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Nokia possibly considering Android? We're skeptical. [Updated]

[Update: We've heard from Nokia on this matter and we have their response after the break]

According to an interview with Stephen Elop, the Nokia CEO is apparently open to other platforms, namely Android. Previously, Elop has stood by Microsoft and has reiterated the company's focus on improving its Lumia line of smartphones, cloud-based services and its partnership with the software (and now hardware) giant. Is the future of Nokia still uncertain? Sure. Are they considering Android? Not right now.

Spanish website El Pais asked Elop if the company is considering to launch a mobile phone that runs Android. The CEO responded with the following:

"In the current ecosystem wars we are using Windows Phone as our weapon. But we are always thinking about what's coming next, what will be the role of HTML 5, Android... HTML5 could make the platform itself—being Android, Windows Phone or any other—irrelevant in the future, but it's still too soon to tell. Today we are committed and satisfied with Microsoft, but anything is possible."

Windows Phone 8 has only been available in multiple markets since September last year. Hardware is still launching in multiple markets, including the likes of China and India. Nokia is continuing to push forward with marketing campaigns, as well as partnerships with carriers and retailers to further build brand awareness. Recent AdDuplex data is showing Nokia in a dominant position within the Windows Phone ecosystem.

While Nokia Windows Phone 8 hardware have been met with positive reviews from consumers and the media, Windows Phone itself has a lot to prove to convert those who are still favouring iOS, Android, BlackBerry or other platforms. The company will continue to consider what's coming around the next corner, as is each and every technology company, but we're seriously doubtful for an Android Nokia smartphone.

The above quote should be taken as is. Nokia has invested too much into Windows Phone to change direction now. Elop closes with the statement that the company is indeed committed and satisfied with Microsoft, but of course anything is possible. It's wise to never say never, but for now we can remain confident that Nokia is focused on Windows Phone.

Update: Nokia categorically denies that what Elop said implies anything different from what he has stated over and over for months now. In other words, there is once again nothing to see here except some Android fantasies, bad reporting and perhaps some translation issues. Below is the verbatim transcript of the interview regarding the Android question:

"Do you rule out 100% launching a smartphone based on Android in 2013?

Elop: So, the way I think about it is, in the current war on ecosystems, we are fighting with Windows Phone. That’s what we’re doing. Now, what we’re always doing is asking, how does that evolve? What’s next? What role does HTML5 play? What role does Android or other things play in the future? We’re looking further into the future, but it terms of what we’re bringing to market, and what we’re immediately focused on, we’re focused on Windows Phone."

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Nokia possibly considering Android? We're skeptical. [Updated]



Me too, dont get me wrong I love my Lumia 920. But sometimes I feel not even Microsoft believes in its own product. And Nokia is noticing that.
If they launch an Android phone, trust me I will buy one right away. Plus in the positive side, Nokia stocks will go sky high!

I can't see that Nokia launching Android is ever going to happen, or affect their stocks much. Android itself is just too much of a diluted market now, too many people doing it, how can they differentiate themselves.
At the end of the day, Nokia will still need to customise the OS to put their differentiation on that really all that different from Maemo and other Linux based stuff Nokia has tried to do themselves???  I'm not sure it really is.  And then basically, with only hardware to differentiate them away from the competition it is pretty much a non-starter.  In my opionion, peopl stopped buying phones purely because of hardware specs a long time ago.  Nokia need the hardware and software differentiation to make themselves truely different and they are in no better place - An OS which is written and updated for them, but still with the power to influence the path it takes....I think Nokia will try many other things before taking up Android is an option

Heck, Nokia could go down the Cononical or Mozilla route with their mobile "offerings."  But I doubt Nokia would move away from Microsoft anytime soon.

Nokia's main differentiator is their PureView technology which will make it very competitve in the Android phone world as well.  A Nokia Android phone with the L920 specs in the aluminum case will sell more units than its WP version in today's market.  Steven Elop's job is to make Nokia money and survive whatever it takes.  It just doesn't make any business sense to ignore Android which has 60% of market share.  Nokia should come out a Android phone this year before it is too late to restore its financial health.  Nokia should support all major OS and let the market to decide the acceptance.

There's no guarantee that Nokia would steal much of that 60% as HTC, Samsung and the rest aren't going anywhere.  They'd also have to calculate the loss of Windows Phone fans who wouldn't necessarily follow them to Android.  I wouldn't.

Why would Nokia lose any WP fans?  They are still making WP phones in addition to Android phones.  They will focus on providing the differetiators for the users regardless of OS ecosystem they choose.  Nokia got the brand, hardware quality, camera tech and 'WHERE' services.  Say if they come out with a 41 mp PureView camera phone for both the WP and the Android, weighs less than 150g, people from either camp will climb over themselves to get it.  I don't see there is any downside for Nokia to support multiple OS, like Samsung, HTC, Huawei, etc. 

Microsoft is paying them to be WP exclusive, they'd lose that most likely.

There's no guarantee that Android fans would dump their current fave Samsung for a Nokia with good camera. Fanboys do not keep you profitable, the general masses do and Nokia doesn't have the money to market on the level that Samsung does.

No I think Nokia is better off keeping their product line focused and tight for the foreseeable future to allow them to keep things moving. Having to design and build a custom interface (because you need lock in, not stock Android where your 'advantage' could be nullified by a new Nexus), and maintain it while dealing with the Android update fiasco is too much right now for Nokia to pour resources in.

Actually, most of the "money" they were being paid didn't actually exist - it was just a figurative sum for free Microsoft Technical support that was put on the accounts of the company.
So really, they're not loosing anything.

