Notifications for Windows Phone 7 hits the Store

Notifications for Windows Phone 7

For those looking for a notifications center, you might be in luck. Notifications is now available in the Windows Phone Store that should do the trick.

The downside to Notifications is that it's only available for Windows Phone 7.x devices (not sure about 7.8 devices though). The developer is trying to rectify that but it'll take some time.

Notification Center

You will need a companion program, Notification Center, running on your computer to complete the Windows Phone installation. Here's how to go about it.

  • Install the Notification Center on your computer (that you can find here).
  • Install the Notifications app on your Windows Phone (that you can find here).
  • Run the Notifications Center on your computer and connect your Windows Phone to your computer.
  • Let your Windows Phone sync with Zune then re-start your Windows Phone without disconnecting.

Once your Windows Phone re-starts you can disconnect and the Notifications app should be operational. That is, when you get a notification on your Windows Phone, it will be logged in the Notifications app and you'll get... well... a notification.

Notifications for Windows Phone 7

Installation went smooth and to be honest, I don't get many notifications and getting one to pop up could take all night (if not longer). If that should change, I'll let you know or if you try Notifications out and get a notification first, speak up in the comments.

The developer does note that if you were a Beta Tester who donated to the cause and your name is on the tester list, the app will be free. The cost is mainly due to the load cost of the Notification Center. There is a trial version available for Notifications and the full version is running $2.99.

Again, you can find Notifications here in the Windows Phone Store. Just keep in mind it is only compatible with Windows Phone 7 at this time.

source: windowsphonehacker

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Reader comments

Notifications for Windows Phone 7 hits the Store


shouldn't things like this be given to us by Microsoft?? And it should be free.. I mean come on we are using WP OS and this is like a feature it should be having preinstalled or something.

It's a fair enough price for the developer to charge... It's not like he works for Microsoft. Nice to see developers trying to bring this before Microsoft hits us with theirs.

Isn't it amazing how every time someone wants something, the OS manufactuer should provide it, and it should be free?

umm.. IOS have it and IOS sueing Andriod for copying? so if windows phone have it.. it have to avoid patent and other stuff to make sure no one can sue and say they copy?

Yep, it was android first, ios ripped it off. And yes ms are doing a notification hub for next wp8 release, probably.

Nokia did it first for their tablets
I am pretty damned sure the nokia n770 had it, and that was before Andriod/iOS launched

Apple and Microsoft have cross licensing agreements anyway so that shouldn't be an issue. But the lawsuit between Samsung and Apple is an entirely different issue anyway.

"you may need to repeat those steps if your phone is rebooted"
Well that would be like 5 times a day if that hack was supposed to work on WP8.

It's for wp7. I only reboot my htc trophy once every 5-7 months, so it's not an issue for my wp7. Very few wp8 phones are having that issue, but hopefully it will be resolved soon for the few that are having issues.

There are only very few phones affected just because there are very few WP8 phones altogether. I bet everyone who has enabled 3g, WiFi, GPS and location tracking suffers from those reboots, which are caused by a bug in one of those services.

Have all three and I'm not having any reboot problem on my wp8.. Neither do any of the other 6 friends of mine that have windows phone 8s.. So I would say that there are only a few cases of that

WP 8S by HTC comes with an updated version of WP8. I'm pretty sure we RTM users (8X, 820 and 920) are still the majority, and we still waiting for the bloody update.

Hey Tomasz, 
It is ONLY a FEW who are affected because if it were a lot more then I am sure that most Windows Phone sites would be inundated with users comments.  If you happen to be one of the unfortunate ones, please don't waste our time on this forum.  I am sure that I speak for most of the users here who love their Windows Phones and don't whinge the moment something happens.  At the same time, iOS and Android is not perfect and they have their problems too.  
Now let's all unite together and help make this ecosystem grow and stop picking on small things.

Sorry to disappoint you but I have a Lumia 920, with all of the above enabled, and my phone has NEVER rebooted itself, or needed me to reboot besides when there was an update

I don't have reboot problem with the two Lumia 920 I have. What is your definition of very few WP8 phones? You know the sale figure that nobody seems to know?

