Sleep gets bumped to Windows Phone 8, adds new sounds and premium add-on

Sleep for Windows Phone 8

Sleep is a Windows Phone sound generator app that has recently been bumped to Windows Phone 8. It generates soothing sounds designed to help you relax and eventually fall asleep. Version 1.4 adds silence and stream sounds to the mix and adds the option to buy a premium pack of six sounds for $1.29.

The premium pack for Sleep, which is an in-app purchase, includes airplane, snow, hot tub, light rain, rain on the roof and train sounds.

Sleep Screens

In addition to the primary sounds, you can add thunder, wind, frogs, crickets, chimes and fog horn accent sounds to the primary sound. So if you want to only hear crickets, choose the Silence sound from the tile menu at the bottom of the screen and crickets from the side menu.

Individual sounds from Sleep can be pinned to your Start Screen for easy access and Sleep does have a timer function that ranges from five minutes to ninety.  Or you can just let the sounds run continuously.

Sleep is a free, as-free app for your Windows Phone 8 device with the option to purchase the premium sounds for $1.29 within the app. You can find Sleep here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Sleep gets bumped to Windows Phone 8, adds new sounds and premium add-on


Its so that you can listen to the accent sounds without having a "base sound" playing. For instance if you just want to listen to chimes or crickets any of them you can.

Been through many sound-machine apps, and I find this to have the highest quality recordings. I work many night shifts and this definitely helps me stay asleep

As a tinnitus sufferer, I absolutely love this app. I do wish it remembered the last sound/timer you used, though. An option to run it in the background would also be awesome.
This app is the only thing that makes the lack of an updated White Noise app on WP8 okay. Hell, even if they did update it, I'd stick with this app, if only to thank the developer for being loyal the platform.

Hope you guys enjoy! I am always open to suggestions and additional sound ideas. 
Edit:  Running in the background is one of the most requested features! Unfortunately microsoft has limited what we can do in the background. This includes not allowing seamless looping of sounds in the background as well as no possibility of dynamically changing accent sounds being played. The only way around this would be to have fixed length tracks with accents pre recorded in, and that kinda takes the magic out of the experience.

If at all possible can you put a preview of the new app up, eo people know what sounds are like in free vs premium

Is there any way to make a youtube preview, so people have an idea of what sounds are actually in the paid version?

I have a question about this app. Does the app close after the time selected for the timer has elapsed or does it remain open in the background all night? Just wondering if it would drain the battery.

Once the sleep timer ends, the app stays open, but the sounds have stopped playing. The only thing that is running at that point is the clock which is almost unmeasurable as far as battery drain goes.