Where would WP fans go? There's no other WP exclusive company, if Nokia started supporting both platforms just like Samsung and HTC, WP fans would still buy Nokia WP devices

Nokia and Android wont mix....and it will be the doom for Nokia.
The Android market is dominated by Samsung and HTC in EU and Asia Pacific and Motorola and Samsung in Continental America.
So if Nokia jump ship they are going to hit an iceberg and sink. They just dont have the money to market their device and Continental America is fortified by Moto and Samsung. Even in Asia they wont make much impact in their core makets like India as regional devices dominate the low end android space and high end is ruled by HTC and Samsung.
So i dont see logic in nokia jumping ship that sticking to M$. Atleast with WP they have money from M$ to burn and also MS has taken mobile ecospace as top priority. So inevitably MS is going to rule the roost down the line as they unify the mobile, cloud and desktop ecospace.

Listen "Rajashekraran", if Nokia went Android, HTC would bankrupt and Samsung would go back to number 2 behind Nokia like it always was. The only reason these companies are succesful in Android is because they don't have any real competitors. Just look at Windows Phone. Samsung and HTC were always there, yet as soon as Nokia arrived, it swallowed the majority of the market, and it's still not done. By the time the succesor to the Lumia 920 comes out, I bet Nokia will own 90% of the WP marketshare. Nokia would just have to skin Android like MeeGo and provide all the GPS apps and PureView and that's it. Nobody can beat that. The thing is that Android isn't trustworthy and is crappy, and Google is evil and cheap. Plus, Nokia likes exclusivity, and there's no chance for that with Android. Stupid hackers would port Nokia Drive to their shitty Galaxys and copy the custom skin etc. 

Samsung would just magically fall to number two you say? Care to explain? They've spent the last three years building up the Galaxy S line and in doing so have managed to take down thriving HTC. Nokia can in no way match their marketing dollars and would most likely lose the $250m quarterly cash injection from Microsoft.

I don't think customizing the OS is the only way to differentiate. Nokia's current strategy of exclusive apps/features is making a lot of other WP owners drool. Perhaps if a manufacturer had enough good exclusive apps this strategy may also work on Android. Nokia's exclusive apps, combined with their hardware, are almost enough to make me happy on whatever platform they choose.

Me too Nokia truly support their customers with right away updates...if they are releasing an android I might think though I hate Google and Android...
Its a second very happy with my Lumia but some MSFT is not pushing developers to make apps for WP I know it takes time for developers to take serious approach to WP...
As Steve Ballmer sayss its all developers developers developers developers developers developers developers developers developers
More than MSFT, NOKIA is pushing the windows phone into the world and HTC too

I'm not going to change platforms if Nokia releases another OS, but, I do agree that it seems MS doesn't even think as much about Windows Phone as Nokia does. To think there are Microsoft services like Sync which fully support iOS and Android but not thier own OS?
Then, my favorite gripe over the past couple of months, Xbox Music integration on WP8 was poorly done. When WP fans are recommending iTunes for Podcast management because MS didn't include a solution it's pitiful!
Anyway, I like Nokia and hope they do what it takes to get back on top. If they go multiplatform and delve into the Android world, good for them, as long as they keep pumping out top quality Windows Phones.

i am a huge fan of Nokia, but if they go the Android OS route (and stop making WP devices), I will not follow. 
When Nokia declares that they want to be the 'Where' platform, I simply don't see how they can be using Android given Google Maps.  After all, this was what was rumored as the reason they didn't go with Android to begin with - Google was not going to have Nokia Maps/Drive as the primary navigation for Android devices.

I'm sure google will work out some kind of deal with them. If only to piss off Microsoft. That being said, I don't think Nokia will go Android....yet. I think it's a definite possibility within a year, maybe two, depending on how Windows Phone performs (sales).

It's not like Nokia didn't consider Android before choosing WP. There were many reasons other than the 1 billion from Microsoft

I owned Nokia products all the way from the ngage, n97, n900, Lumia 900, and now Lumia 920. I have been happy with every one. I Don't think I will turn my back on them.

If a proper translation, it makes sense. Nokia isn't a WP-only company right now, so why would they be in the future? If WP fails to gain traction and pick up enough market share to sustain them, they have to turn to something.

If Nokia ever goes to android. I will be one of the first to go with them. Even though I like windows 8 I feel like Microsoft doesn't put enough of their resources for the use of their platform. I just don't understand a company like Microsoft with the money and resources they have they should be working with other companies to keep pumping out apps.

Are you saying that they aren't pumping out seems to me that they are. The big companies that aren't there yet are probably just because the company in question is playing hardball and not allowing the app to be written.

I mean apps that are top sellers on other platforms. All Microsoft has to do is provide resources for those companies playing hard ball. One resource can be lending them programmers to start and finish an app. So if the app turns out to be good then the company will continue to support it. I am going through the store and I am seeing so much more junk apps being approved by Microsoft that it takes away from the quality of apps argument.

It's the same as Android Market you have a lot of crap and viruses. At least Windows  market is not infested with malware.