I have an 820, 920 and a 8X, none has a reboot issue. i have bt, wifi, gps etc on all the time. Battery performance is great too :)

If you reboot 5 times a day then you're doing something wrong. It was 6 months on my Gen 1 focus before my phone crashed/rebooted. That was pre nodo

I don't reboot the phone. The phone reboots by itself spontaneously. Whether I use it or it's just standing on the charger, so it's not me holding it wrong. Am I looking wrong at it?

My theory is that Microsoft hasn't added a notification centre yet because they think it would make developers lazy and they wouldn't bother with live tiles (which is at the core of making WP unique). But that's just my thoughts on that.

I think you're right about the live tiles but Microsoft is listening to its users; they have heard many requests for a notification centre and they are apparently in the process of coming up with a solution.

Microsoft should outsmart them and make only the live tile info be allowed into the notifications centre. Bazinga.

That is the stupidest comment I have read on here ever. The people asking for a notificationcenter want it for missed toasts and stuff that we don't get on the tiles.

No... I don't want 100 pinned apps. I only want a dozen, at most, and receive notifications for everything installed (& not background task disabled)

Not necessarily, MS could make a notifications centre for just the basics (e.g. texts, emails, Skype, twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc). This is basically what consumers are demanding, and it seems they value a notifications hub for the above more so than having live tiles, which is fine... MS can also open up the hub for customization by app developers and end-users, e.g. allowing us to put switches into the hub for WiFi, cellular, bluetooth, as well as notifications for compatible apps (3rd party twitter, YouTube, etc apps).


There's nothing breaking that I need to get from apps like RSS, or games. Those notifications can be displayed just fine in tiles (perhaps game notifications could be a part of the Games hub tile?), while communication and social interaction should get notifications centre priority. Think what Nokia did for the N9.

I think MS should create a new notifications panel in the "Me" tile with numbered notifications (like the messaging tile) showing up on the "Me" tile. In there it can list out which apps (texts, e-mail, twitter, etc) have notifications.
It's already in place just needs to be built out more.

I completely love my Lumia 800 as it, even though it will never receive Windows Phone 8.
However, one thing irks me: if Windows Phone 7.x is as limited as Microsoft suggests, how come developers have managed to add streaming music services (but Microsoft can't add Xbox Music), a centralised notifications centre, Keep Alive for WiFi under lock screen, and Nokia has added 'Counters' and 'Bluetooth Transfer'?
I know Windows Phone 8 is a platform reboot, but Microsoft would do well to do more for 7.x customers.

XBOX Music works on WP7 devices. It's the exact same as the old Zune pass but with new branding. I've been using it for a while now and it works perfectly fine on my Lumia 900 running WP7.5

The limitation is long-term, having to do with the hardware potential of the NT core versus CE. The end-user experience between Windows Phone 8 and 7.8 (based on software only) isn't enough to make 7.8 obsolete off-the-bat. Sure, in a year for sure, but not right now.

This is going to be a gold mine for the developer.

Looking forward to hopefully seeing how this works on wp8.

I think some people expect windows phone to get a notification center because every other platform has one. But live tiles eliminate the need for it. The start screen is the notification center and the launch screen in one. I think a separate notification center clutters up a very clean OS with duplicate features. I'm a fan of the innovative start screen with live tiles as is and recommend Microsoft don't follow the crowd by adding an unnecessary notification center. For those who disagree, well, I guess now there is an app for that. ;)

When and where did MS state they were going to provide a notification center?  Ive heard folks on here say so, but i have never heard anyone from MS say it. If someone could post a MS statement stating they were going to provide one, it would be much appreciated.

I respect your opinion, but disagree. And I love live tiles and the aesthetic that ms has achieved with its metro start screen and all that.... But live tiles aren't reliable as a true notification center, and if you have a lot of apps, the scrolling every time to check for updates can become tedious. The current live tile-only solution is just not "glance and go," which is supposedly at the heart of Microsoft's mobile strategy.
If live tiles are enough for you, then great! But for many of us, it's simply not a good enough solution, and ms would be foolish to ignore that.

