Huawei working on a 6.1-inch Windows Phone 8 device

CES hasn’t even “officially” started, but news is rolling in. Earlier today Huawei had their press conference where we were hoping to learn more about and get some play time with their upcoming Windows Phone 8 handset the W1. Well, that press conference was all Android, but we’re still expecting to get to see the W1 on the CES showroom floor tomorrow. We’ll be sure to get hands on and pictures galore for all you. What is interesting from the Huawei camp is a possible 6.1-inch Windows Phone 8 device.

Speaking with CNET Asia, a product manager for Huawei disclosed specs for the W1 and gave a little tease for an upcoming device that approaches the small tablet category in terms of size. First some of the specs (just confirmation for what we've previously reported) for the W1:

  • Qualcomm MSM 8230-3 Dual core 1.2Ghz processor
  • 1950mAh battery
  • 4-inch (800x480) IPS display
  • 512MB of Ram

Those specs make the W1 an entry-level phone for emerging markets, especially with half a gig of RAM. However, something that is rather interesting was the tidbit that Huawei is making more than just the W1 with Windows Phone, the company has plans to product a 6.1-inch device like their Ascend Mate.

Think about that for a second. A Windows Phone 8 device with a massive 6.1 inch screen.

Which leads to some speculation on our part. The screen would be about 216 ppi using current high resolutions supported by Windows Phone 8, which isn’t too shabby. No release dates were given for this device, so it’s probable it could come after Apollo+. Could Apollo+ bring support for higher resolutions, making a device like this 6.1-inch Huawei device higher end?

Think about it.

Source: CNET Asia


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Huawei working on a 6.1-inch Windows Phone 8 device


I have been wondering if Apollo+ would support higher resolutions for larger displays and 7" tablets. Hopefully they don't just go 1080p as a max and really push the upper limits so they don't have to worry about falling behind again.

1080P is enough for a phone, or is it? Sure Windows RT exists for tablets, but what if I want a Windows Phone 8 tablet? Having just been appalled at how slow my Kindle Fire HD is, and typing this message twice as fast on my 920, why not scale Windows phone up to a 10", 19", 24" tablet? It would work quite well, provided the required resolutions were available. I rarely bother to turn my computer on, Windows Phone 8 is just that good. I could swear my phone can load some sites faster than my souped up server. If Nokia made me a 1080P 10" tablet and asked if I wanted WP8 or RT on it, I'd have to do some thinking. What's the purpose behind RT again? Merge RT and WP8 into the WP9 phone/phablet/tablet OS we all know we want, but let the existing OEMs show Microsoft how to build quality hardware at a reasonable price (cough, surface, cough).

I don't follow RT the way I follow WP, are there good aspects of RT that differentiate it as a prefered product for a tablet? I think I'd be quite happy with a 10" WP.

I use Surface Rt and a WP and WP is great but when it comes to tablets , RT is the king the way its does multitasking is above anything else in the market right now . I think MS should use WP for smaller devices which people use mostly in potrait mode with one hand and leave RT for 7" plus devices which are used mostly in landscape mode  and add 1080 p support to both WP and WinRT. 

In many ways WP is much better than RT, or RT is missing features we've come to expect as a WP user. For instance, why is the no Local Scout on RT maps? Why is there no voice command in Bing or anywhere as in WP? If they could merge RT and WP then it would be a more cohesive experience, it would also aid the RT store. And just remove the desktop mode as I have yet to find a reason to be there.

"...why not scale Windows phone up to a 10", 19", 24" tablet? It would work quite well, provided the required resolutions were available."
Considering the power it would take to run WP smoothly on a 24" screen with a decent resolution, no, it would not work quite well. There is Win 8 for that.

Not gonna lie...I would love a 7" Windows Tablet.  I have the Nexus 7 and I adore it... but it gets sluggish the more I update it.  Seems like Windows got better with all the updates.