The Android Market, offically the Play Store, is not "infested" with malware. Stop trolling, really. The Play Store does have some crappy apps as does Windows Phone and the App Store on iOS. Recently, in order to show good numbers, crappy apps seem to be increasing in the Windows Phone store.  It is possible for malware to show up on the Play Store, more likey on there than Apple's App Store, but it's possible anywhere. I've never heard of a single incident where malware was on an Android Phone. I've heard/seen apps on the play store that can put ads in your notification bar, not malware, but I feel like if a person is so stupid to download these apps that obviouisly fake than they deserve it, even just a little. It does suck that Google doesn't monitor apps to the same degree as Apple but with the scanner on the Play Store, I feel like most consumers will be protected from "a lot of malware" apps you speak of.  Microsoft asked, and got a few BS stories that had nothing to do with malware but crappy free phones lagging or messing up, which is a frustrating thing. Not malware. You get what you pay for. 
Just to add, there isn't a lot of viruses for Mac's since they don't anywhere near the amount that the Windows PC platform does but they're starting to show up. A lot of companies don't want to waste their money on developing apps for WP since their user base is relatively small compared to the iOS and Android (which I think is dumb, even if WP never takes off, it would still be a good thing for the users). This same theory could be used in your malware agrument . Why develop viruses for WP when you're likely to get very few installs. 
With that said, I used to be an android guy, now I have an iPhone 5. I think Windows Phone is cool. I just like having a background and being able to see the time and singal most of the time. Playing with WP in the store, it never showed signal and the time hardly ever showed up. Just prefer iOS & Android over it. It's something different. I don't hate on it, I respect it. I wish more people would besides spreading untrue or misguided statements to downplay the other. 

Thinking on this some more, why would Nokia right now want to go with Android?
They currently have a problem in not being able to manufacture enough Lumia 920's.
Going Android means having a second development team, so more costs.
The result will not likely be large sales since they would be entering a very competitive market with Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG well established (and only one, maybe two with Sony making good profits).
I think Elop is just playing with the Analysts and other companies, for this year at least I think there is zero chance of Android on Nokia.

That would make sense, since Android does have the majority of the platform shares and Nokia needs more profit. Hopefully they don't abandon Microsoft or anything.

Nokia has quality and Majority of Android OEMs don't have quality only cheap plastics. I have a friend that used to own a LG optimus and he got it free. I didn't even last a year and it goes bye bye and he purchased HTC radar because he likes mine and now he still using it and just waiting for all the bugs to be fix will get Windows Phone 8 like mine.

Maybe he's just saying things to help the stock out a bit. He did buy a large amount at rock bottom. In other words, tell investors what they want to hear.

Nokia could sell more phones if they put the 920 on all carriers instead of keeping their lips planted to ATT's buttock's.

Nokia isn't a Windows Phone exclusive company and neither is it bound by Microsoft to make WP only. I think if 2013 is another no-show for Nokia WP handsets then 2014 we'll Nokia's Android based phones.

Ya they are not bound to do so but Nokia gets free license of windows phone os due to their partnership which is about $50 so they invest $50 less for similar product with windows than the rivals. That might be why they will stay as well..

What's your source of info about free license? 
I have heard from the mouth of Elop that they pay license fees to Msft. 

I don't really consider that surprising. honestly i think Nokia would be much better at the moment if they had gone for Android and Nokia hasn't ever been one OS company. 
Samsung pretty much works at the moment the exactly the same Nokia worked in its dominating years 1999-2008 (other than Nokia owning two of its dominating platforms). 
If WP ever gets Nokia any success, i'm pretty sure we will see Nokia spreading again to other platforms, including Android. While i don't like Android, it's the Symbian of today and will likely rule the market for long time. 

Google does not get money for licensing Android. So, if you were to buy a Nokia-made Android phone, google would only make money when you used their services, such as gmail, search, etc.

I hate Google so don't want this to happened. I love Nokia, and I go where they go in reality however I support Microsoft and their OS

I agree with you, some folks are going cookoo for a coco Nokia. If Nokia goes Android I will going to Black Berry.

yeah right... He's just saying that.. How the hell can you support both software when they can't even the lumia 920 in stock or produce.. sthu elop

Shortage of 920 supply could be a very wide variety of things, many of which wouldn't even be Nokias fault. The usual reason is lack of some component made by a third party.
Even then, production volume can be increased.

Symbian, with proper care/development, can rule this market. Too late for tha now... Nokia fired most of the Symbian workforce, there is no going back.

At this point, I'm not sure if Nokia would have done considerably better with Android than WP. Samsung utterly dominates in Android, I mean, who else is really there besides them? I have as hard a time finding Xperia handsets in the wild as I do with WP, I keep seeing Galaxy iterations. Sure, Motorolla and LG are beginning to make in-roads, but don't forget the money behind them is Google (either through ownership, or through subsidizing certain handsets).

I don't think this is as much as a battle between Windows Phone and Android, it's a battle against Samsung.


I doubt it but if Nokia takes Android too then many people using shitty Android phones will looking over for Nokia..coz they build some awful devices
In people are just making themselves satisfied with the copycat Samsung
If Nokia wants to take android that's their decision...but with WP they are more popular
Should consider WP first...i want more beautiful products like Lumia 800, 920 from Nokia for WP :)

Yeah but their support for WP is the a big reason why I choose a Nokia over an HTC. If they stop all that for Android, I give up.

Exactly my stance. I hate iOS and really am so over Android I'd likely get a Nokia Asha or some basic crap and call it a day.

^^This.  Actually, Android is not even a consideration.  It would be either iOS or BB for me, or perhaps some other OS.
No, I will not stick with Windows Phone if there is only Samsung or HTC, or any other their current lineup of OEM's (save Nokia).  However, if, big IF, Sony ever came into the picture for WP, I would stick with WP as I like the look/design of Sony phones.

Never put all your eggs in one basket...
Tried WP8 and really thought Microsoft had nailed it this time, wanted and want them to nail it. But no, still enormous list of simple basic functionaly that is missing. Sure, it has a slicker UI than Android and especially iOS but what does it matter when my Android phone is so much smarter in every day tasks.
And BTW Stephen, next time you launch a flagship phone don't announce it 3 months in advance and then put 10 copies in retail. Also, please don't screw your customers by releasing a phone with a "pureview" camera that turns out to be a blurryview camera and then promise a fix for it 3 months later than US customers. On a side-note, having internet sharing go off when the screen go off, come on.

