Child safe YouTube player arrives for Windows Phone

Kids Tube for Windows Phone

If you're looking for a Windows Phone app to add to your Kid's Korner, take a look at Kids Tube.

Kids Tube is a collection of YouTube videos that are kid friendly. The app includes collections such as Bob the Builder, Spiderman, The Smurfs and Arthur.

Kids Tube

Each collection has a handful of videos with episode descriptions. Content is updated periodically and any updates are reflected each time you launch Kids Tube. Videos ran smoothly and the selection is nice enough to keep most kids... say under ten years of age...entertained.

Kids Tube is a free, ad-support app that you can find here at the Windows Phone Store.  As an added bonus, the developer of Kids Tube has this discussion going on in the Windows Phone Central forums.  Feel free to chime in on the discussion.

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Reader comments

Child safe YouTube player arrives for Windows Phone


Hope they also keep out the comment section. Some of the worst vile, vulgar, garbage I've read has been in Youtube comments, no matter what the video is, kid friendly even. The internet attracts too many immature rude jerks. I'm an adult and find many comments just offensive enough where I largely don't bother even glancing at them anymore.

How does it work. Is there a white list of videos that you can watch? Can you request videos to be white listed?

this does make since...if this is for kids that really don't know any better they could click on an ad and put in a phone number and all that if not carefull

I would happily have this, but the ads ruin it for me. I hate ad supported products. Too often, my kids have clicked on the ads and end up connecting to all manner of unsavoury places. I always avoid ad supported products for this reason.

I don t have a wp8 (only an ils wp7.5 ;) ), but could you explain me that point : does the kid corner have Access to internet? If the answer is "yes and no, we can manage it" where is the problem with the advertising in this App if you don t give Access to IE10

Kids Corner DOES allow internet access and there is no way to manage it.  So, with apps like this, if your kid taps on an ad, it will open Internet Explorer and they can then go to whatever sites they want.  The only thing you can really do is turn off your phone's WiFi and Data before handing your phone over to your kid.  Unfortunately, some apps will include something like "Tap here to advertise" and my kid doesn't yet know to avoid or back out of things like that.  And of course, disconnecting from the internet makes things like KidsTube completely useless.

My 2-year-old knows how to turn on the phone and go to Kids Corner (as far as he's aware, it's the only section of the phone), so this is a bit of a concern for us.

If you re right, unstoppablekem... 'No problemo' with the ads...
By the way, the app is realy simple and well disigned for kids ;)