CameraPro for Windows Phone 8 updated, stability added


CameraPro is a feature rich camera app for your Windows Phone 8 device. An update is being pushed out for CameraPro bringing the app to version 1.0.3.

The update should fix the stability issues experiences on HTC Windows Phone 8 devices (8X and 8S) and the Samsung ATIV S. It also adds options to switch between fixed exposure times and exposure compensation for image bracketing and adds the option for manual white balance. The developer does note that the manual white balance feature does not work properly on Nokia Windows Phones.

You will also find that exposure compensation labels have been changed from steps to EV steps, German translation has been fixed and a few minor bugs corrected. You still have the quirk where the on-screen compass interferes with accessing the settings options.

As far as image quality is concerned, in just taking a few quick snapshots we did not see any change in image quality from when we compared CameraPro with ProShot.

There is not a trial version available for CameraPro and it is currently running $2.49. You can find CameraPro here at the Windows Phone Store.  If you are currently using CameraPro and want to talk it up, we've got a Windows Phone Central forums discussion going on over here about the recent update.

Thanks, ClixT, for the tip!

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Reader comments

CameraPro for Windows Phone 8 updated, stability added


Great to see that at last  it works on my 8X, It is  an awsome app with lots of impressive  features,  several of which are not found on DSLR cameras !  I did manage to lock it up just once,  but havent been able to  replicate the fault so probably just a hiccupp 
Worth every penny of its cost..but then again what app isnt when you consider most cost less than a couple of beers ! I just cant understand  people griping over the cost of apps, makes me suspect they dont pay for any software for their PC's  cosidering the cost of it LOL

The app is 2.50... In Australia I couldn't even buy 1 bottle of beer for that! Perhaps if I bought a carton of beer it would be that cheap ;) It would get me a couple of $1 cheeseburgers from McDonald's though :P But you're right $1-2 for an app isn't worth worrying about.

I have seen a lot of posts complaining about lack of trials and the cost of apps to buy, which I do find rather strange with how cheap they are. Perhaps it is that a lot of phone owners just like to try something out nfor something to do rather than with any intention of actually using the app and needing to buy it.

There again we all like to get something for nothing and having a trial especialy if its fully functional but with adverts fill that niche nicely !

I think it's still important to have trials - just because it's cheap doesn't mean you should waste your money ;) It would be like walking into a Dollar Shop and buying one of everything just because it's cheap :P I've tried out a few games & apps, that I found I just didn't enjoy and so I saved myself a couple of bucks to spend on something else. But if I like it, I won't hesitate to spend the money. I find it amusing when people complain over apps costing them money when they use it almost every day (e.g. the WP Central app)

Great! Now I can update it on my lumia 920!
oh wait... i'm in the philippines and it won't arrive until march. wtf, nokia.

I wish they had a demo/trial, If this is really as good as they say, I want to try it before spending $2.50 on a app just to take a better picture...

Which phone are you using ?  Wasnt it just HTC they had problems with ?
I think they are both good apps, but I find the menu on the right side of  Proshot rather "tight" and difficult to use in comparison with the buttons on Camerapro The latter seems to offer a lot more control over the camera functions as well.

I have no issues paying for an app that i'm going to use. look it takes time and effort to create an app. whats $2.00 bucks? it doesn't even buy a cup of coffee.if you like to take pictures on your phone than this app will make that picture taking alot better.

I've been waiting for this app. I think the price isn't a big issue, it's worth it. The way it creates great picture results, this app will never disappoint the user. - Kale Flagg