What type of functions are we talking? I don't use Android and never have but there is nothing i miss from IOS that isn't in WP8?

Notification center
LED notification support
Orientation lock
Syncing of favorites/tabs/history between IE10s,
Typing of names in dialer
Separate volume for media/ringtone
Custom sounds
Contextual search
Some sort of file management (files get trapped in the phone)
Real push-functionality for apps
Then theres lots of small things that you notice when using a late Android (read this thread for example ) and bigger things that for example Samsung is bringing to the game like smart stay, smart rotate, multi view.

there is already DLNA on WP dude. That is app driven so don't flame the platform.
Why do you want to type name in dialer when you can type in ppl hub and select the contact and if it has a number you can call them that way

The no seperate volume thing is brutal. I use my phone for music all the time. It's tiny little stuff that, that's so fixable, that's so rough. 

Pretty certain my WP8 has its own volume for music, well it does when playng it through an accessory like the 360 speaker.  If it doesn't then my phone has intelligence and created its own bug to do it!!

LED notification, fair enough, its a feature that would be great, had it on my N96 and both my pre n pre3. Still, its a feature that's not on all droids, only the s3 n a variant of a HTC phone to my knowledge, i maybe wrong.
Notification center, i can live without. Orientation lock too. File management, meh.
From your list, the only real need is a proper volume control. That's needed asap.

The HD7 has basic LED notifications like battery charged (green) & battery low (orange). I think it might even light up when you've missed a call or sms IIRC

Congrats! I've just switch from an android phone (crappy lg) to a lumia 800 and you've listed exactly all the missing features that frustrates me. I mean, I really like the phone, it's slick and smooth and I enjoy using it but with just a few minor features it could be so much better!
Orientation lock, "smart dialer" (T9), notification center, separate volume and ringtones (one for each mailbox for example), sip client, week view in the calendar for exemples are not huge features and would make WP a much better OS.
It's a shame that nothing has been done to fill those little irritating gaps...

User4545 you hit the nail on the head. These reasons are why I'm switching to Android as soon as I can. Love the metro UI, but that's it.

I'm a WP fan to the tee... But I agree with all the points by user4545... All of these at some point have bothered me.

Oh, Nokia...teach Microsoft the English language. My WP8 settings have capital letters all over the place. Why?


What's that all about?

Oh, the irony is delicious. "WiFi" and "Bluetooth" are both trademarked proper names, and thus the capitalization is correct. That's why "Internet Explorer", "Office", and "Nokia" are also capitalized.

The style is to use all lower case. However, for trademarks such as Bluetooth and WiFi they use proper capitalization.

i dont think nokia is goin android.
and the first and bigest reason is the money ms has put in nokia. ms wont like if nokia goes android.
besides that on android they gonna loose big since its all samsung devices now. even htc has lost a lot of money on samsung . so its wise for nokia to have some trust in ms and the wp8 system. cause in the long run wp devices wil go more and more and more..

+1 I hate Google, if Nokia leaves WP (but I don't think so, Ms is putting lot of $ on Nokia) in favor of Android, I will switch back to other WP oem.

He specifically says they are not. He says they are happy with Microsoft. Of course "anything is possible". Will Nokia will release a phone running webOS? Well, anything is possible!

You got the "Soul" right but I can't edit my mistake it won't let me and sometimes when I post it said "comments needed" but there is comment.

I'd really hate to see Nokia go down that route, mostly cos I don't like the basic fundamentals of Android. To me it's just not a good design for the most parts and I wonder why it's so popular in the first place.
I live in the city where Nokia Mobile Phones started from and I've worked at the local factory on several jobs. I love Nokia and want to support them, but tbh if they went exclusively Android when it comes to high end smartphones, I'd probably buy a non-Nokia for the first time of my life. Sadly, it's little about what I want, it would probably make Nokia profit a lot more than they do currently with WP, and it's a business so I wouldnt blame them, just that I probably wouldn't stick along anymore.

Nokia not going to benefit to move to android right now, they love getting them $$s from MS and android is a crowded OEM marketplace. 
Now if Samsung decides to invest heavily in their OS i think called tiron or whatever it is in the next few years, Nokia will have an opportunity assuming android continues to have success in the marketshare. 
Biggest risk reward is with windows phone, if it works, they are probably going to have the best margins as they would benefit  from the small OEM playground with the WP platform, if windows phone fails, nokia makes a crappy situation even crappier but who is measuring crappiness?  This will lead to goodboy nokia, welcome MS - nokia division. 

The fact is, as Goldman Sachs pointed out, Android accounts for 42% of all computing devices worldwide, and Windows only 20%, Windows Phone an even smaller fraction of that. ( for reference)
It'd be foolish for Nokia to rule out tapping into the largest and fastesting growing market in the world. I'd tap a 920 with stock Jelly Bean so hard...the Nexus 4 is an amazing demonstration of how far Android has come in terms of hardware and software. 

Why would you wany that ugly mess on a Lumia? I really can't understand why people like android, unless they are nerds with no life or hobby.

Wow, looks like Google fianlly stopped ripping off the ugly ancient iOS design and started copying WP's modern look. Although it still isn't as elegant and touch friendly as Metro UI. And other apps are still incoherent an look shit, don't they?

