Instagram Lockscreen for Windows Phone 8 lands in the Store

Instagram Lockscreen

It may not be an official Instagram app for our Windows Phone, but Instagram Lockscreen does bring the popular photo sharing service to your Windows Phone 8 device.

As you would guess, Instagram Lockscreen lets you set your lockscreen wallpaper with images from Instagram. You can choose image feeds by your favorite Instagram member, your favorite hashtag or just set it to your own Instagram images.

Instagram Lockscreen

Now for the downside of things... you can't use Instagram Lockscreen to create an Instagram account (you'll need to do that from an Android or iOS device) and the app does not have a trial version. Instagram Lockscreen is currently running $1.29 and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Instagram Lockscreen


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Instagram Lockscreen for Windows Phone 8 lands in the Store


When you consider the design and approach windows phone takes regarding the individual user, you would think Instagram and Windows Phone would be an outstanding match. The pictures hub, lock screen photos, the lens app approach for the camera. I wonder what their thinking is regarding the platform. With Android and iOS apps complete you'd think they'd at the very least allow Microsoft to build an app or integrate the service into the OS. It wouldn't cost them a dime. Seem strange that they're one of the holdouts instead of saying, put us on every windows phone sold with native integration.

If they allow MSFT to build the app and give them access to their servers, everybody will want it. This will lower the value of the entire company. And fb won't allow that.

I'm pretty sure you can't sign up for an account on the Instagram website, you have to do it through the iOS or Android app.

It's been a while since I dabbled with Instagram and you are correct.  You'll need to use an Android or iOS device to sign up for Instagram.  Thanks.

Great, you now have a lockscreen that keeps reminding you that you don't have instagram. I'll only get it when it comes with a countdown timer to when instagram becomes available.

... Not that I would really use it when it becomes available but I would have the pleasure of making a video where I can show instagram running on my phone, then uninstall it while screaming SCR*W U!

I have said all along that it would cost them a great amount of money to come to windows phone. In the form of apple and google no longer giving them huge, well disguised payoffs to block Msft from the party. I'm no conspiracy guy but I truly believe instagram is the one missing piece of the puzzle. How many of our friends have fallen in love with our phones, only to completely blank out and lose interest as soon as they ask if it has instagram and we have to say no. Apple and Google know that people would flock to WP in droves if it wasn't for that one stupid little gate holding them back. And the lock on that gate is paid for by the two phone juggernauts that know how damaging it would be to their monopoly if a viable 3rd ecosystem arises. They would not only lose sales to a very dangerous re-emerging Nokia, but the more people become familiar with windows phone, the more obvious it will be that their antiquated static icon operating systems you can hardly tell apart are a thing of the past. Instagram is the last bulwark. Microsoft will get an app when they offer instagram more than the combined payments coming from the other guys. Ok... Let me take off my tin foil hat now.

I agree but i do believe this is a sign that it's coming...and this is their form of a teaser i guess.

Edit: i take my comment back i just realized the app isnt actually created by instagram...

Not so sure about that. This app didn't come from instagram. Its from yet another developer coming up with yet another innovative way to utilize the very limited instagram SDK.

I just noticed that, i read comments before checking out the developer. Quite a shame really that they won't even let these developers make a decent app. I have an account but can't upload any pics.

what is the deal with people fascination with instagram? I never heard of it til people start making a big deal of it. Aren't there plenty of others WP apps that already does the same thing?

It's basically twitter with photos and even more so now that it has online profiles...and unfortunately it's true that ppl. are actually not purchasing WP because it lacks IG. I've witnessed several ppl who werent too fascinated with my Lumia 800 but were in awe when they saw the 920, they ask "and of course there's IG on it" and when i say no, they say "ah no IG needs to be on my phone"...shame but true

I agree.  I never understood the popularity with IG.  I understand the use of filters on photos...but what else does it do?  Is it just another social network?  If so, FB and Twitter have that covered.

If Facebook really had that covered, then why the hell did they pay a billion dollars for Instagram?  Becuase it's a great, easy social network and has somewhere near 15M daily active users & 100M monthly active users.  Is that just another social network?  I don't use FB or twitter that much, but I enjoy Instagram because it's extremely simple and not time consuming to run through a feed.  Who cares if people post pics of food or overfilterd nonsense, I don't follow people who post stupid crap.
I seriously never understood why the ignorant or possibly trolling people have the same BS every time one of us says we want that app... "It's just filters... why don't you use FB or twitter... There's plenty of apps for WP that do what instagram does".  NO THERE'S NOT.  There is no app that allows you to post to Instagram so your followers can see, and there's plenty of us that miss that in our switch to WP.  Sorry dude, but stop trolling or read some news.

hahaha, thats great walter. Few days ago I had a go at someone in the forums for something else.

Why is everyone so hung up oun instagrams nut sack? I use Lomogram that does the same thing. If the makers of instagram wanted to make an app for WP they would have done so a long time ago; so I say who needs them. They can go jump in a lake with the rest of the WP haters out there including Google.