+4.  I'm still using my original Samsung Focus upgraded to 7.5.  Nothing has come along yet which is such an improvement I'm motivated to upgrade.....unless a WP version of the Note II came out.  Come on Samsung, we know you are king of Android but how about giving WP users some big (screen) love too!

I'd jump on that in a second. A WP Note 2 sized device would be it. I'd even sacrifice not having the worlds greatest camera for that.

The Galaxy Note doesn't even have 1080p. On phones from that size and smaller, you can't tell the difference after 720p.

Think 1080p is enough for a phone. Even 720p is sharp enough for the eyes not to see pixels. And battery life will suffer if they continue to push resolution too high. As for this phone it's just stupidly large. 5 inch is as far as I would go

Yeah I agree about the size. At what point does it become stupid to call something a phone and it's the size of a tablet. I personally want no larger than 4.5 (4.8 max) in a phone. I laugh at those holding the Galaxy Notes up to their ear on a phone call. Looks uncomfortable and stupid at the same time.

Do you have any actual information about a larger device or is this a just so story? They mention a device and everything else was Android. Where is anything that actually mentions a larger device?

Why? What does RT do for a tablet that WP8 doesn't? I don't have much experience with RT si I'd like to understand what makes it special.

I personally prefer the experience in RT better. I love how it multitasks and that I could run apps side by side. And, I get a better web experience, such as almost full flash support and the browser has more features.

Okay thats a cool idea but I'm a pretty big dude with xxxl hand size so i can say that 5.5 (which i can operate one handed) is probably the biggest i'd ever like to see on a phone since after that its just rediculous.

I like the idea of having different sizes for windows phones. But that is over the top. When Nokia releases its phablet phone. Oh god. That must be sexy ass

Sweet.... I'm tired of seeing Android get all the high end big screen phones. The sooner the better this will be for W8 phones.

Microsoft! Please...... Don't let this idiot to spoilt Windows Phone! Want to make a tablet, please ask them to go with WinRT! Not WP!

I'm with you.  a 6.1" phablet is just stupid.  5" devices should be the cap, and even I am not willing to invest in a 5" device.  But for the people that really want that large setup, they could get it.  Otherwise I hope manufacturers stick to 4.3-4.8" for their sweet spot.  They'll get the largest sales from those phones.  6.1" is just silly.

I think Apollo should bring more feature-sets to the table for Microsoft to keep up with the new latest & greatest.  They've got Apple beat for PPI and resolutions on pretty much all of their flagship-type phones, but Android still is leading the way for cutting edge tech.  Microsoft aren't in a must play game with all of Android specs, but it's important to leave the option open if you can so hardware manufacturers can choose to support the full-hd displays at their own discretion.  I really want to see LG and Sony get in the game at some point to push hardware, as I don't know how competent HTC is at this point.  I also want to see Samsung make real devices for Windows Phone like they did with some of their WP7 devices (Focus and Focus 2, to be precise).  But getting back to the software update, I think there are some critical areas to address with improvements for both operational bug fixes and feature add-ons.

I'm not against having tablet sized windows phones on the market but can some OEM make a high end phone with a 3.5-4" screen? There's still a market for a phone with a medium sized screen.

I guess to each their own, but the advent of so-called Phablets seems rediculous to me.  It seems to me that if you have needs that require such a large device, get a less rediculously sized phone, and get a 7-11" in. tablet.

Phablets mean you don't have to carry two devices everywhere and don't have to pay for two separate data plans.  You can always use a headset, bluetooth or wired, if you don't like holding a phablet up to your ear.

i dont understand whats with all these oems going with 512 mb of ram i thought with apollo they would ditch that limited hardware crap. 6.1 phone should be able to hold alot of goodies....

Anything bigger than 5" should already be WRT. Come on, WP doesn't make sense in such big devices. It's multitasking capabilities are really bad and that's one of the things these big devices are good for, for multitasking, one or more windows at the same time, which is not possible on WP. Also, I think it doesn't make any sense from a design standpoint, tho, that's just a personal opinion.