I'm talking about visual design. In aesthetic and ergonomic aspects. Doesn't matter if it's a Notification Centre or Message Centre or Contacts Hub. And as for the particular screenshot: I have no idea what app, centre or hub is that supposed to be. And that shows poor design. It's not as ugly as the previous android versions, but it's still a mess.

tekhna...Attractiveness is subject.  For Tomasz (and myself), the Android OS, regardless of the iteration, is not attractive or pleasing to the eye.  

Then that's dogma, not an aesthetic judgement. Android pre-4.0 was ugly as hell. I have no problem admitting that at all--it was, and everyone knew it. But it's also not true anymore.
To say Android, irregardless of itteration is ugly is rank fanboyism orthodoxy. Examine the particulars, rather than just saying "Oh, that's Android, that's shit."

Actually, for me, it is an aesthetic judgement.  Android, current and past iterations, I do not find aesthetically pleasing.

Played with the Nexus 4 last night. Nearly barfed.

Anyone who says Android is gorgeous, imo, is on drugs and has no taste. It's hideous through and through.

Functional? Hell yes. Ugly? Also hell yes.

Lol wut? Keep trying Daniel. 
Pocket Lint: "The takeaway message is that things feel much smoother across Android’s operating system in its raw form. The Galaxy Nexus is much improved; the Nexus 7 is a beautiful experience."
The Verge: "Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is one of the best products Google has ever produced. It's fast, fluid, and beautifully designed."
Again The Verge "The software inside the Nexus 4 isn't the kind of overhaul that Ice Cream Sandwich was in the Galaxy Nexus. In fact, it's a "dot" update to Jelly Bean, bringing the current version up to 4.2. That's not to say there aren't some significant changes here — and Google is definitely continuing to polish and refine an OS which is increasingly impressive and innovative."
Just a few quick examples. Guess they're "on drugs" or "fanbois" or "WP haters" then huh? 

Well that screenshot you provided proves that android on a phone is shit. Even putting tastes aside, those tiny fonts are just too small for comortable reading on a phone device. They might work for a 7'' tablet but not for a ~4'' phone.
inb4 Galaxy Note: those huge-ass phones are a shit concept altogether. 4,3'' is already ridiculously big when held next to one's head.

Do you know how useless stats like this are. And for that matter, stats is just bullsh*t with numbers.
I'm guessing (didn't see the source in the article...but didn't look that hard).  These stats are based on hits to websites, not on actual active devices that are out there.
When you look at all desktop installs, it is something like 1.4billion? running MS OS, of the total market, OSX for desktops is at about 5%.  I think it you also look at the total number of iOS devices in the world it is something along the lines of 330m.
It might be true that the particular websites monitored are visited more frequently by a particular type of person who has migrated their usage of the internet over to a smartphone, this would produce skewed and completely useless stats.
I'd basically advise that you take some of what you read with a pinch of salt - The world of computing and mobiles is so conveluted that is is very hard to get true stats on anything these fact, i'm pretty certain they don't exist as we are still in a stage where everyone is learning and not understandinig while the markets slowly get closer together.

yes but of that 42%, how much of that is profitable? Exactly, don't you follow the stock market and financial news? Samsung is the only Droid OEM that is making money. The other ones like Amazon and BN make money through their services and even their devices could be ported to Windows and not lose functionality.

You clearly don't understand how the business works. How much does Google charge in licensing fees for Android? 0 dollars. How much is the cheapest Windows OEM licenses? Not sure, but I'd bet it's more than 0 dollars, wouldn't you? You can't just "port to Windows," that's nonsense.

You also have to add in how much does Microsoft charge for Android licensing.....a lot more than google as it uses a lot of MS patents.  Also, if you look at all the other battles to do with patents that have been going on recently they have all been against Android OEM's.
Microsoft are protecting their OEM's from most of this patent mess as Microsoft own the OS and therefore have to make sure it is licensed correctly.

If Nokia ever went to droid, id still buy their windows phone devices. If they went to droid and ditched WP, id go to HTC. I want a windows phone not a Nokia phone; I can't believe people would choose droid over WP on the basis of Nokia, I can understand people choosing Nokia over sammy/htc because their WP product and support is superior, but to change ecosystems is a bit silly. If you wanted/needed droid, you'd be there now.

Man, I didn't know this was NokiaCentral. Even if Nokia jumped ships, people should still stay on WP. Not that Andriod crap.

I would never go on android.
If Nokia do that I get an old device and back to Symbian...
And wp8 hasn't show his power yet..

yeah but the numbers are a litle tricky. windows has only 20 % but that is countet with al devices.
so also tablets phones etc. windows has much larger percentage if you only count desktop/laptops. and thats what windows is all about.
now there wil be mobile phones and tablets and ms just started there . and tha tshare of ms is stil small.
and i am sure that there ms also wil get a much larger share in the long run. but it just needs time.
so ms is for sure not in danger . you cant compare 2 diferent things.
fact is that wp is growing verry nice . there is a nice asking now for wp8 devices nokia doin verry nice with the numbers sold / preorderd and since most markts just getting more devices in stock im sure we see this to become a good year for wp8 devices and especialy for nokia.

Or may be HTML 6. I think I saw an article which stated that adobe and microsoft have some discussion about it and specification for HTML 6 could come as early as this JUNE.

I hope they won't abandon Windows Phone. I seriously dislike Android and wouldn't like to be "forced" to use it... and since iOS is just too overpriced for me to tolerate, Windows Phone is actually the only option i have - and i really love it.

I wonder if the possibility of looking at other platforms is fueled by the slight tension between MSFT and Nokia over the Lumia brand. Nokia is not advertising Windows Phone as much as they are advertising Lumia, so Microsoft worked with HTC to create a signature phone.