I have used notification centers on iOS, Android and BB. I haven't found an advantage over what live tiles give me. Where I want more detail, I have made that tile larger to show it. Live tiles preceded with lock screen info provide all the glance-and-go I need. I'll be interested to see if Microsoft can come up with something that isn't just a duplication of existing features (as notification centers on other platforms would be if they were on WP). I will be disappointed if they just copy others.

+1 for glassadam. For people who say live tiles are enough and there's no need for a NC, I have 2 specific examples for you: 1. The current CNN app in the market place shoots a toast notification to breaking news. The live tile does NOT display that breaking news, so if you miss it, you wouldn't know. 2. I don't get packages enough to pin Parcel Tracker to my home screen. So again, if I miss that toast notification, I don't know there was an update to my tracking. People cannot just make blanket statements that live tiles are enough when there are lots more examples of that not being true.

Best comment glassadam, I couldn't agree more. this is exactly the problem. I bought my lumia because I love the tiles but, lets face it, the notifications are not as convenient as in other platforms.

Just like Android's widgets post #'s representing their app updates and such, Live Tiles are great but limited when there are multiple notifications. The point, while sometimes excessive, is that notification centers allow you to aggregate multiple notification sources in one place and not miss them. I think it's a worthwhile feature to bring, however, I fear that Microsoft will "force" said feature on us the way that Apple and Google have done rather than make it an on-off option for the user.
I, personally, agree with jeffrey45... I would NEVER choose to use it. But if it's there, I'm not going to object either, and I don't feel it cheapens the experience. After all, developers are already able to choose whether to implement the current toast, lockscreen, and live tile features. Those who wish to be successful opt to take advantage, and those who get bad reviews usually don't.

I disagree.... until we get 7.8 at least. I'm with you on live tiles serving the purpose of it being the notification center. I think if you're using so many apps and require that much aggregation of notifications, then it just becomes a sea of alerts you're fishing through. At this point you might as well open that application. So I think this app is good for 7.5 users for now since we're limited to only seeing so many live tiles. With 7.8, we'll be able to make smaller tiles and thus make it easier to keep track of the important things from the start screen without having to hop over to a separate system to find out what's going on.

so you are saying android does not need notification center cos it has widget which show some info?

and iOS did not need a notification center cos it had those badges on the app icon to let users know if that app needs attention?

i dont understand the reluctance towards the addition of new features in the OS, i understand you might not need it but there are many people who need it, let the feature come no one will force you to use it.


android and iOs have too few infos in comparpe to wp. Thats what he wanted to say. If developers want they can implement all the infos a user can need. Everything whats inside the app can be shown on the back of the live tile. Pictures, text. On the front pictures, and numbers for items that need attention. This "old" OS android and iOS have notification centers because dump phones had the missed call screen, notification center is an further developed missed call or call screen from dump phones where you can see at which time you had which call and which number. In Windows phone with so many tiles on the screen which can have features like back tile text, picture and so on you already can have so much info that it is too much! Therefore there is no need for a notification center. I now have about 10 tiles on my screen visible, 8 of them are live tiles. And if developers implement what microsoft gave them then users would be happy but most developers dont do this. Thats a shame sometimes but the mayor apps have some of the features that can show you information about what is happening inside the app.

I'm one of those "beta testers". I daily visit windows phone hacker because the developer has created pretty nice apps for windows phone users and when I hear about that new project named notification center I was so excited. I got the app in the past and it work like a charm. Now I have new version with more features than that version in the market and well, what can I say... I love it.

A few times in the past I have noticed an unusual sound and realized it was an app that wasnt on my home page. I didnt want the app on my home screen but I did want a notification. If you miss the toast pop-up how does one know which app made the notification? IMHO a very svelt solution needs to be implemented on an OS level. Maybe a number pops up on the app icon on the apps list? Seems extremely doable to me but I only tinker. Am I missing something with maybe a repeat notification sound or something??

