The world’s most badass Windows 8 computer

While CES may not feature a ton of Windows Phone news, Windows 8 made quite the impact at the show with Lenovo, Samsung, Acer and others all showing off their new computers for this year. Heck, Corning with their awesome Gorilla Glass booth (more on that in a bit) had a huge Windows 8 computer that was provided by Microsoft.

We’re not sure on the size of it, so we’ll just call it a BFC (if you ever played the game ‘Doom’ you can extrapolate on our meaning there). The display features Corning’s glass on board resulting a very low resistance screen, which is important when you’re swiping all around with those new gestures (and demod by WPC's Sam Sabri in the video).

In short, it was quite fun using Microsoft’s new OS on such a ginormous display and yes, we want one for Windows Phone Central HQ.


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The world’s most badass Windows 8 computer


Shouldn't it be BFT for BFTouchscreen? lol Now all I need are some shoulder straps and I can mount that on my back and be a walking touchscreen billboard lol Could be a nice way to supplement my income...
Very nice indeed; I've got a Dell XPS One 27 Touch (AIO) on order and due next week. Just in time for a looong weekend :)

Actually, I think there might be Surface technology in that as I also saw a table sized tablet from CES that has Surface capabilities and they said it would be available later this year for less than $2K. So Microsoft may have given them a prototype unit.

Wow. Windows 8 is even more graceful on larger touchscreens. It just really comes alive.

The demo looks nice. It's great to see win8 work flow on such a huge device. But i noticed thr speed of app lanches that are not cached already is really long compaired to the rest of the operating speed. It feels like ages :(

InFocus has been selling something like this at the 55" size for around $5500 since 2011:
But like most (all?) large touchscreens, the touch-sensing is not capacitive and doesn't work as well as what we're used to on phones and tablets.

I think I've seen these at the mall outside the microsoft store. My kid played fruit ninja on it.

The article subject says "most badass Windows 8 computer" , but I can't find in the article any specs to this badass computer. Very bad journalism if you ask me.

Not convinced really, imagine my 60"+ HD TV with kids fingerprints all over, NO thanks! Why not use Kinnect instead?