I tried very hard to support the WP platform, but I really don't see any support behind it. The minute this happens I'm happily jumping ship with Nokia. 

I just love the courtesy around these forums. You people go around saying that Android fans are such a trolls, but if you go on over to AndroidCentral they pretty much think the same of you. Having played with the Nexus 4 and 7 running JB 4.2, I found it to be very smooth, almost comparable to WP8's smoothness. Oh and you don't think that MSFT doesn't care? Right now WP is more used globally than in the states, and yet Portico (horrible update as it is) hasn't even been officially released to Global devices. 

I'd suggest that they may look at the option more seriously if Microsoft launches the Surface phone.
I'm sure that billion per year that Microsoft are paying them will have a few conditions on it though which will limit it happening in the short term.

Didn't Dan say this won't be happening im with him on this topic and its kinda funny how all you Nokia supporters are ready to jump ship to Android what kinda support did u show them before the teamed up with Microsoft I wonder ...ok I came to WP for WP not Nokia tho I've always liked Nokia but to say ur only with WP for Nokia is weird to me well really I call bs on that

The point is folks and it's a sad point WP8 is really not that big of a hit along with Win8 I'm not sure why that is prehaps is all the best MS screw-ups but people are not buying into it. when they see the L920 they love it but go blah to the OS so heck as a Nokia share holder hell yes why not...

How is WP8 not a big hit? The stats that I have seen are showing that already it is doing better than WP7 - well, compare the 900 against the 920, and it has only been out a couple of months.

And with Windows 8, I don't really think that it was expected to be an overnight hit, and again, figures aren't awful. Windows 8 is a long game, it is the OS for the next 4-5 years, people will be buying it when they want a new device - Windows 8 now lets windows compete against the tablet market which has been eating into the low end usage of laptops.

Who knows, I would rather see Microsoft improving WP to match Android rather than this tough.

match android?? i think at this moment wp is better then android anyway . its fresh its new . and ms just started to get to this where android is already there for some time.
so ms is realy not doin so bad

If you unhappy with your lumia 920 or any others WP device you have please leave as soon as possible instead of waiting to see what Nokia will do in 2 or 3 years down the line with Android you sound stupid declaring that ur leaven with Nokia like Nokia is HTC and Samsung they need Microsoft wake up

I always cringe when I hear the Nokia+Android proposition because my early rememberings of the notion were on forum comments where WP/MS haters wouldn't stop suggesting Nokia+Android simply because they prefer Android, later justifying it as "it'll save the company!". What seemed like it had nothing more than troll legs now has enough legs now that we're asking Nokia's CEO his thoughts on it.

The more interesting part of his response is the focus on HTML5. While the news today will be dominated by the Android possibility because that gets people's juices flowing, I read his response more as the possibility that Nokia is thinking of something beyond a specific OS. They're innovative enough to maybe shake things up with some sort of cross-platform or platform-independent approach.

I've actually always believed that HTML5 or future iterations are better served at the application level. Meaning that regardless of the OS, that you can install the app on any device. That sort of levels the playing field of Android, ios and WP assuming that each OS's browser has similar HTML5 support. It also assists the developers with pure write once and deploy anywhere mentality which cuts down on costs and support.

Personally, i'm all for Lumia. But if Nokia starts making Android phones instead of WP, I would probably jump over to a different WP manufacturer. I would rather get an iPhone than an Android.

If Nokia stop making windows phones then that's there loss, i stick to wp.Nokia make Great phones but if they left for android i would be upset but i really don't like any other os. I recon wp is one or two updates away from greatness. And the apps will come.

Those updates need to happen inside this year, infact in near future for Msft/Nokia to give a fight to Android/iOS.

If that happens Microsoft should just buy HTC (assuming they can) or sign some deal with HTC and Samsung.

Nokia would drop into obscurity, eaten alive by Samsung and HTC if they went the Android route.

Eaten alive by Samsung/HTC? Really? You would be surprised, by the reality.
Remember: About 50% of current Android users are converts from Symbian which was basically ruled by Nokia. If Nokia went Android, Samsung/HTC will pee in their pants at those news. Infact they might be tensed by this rumor alone.
But. But.... It seems, Nokia will not go Android. It is clear that people are mis-interpreting Elop's comments and Elop may also be playing word games here considering Msft has been playing word games(infact secretly developing) WP phone and Surface plus cozying with HTC for WP8.
It is evident to me when I visit bay area Msft stores, that HTC WP phones are more highlighted than Nokia phones. I have seen in front of my eyes that they first take (new)people to HTC phone booth unless you go in asking for Nokia Lumia specifically. Infact they don't even show Lumias sometimes as an option.

<p>I am totally comitted to WP and Nokia. What I think is happening here is that Nokia are getting their confidence back. They have shown through what they have achieved with Lumia and Asha that there are only three globally credible device makers: Samsung, Nokia and Apple. Moto, LG, Sony, HTC are either US-localised (Moto), diversified TV makers (LG and Sony) or out of their depth (HTC). It is a challenge to Microsoft: either speed development or we will pursue other options. Personally, I think Android is a shambles, but I am glad if Nokia are getting their mojo back. </p>

Samsung dominates Android...for Nokia to enter Android it'd still be an uphill battle (as it is for HTC today). In fact, I have more trouble finding Sony Xperia handsets in the wild than I do Windows Phone. I mostly see iPhones and Galaxy iterations. Could Nokia make a damn good Android handset? Sure. But that isn't going to guarantee it marketshare.

Myself included, a lot of consumers would go for a Nokia Android based on their superior hardware and overall toughness.  I've dropped by L900 dozens of times, on concrete a few times, and it barely made a scratch.  I'm a believer in their hardware superiority over all other OEMs.

