Looking for Samsung ATIV S? Available at O2 on contracted plans and PAYG

Samsung ATIV S

Are you looking at new Windows Phone 8 devices for 2013? The Samsung ATIV S is available from O2 on contract from free when taken out with a plan worth £57 a month, or for £179 with an accompanied £16.50 plan. The high-end flagship Windows Phone is packed full of features that make the price point well worth the investment. We've taken the ATIV S for a spin for just over a week and have been impressed with what Samsung has produced.

We've previously looked at the device being tested over in Ireland on the O2 network. The Windows Phone has been delayed since it was unveiled earlier this year at IFA 2012 in Berlin. Samsung has continued to state a late 2012 release for its latest Windows Phone, but reports were surfacing of dates heading into the new year - which we subsequently quashed.

The ATIV S joins an array of Windows Phones being stocked and marketed by the UK mobile operator. O2 previously held an open day at its store in Westfield, Stratford which we attended. Folk from Windows Phone and partners were present showing off HTC, Nokia and Samsung hardware. As a slight bonus, there were even free cocktails.

What's packed inside the attractive package? An 8MP rear shooter (with 1.9MP front-facing camera), 4.8" HD Super AMOLED display, dual core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4, 1GB of RAM, 16GB or 32GB (O2 model sports 16GB) of internal storage with expandable microSD slot, 2300 mAh battery, NFC+Bluetooth, and powers the latest version of Windows Phone 8.

So with plans available, what if you're not into taking out another contract or if you already have one with the network? O2 lists the ATIV S on PAYG (Pay As You Go) for £399, which is a strong price for top hardware. The network also has the HTC 8X, HTC 8S and Lumia 820 for similar prices.

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Looking for Samsung ATIV S? Available at O2 on contracted plans and PAYG


Opinion... The ATIV S has a bigger screen, memory card slot, removable battery and a higher capacity battery.

Opinion... The bigger screen is a big PLUS since the physical dimensions of the device aren't much more than the Lumia 920. The 720x1280 resolution is by far greater than on Nokia's flagship. The Ativ's camera takes better shots in daylight than the PureView of L920. SD card support and 2300mAh battery make this device even more awesome.

No, seriously, people! What is it with you guys and the "The Nokia is better" nonsense? Get a life or start a blog!

Actually the Nokia has higher resolution and pixel density. The Ativ is a great device-I'm typing this on one. I still want the 920. They're both great. 920 brings more to the table for some people via exclusive software. For others, expandable storage and removable battery are higher priority. They have just as much reason to cheer their chosen device as you. Though maybe they COULD do it elsewhere...

Nokia has better camera, sound, and apps hands down.. Big screen is gimmick now and uncomfortable (but attractive at the same time) .. They both have pluses.. Pretty sure the Nokia price point makes it a better value overall

How is a larger screen a gimmick? Especially if you get a larger screen with a phone that's the same size?

We should not care which WP8 device is the best. We should just get WP to excel to be better then the rest.

Free on £57 a month?? Or £399 paygo? Where on earth do o2 dream these prices, just further proof that o2 are the biggest rip-off known to man, when it comes to contract mobile phones. The paygo deal makes an absolute mockery of the contract offering, and nobody in their right mind would pay £57 for a. A Samsung that is 3 year old hardware, b. A Samsung windows phone device, and c. A Samsung device full stop.

I wouldn't complain too loudly. In States, I paid $450 for 920 and I pay $120/month for 5gig, unlim texts and mobile to mobile. Not sure what the exact exchange rate is right now but I'm pretty sure I'd trade you plans in a heartbeat.

Really disappointed how Samsung is the biggest phone manufacturing company in the world and their stock and interest in this phone is so low

From the moment this was announced I knew I would purchase it if it came to T-Mobile USA.  When the S3 was realeased, the first thing that came to my mind was ("it's too bad this doesn't run WP7").  I've been monitoring the Ativ's availability fairly regulary and eventually gave up and bought a Lumia this week.  I was even at the point on switching carriers if someone else on this side of the pond landed an exclusive w/ it.   It's really too bad Samsung does such a half ass job supporting and promoting Windows Phone.  IMO they make great hardware which is why it's hard to believe they didn't make the effort to ink a single WP8 deal w/ a US carrier.

How about music quality in this phone because listening songs in my Omnia w sucks. If music quality better than HTC 8x than  i will buy this device.

Ahh another copycat plastic product. Nokia Lumia 920 is the chosen one! Superior build quality, better camera and screen. Should  I mention wireless charger which I already learned to love. Nice Nokia apps are also bonus.

>Dude, take off your gloves while typing... or buy a Lumia 920 if you really can't ;-)

LOL ! Very good.
<fx: tips hat>

Ativ is nice, would love to see a Galaxy Note type device with a windows RT type of configuration as far as live tile set up and split screen. That would be an awesome phone.