Anyone who says live tiles make up for no notification center obviously doesn't get it. They are 2 separate things and not all tiles are updated with the same push notification you missed. Example: The Facebook icon says 3 but the missed notifications were a tagged photo, one message, and one wall post. No where in the live tile does it tell you the type of notification you missed or any other notification for apps not pinned to the start screen. Personally I hate running to my phone when I hear the chime from across the room, hoping I unlock my phone in time to see the toast. Microsoft said it was coming, they just ran out of time before launch.

Too lazy to read all the comments but I just want to point out that this app is actually compatible with WP8, well at least it's showing up in the marketplace on my L920, gonna try the trial now. It seems too expensive though..

are whatsapp notifications included in this app and is it safe to downloaad it on my lumia 920 or should I wait for WP8 version ???

I like the idea of it showing up in the me tile but have it an option for the people that don't need it. this way everyone's happy. 

Never understood the need of a notification center with WP. Seriously. Too many apps and don't want to scroll down to check? Really?

Well everyone's opinion is different. Windows Phone is reinvented around you! Personally I like only one or two screens of tiles, no games, and only a few third party apps in my screen. I can't even see half my apps notifications if I miss them because they're not pinned! For someone like me, I'll greatly benefit.

Uonpjo6, one who covers their eyes will never see. All you have to do is read the comments to understand. But I know you won't bother...

Wow nice to see that he using my Tile-Icon which I created for him... Yayyy haha. Havent tested it yet, lets see how good it works.

Wow really neat. BUT......I was just wondering how this app works! If an app can somehow  hook into toast (and tile) updates on a system-wide level wouldn't that be a huge security risk.  If any regular app (and I know you need to do the Zune thing) could do this what else is possible. Just wondering.....

Probably a stupid question.  However, any idea as to how much data this may or may not use when not connected to WiFi?  Is it constantly connecting with their notification server?

Microsoft themselves said they were making a notifications hub but it wasn't done in time for Apollo. I can only assume it will be released in the next major update after they built it to work well in the windows phone design ethos. In the mean time use this or just be patient. Its really not a deal breaker considering EVERYTHING ELSE we got with windows 8.

In wp 7.8 you can set bing wallaper to update everyday. Why devs cant do similar apps like on wp 8 for wp 7.8? Thamk you

I don't get it seems people cannot get any busier with their phones... I'll just wait to see what MS cooks up... I already hate trying to keep up with the toast notification I am seeing or catching... I might just be slow minded... I do like all the buzz!;)

Aren't you people getting tired of all the missing features? Just use Android, it does everything you wish wp would do. Real multitasking, notifications, file explorer, the apps you want, etc etc. 

Sorry but android sucks. Don't want a laggy, battery eatting, malware virus phone. Windows phone wins again.

Sorry but wp actually sucks. Your blind fanboi apoligist explanations are oh so sad. My Nexus 4 gets amazing battery life, does not lag in the slightest, and does everything i want, and everything wp does not. The malware virus thing is total BS. Don't pirate apps, you wont get malware. I ran an 8X for a couple of weeks. i really tried to like it, but it is sorely lacking. At least RIM is FINALLY listening to its users and making an Android clone.
In MS's desparate attemp to be "different", they only succeeded in "sucking ass"

Be quiet android r2d2 we all know you love wp. So obvious why you are here posting comments. Your android is lacking. Go and play with your malware virus android phone. Hahaha let me know when your android phone battery can last whole day. Also let me know when your android ugly boring icons comes alive with live tiles? Your saying malware virus is BS hahaha wow shows you don't even know crap of your crappy android phone. Why don't you google it dumb dumb you will find many people and articles about malvare virus on androids. Yup windows wins again it's fast and fluid, no malware virus, love live tiles and battery life twice better at least wp can last whole day battery.

So sad. You can't dispute my points so you resort to name calling. All of your fellow fanbois are begging for notifications. It is a feature that is sorely lacking. So is multitasking. The list goes on. But put your fingers in your ears and say nyah nya nya nah nah, I cant hear you! It doesn't change the facts. So sorry

Androids pretty good I just find the UI REALLY boring. Live Tiles are so much more appealing, different sizes, move them around to freshen up your phone whenever you feel like it.
Android, rearrange your grid for more joy lol :P