And it seems that almost everyone completely missed the point of Elop's statement.
Several years in the future, we might all be using web apps and playing web games. 90% of apps and games will be browser-based in a way.
Right now, HTML5 sucks for that. It's nowhere near as robust as Flash. But in time, it may happen. But it will be several years from now.
At that point, the actual OS on the phone might not even matter. Your phone will be a portal to accessing these web-based applications. Very few apps or games will be native.
And isn't it an amazing coincidence that apps and games for WinRT can be developed by using HTML5+JavaScript? 

If Nokia comes out with an Android phone.. I'll give up on Windows phone.. I'm tiered of defending Windows phone OS and it being a viable competitor to this saturated cell phone market. I'll end up going for a Galaxy S3. I'll give up on Windows phone 8..

It has alot to do with the fact that Microsoft can't seem to market its product and give more use of its OS to allow their Phone developers and App developers the ability to compete. The fact that Nokia would entertain the idea of making a phone with Android shows how bad Microsoft is doing in this type of Market. Microsoft should have from the very begining came out guns blazing. Instead they lost the intrest of popular App developers and other Phone developers like LG, Sony and some others with Windows Phone 7. Look, I love my HTC 8X. I like T-Mobile Pricing. I would have loved to own a Nokia 920, but I hate At&t's price gouging. How long will it take for Microsoft to realize how big this Market is and how to compete in this type of Market with Phones that can sell. We finally have Two Windows Phones that can stand up to the competition. (HTC 8X and the Nokia 920) then you have a bunch of Phones that just don't sell.. The budget Phones. You have HTC saying, well we are going to make a flagship 1080p Android Phone to go against Samsung's Galaxy S3, but they wont make a Windows Phone with Flagship type of specs because Windows Phone 8 does not allow for 1080p resolution support (HOW IS THAT!!!). Now we might have Nokia entertaining the idea of doing an Android Phone. This is why a said I would get a Galaxy S3 because the fact to the matter is that Nokia would make an Android flagship Phone exclusive to At&t and since I'm on T-mobile, I would get the best Android Phone available and give up on Microsoft because they lack the ability to make Windows Phone matter in the cell phone business.
I have a bunch of people around me who own iPhones and Android Phones. They say, well I have this app and that app and what do you have. My phone has the ability for me to add more memory via SD Card slot, not my HTC 8X. This is what I'm talking about. Microsoft should give their Phone developers everything they need to allow them to make a Phone that will out sell, out spec, out do the competition. Microsoft should stop rapping their app developers charging them all sorts of money for development and app upgrades. Intuit pulled its app because they were not getting anything out of Windows Phone. They re-did all their commercials to make it clear that their Quicken Loans app is only available on iPhone and Android. There you go, this is what is frustrating about being a loyal Windows Phone customer.  I love Microsoft, but they have to do something to gain some creditability and market share. CES should be a forum to shine and they are not even doing anything big. Here we go again. The support for Windows Phone 8 will equal to the same type of support they got from Windows Phone 7 if Microsoft can't seem to get their heads out of their asses and start showcasing Windows Phone with better specs and popular apps.
Missing apps on Windows Phone 8 (Available on Android and iPhone)
Hulu Plus
we have yet to see Pandora
Youtube app (Google took it away)
Google Maps :(
A better Facebook app equal to the iPhone and Android app
No app from any car makers
No app from any home security system
No Creditcard hardware or app (like SQARE, VISA or Intuit)
No Google earth app
I have yet to see a game that shows off the ability of the snap dragon processor using the Havok Engine
augmented reality apps (Hummmm, apps that iPhone and Android has)
Can Microsoft keep its Phone developers from Making better phones with Android. Can Microsoft keep its app developers from jumping ship. Will Microsoft allow its app developers and Phone makers to thrive with out limitations.
Can Microsoft make the (tell Me) speach respond like Siri or like Androids Siri like system.

I would love Nokia to make an Ubuntu phone and tablet. I would defiently get that. Nok primary OS is Windows and Windows Phone I can't wait to see the tablets Nokia comes out with. I am defiently switching to a Nokia Lumia tablet.
Surface is great but it's no Lumia I hope MS works out a deal to allow other OEM's to use Surface smart covers.

This sounds like a clever passive aggressive threat to microsoft to continue or even increase those agreement payments as the two year completion of their deal nears. Nokia would find the android world even more cut throat because now they lack the ability to roll out the volume of products they'd need to take on Samsung and HTC. They can't even meet the 920 demand and it wasn't their projected volume seller for this generation.

Nokia needs to out do iPhone and Android phones with specs. Microsoft needs to stop limiting its hardware and software developers and start doing better marketing of Window phone. I feel that Microsoft does not have it to so clever marketing.

you thinking the same as a lot of people who only look at the speed of a processor??
cause hardware wise the lumia 920 is packed with stuff others dont have .
specs of the 920 are better then most phones.
i hear lots of people say o wp8 has not a quad core processor so then it is not a fast phone..
well thats where they al go wrong. that android needs a fast processor to run smoothly tells more about the os then the hardware..

I would be forced to say goodbye to Nokia... Hopefully Microsoft releases a solid phone if that is the case.

He could have said that with the intention of testing the customer response to the idea of a Nokia Android.
Face it: Nokia has no future if they keep Windows Phone as their only OS. And since Symbian has an expiration date marked for 2014, Nokia WILL certainly have another OS in the works for their phones.
It would be REALLY stupid to place all their bets on the insignificant Windows Phone market share (Even Symbian has more customers than WP).
So I still think Android is a viable (and most desired) option for Nokia.

