NewsSpot for Windows Phone 8 now available


NewsSpot is a Google Reader for your Windows Phone and we were able to get a sneak peak of the Windows Phone 8 version of the news reader. We were pleased with what we saw with NewsSpot and found it to be a capable reader.  The Windows Phone 8 version has cleared certification and is now available in the Windows Phone Store.

For those not familiar with NewsSpot, it has a two-way synchronization for unread and starred articles that only synchronizes what needs to be delivered from your Google Reader account to your Windows Phone. Add article sharing with a ton of sources (Evernote, Instapaper, Pocket, etc.), a nice search engine, offline content and NewsSpot isn't a shabby Google Reader.


The Windows Phone 8 version of NewsSpot adds the multi-sized Live Tile, fast app resume, tap to send via NFC and Lockscreen support to the mix.

There is a trial version of NewsSpot available that has all the features of the paid version but is ad-supported and only syncs a max of 200 unread and 50 starred articles. The full version of NewsSpot supports syncing with up to 1,000 unread or starred articles and is running $1.99.

You can find NewsSpot for Windows Phone 8 here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, AAA, for the tip!

QR: NewsSpot


Reader comments

NewsSpot for Windows Phone 8 now available


Nice! As long as Google doesn't decide it to troll and gut WP users for using another one of their services...
(Sorry Daniel, I had to throw that one in).

Metro is perfect for news reading, perhaps its about time MS offered a rival service through SkyDrive.

Bought both, but NewsSpot is much more functional. I love Fuse's quirky nature, and its developer is brilliant, but NewsSpot is simply faster and more usable. You can mark items as read or star them with a simple tap (similar to selecting emails on WP). They have a really dedicated development team too. Highly recommended!

1. I'm loving everything about NewsSpot so far. Its clean looks, customizability, its snappiness, its abundance of sharing options and the responsive dev.

George, you're selling this app short! Best Google Reader app on the platform.. and I've tried most!

I must be missing something?
Why won't it auto sync on startup, or change my theme. Its like its never closed? There is something I've missed I'm sure. Thx!