted to play for years but i never had an ios or android device. when i got my first-gen Samsung Focus i was excited about the prospect of playing it but it never came. during my wait i begun to play alphajax and became very fond of it. Not many of my friends were willing to download words by post at the time so i just stuck with playing with strangers on alphajax. i startex using wordfeud a few months ago, but then WWF finally came. Hugely disappointed and completely over it now. i much more happier with the Xbox Live-enabled alphajax where i can get achivements and play with my friends from Xbox Live, thats all i really need and i love it. Zanga no longer has my support, not with Draw Something either.

I just got an update for this game on my lumia 900 running tango I wonder if its the same update as the wp8 version.

I have wwf because mobile gives it to me free without ads, otherwise I wouldn't really use it because it's extremely slow and not at all active. Alphajax, OTOH, is fluid, pretty, and extremely active. I get random invites on a regular basis. I'll keep the app, but I rarely use it.