Of course...another, more unlikely but not impossible, option is an Nokia iPhone. With the apparent decay of Apple's iPhone since Steve Jobs died, Apple could very well enter a partnership with Nokia to revamp the iPhones. And I believe, with the iPhone fanbase and Apple's iOS state of development, bringing a hardware manufacturer with the excelency of Nokia, has the chance to create a phone that would simply smash all the competition. I just don't see it happen.

I, unless Microsoft improves DRASTICALLY their OS, will keep praying for Nokia to finally release phones with Android or reinvent Symbian. At this point, Windows Phone is like those hot blonde playmates. Amazing to look at...but very empty inside.

wow, seriously what planet are you on????
Nokia is in a better position than HTC, a company that is on Android and WP.  The only company that is doing well on Android is Samsung.  Android is a cheap platform that has some cool features,but suffers fro everything cheap.  Only now after god only knows how many years is the OS actually starting to become something that is truely useable....but then out comes all the fragmentatio issues that just keep growing and stop developers wanting to do a really great job on the apps.....oh the list just goes on.  I am pretty convinced that Nokia will NEVER make an Android phone, not while there are other alternatives (iPhone is never going to be one of them).
Nokia are known for the build quality of  their hardware and all these rumours of Nokia doing an Android handset come from the people that are jealous that it will never happen

Thank you for telling me that Nokia's CEO is just jealous the company he basically owns isn't making a phone with Android...LOL I'm on Earth but you clearly are on another planet.

At what point exactly did I say that the Nokia CEO was jealous about not being on Android....I said Android fans were jalous that Nokia were not there.  And if you actually read what was written in the article, there is no mention that Nokia will be considering Android at any point in the was only mentioned in response to a direct question of Android.
Also, if you remember back to when Nokia started the relationship with Windows Phone, they were very open that they would continue with Symbian (for Asha range of phones, designed more for the emerging markets).  They also went on to say that they would continue to make other steps forwards in this area......In reality, this is where the other OS lies, something that will be able to replace Symbian - And I am more than certain that it won't be an Android flavoured device.....there is just no sensible reason out there that is compelling enough for Nokia to create an Android device - Well, for every sensible reason there are probably about 10 reasons why they shouldn't.

Hahahah. Apple will never allow another company develop and market their own OS for the foreseeable future. Apple loves to keep everything branded as one. Its the reason why their desktop is still barely used due to not selling Dell, HP or similar devices.

That's why I said it was unlikely :P However, we can't forget that Apple will still want profits and they have a far bigger influence on the smartphone market than on the computer market. I'm not saying they'll do it now or next year, but unless they get a guy who manages to sell to the World the illusions Jobs sold, Apple will have to find a way to refurbish the iPhones. And adding an S to everything won't cut it much longer. I don't think they'll be able to do it without an outsiders help. But who knows? This is just speculation.

I think once Aple went down the route of creating their own physical storefronts is when they decided to keep creating, marketing and selling their own products. I don't think we will ever see a Apple OS on a non Apple product.

thanks for updating this article to be correct, yes it was some very bad reporting and translation from whoever wrote the original article.

This 920 is my 1st Nokia phone and I like it. Any issues im having with it I put it on the OS. I've had ios and now WP. If im not totally satisfied with WP at the end of this year I will probably try Android. I have no brand loyalty. Whatever works best for me

Nokia "should have gone with Android"?  Ugh.  What percentage of the Android market are all of you market forecasters predicting that Nokia would steal form HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola, etc.?  It's not a GIVEN that they would just roll in there and start selling.  Android has plenty of competition.

Also, do you really think Google was going to save Nokia's hide with the cash influx that Microsoft gave them?  There very well might not even BE a Nokia without that cash.  Also, the exclusive carrier agreements that people love to complain about also come with some fiscal benefit that Nokia needed.  They aren't TRYING to bankrupt the company as all of the, "I want Nokia to sell Android on Verizon" people want to believe.

No matter how badly you WANT something, doesn't mean that it is a 100% given, that it SHOULD be done.  There's always a case to be made for another approach.


It's High time the Android KIds realized that their OS is Shit... Samsung is Shit... Google Produces only Shit... and Nokia "Hates Shit"... Android boys you will never get Nokia... So stop dreaming!!!!

It's time for you old men to realise that nokia made good phones in the 90s. They just couldn't adjust to the smartphone world and although the 920 is acutlaly pretty decent it's still not that amazing. We don't want nokia to make android phones! There is nothing wrong with HTC and their hardware and great build quality so who needs nokia when we have HTC. I can see why people get mad at samsung because they don't deserve the market share they have. Their phones are plastic pieces of shit with fairly decent hardware and an ugly ass UI. HTC sense is what makes android work for me, stock android is nothing special.

I don't think Nokia can build a good android 4.1 phone that can compete with other high end Android phone.The 920 was their first dual core ever and if they want to compete with other Android OEM they need a very good phone.And I think Nokia haven't enough knowledge and experience with android to actually build a good android phone.

Nokia is in the best position to help grow the WP platform and be the #1 provider like Samsung is for the Android OS.  If they keep on that course and produce hit after hit and release higher end devices for Verizon then things will only get better.
I picked up a Nokia 822 off of eBay today (new sealed in box) and look forward to getting the most out of it when it arrives. My hope is Nokia follows up in the coming months with something even better, say around summer time or sooner.

Nokia has two OS... Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.x, the latter slotted for low and very-low handsets replacing Symbian. Nokia will eventually get to producing a sub-$150 and $100 phone on that OS, and it is a superb OS, unmatched in the low-end segment in terms of performance.