Sprint to offer two new Windows Phone 8 devices

Sprint Windows Phone

While Sprint has announced they would be adding two Windows Phone 8 devices to their lineup this summer, they were rather vague as to which Windows Phones. Sprint did say HTC and Samsung would be the manufacturers but could it be the HTC 8X and Samsung ATIV S?

Today at CES 2013 Sprint tried to shed a little light on the subject but left us with more questions than answers. Ryan Sullivan, Sprint's Director of Device Delivery, said that the wireless provider will introduce "current" Windows Phone 8 devices. Okay, so what does current mean?

Sullivan added,

"We're working for current product launches, and not necessarily to launch on six-month-old hardware. We're trying to work with Microsoft to make sure what we deliver is very high quality. The platform integration and the services that we want to bring aren't the only things we want to make fresh."

So that would count out the current crop of Windows Phone 8 devices, right? Does this mean a slightly re-tooled, existing Windows Phone device from Samsung or HTC. Or are we looking at two completely new Windows Phones?

Hopefully as summer draws closer Sprint will pull things into better focus.

Source: PCMag via: PhoneArena; Thanks, Shipwreck, for the tip!


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Sprint to offer two new Windows Phone 8 devices


Same here. Too bad because I didn't want to change. I have no regrets leaving though. Enjoying LTE now and enjoy talking while I am on the internet

Same here. 13 years with Sprint but after not delivering the goods I had to let them go.  Now enjoying the LTE on AT&T.  So far so good.

I came here to say the same thing.  Wanted a Windows phone after WebOS was dead.  Sprint was only offering one over a year old phone.  Dumb on their parts.  Off I went. Very happy with T Mobile.

Ditto.  I held out with my Arrive as long as I could but when they had no WP8 phones and had no announcements of any coming I jumped ship. 

Enjoy not having unlimited data on your carrier. I am glad I didn't leave enjoying unlimited data without checking my data over charge. I knew sprint will bring wp back

Glad I have until April to decide if I'm going to stay with Sprint or get a Lumia 920 on AT&T.  I like cheap data, but it would also be nice to have WP8 too...is that too much to ask?

I can attest... April will be the worst time to buy a Windows Phone.  They'll announce a new better phone shortly after that.

At this point, I'll take what I can get. We have quite a few lines on my account, and it seems like everywhere I look is much much more expensive than Sprint (considering corporate discounts I get through my company).

I'm in the same boat. Unlimited data plus a grandfathered corporate discount makes it very hard to leave considering everyone else would be so much higher.

Well it would be around 8 months since the initial WP8 devices were released by the time Sprint's devices are available so its not unreasonable to expect totally new devices to start appearing around then. I'm definitely expecting there will be some news on the next flagship Nokia device by then.

You're right because he said they don't want to LAUNCH with 6MONTH OLD equipment. This would mean he is referring to the current crop of WP8 devices being 6 months old by summer. We should expect Sprint to launch with new devices. And, this explains why the wait will be so long,, because HTC, and Samsung are still preparing those new devices. Sprint is just playing it safe by saying summer, but I bet these devices will be ready by May. It's just a shame that you guys on sprint aren't reported to get any Nokia devices,,, yet!

Never going back to sprint. They want to sell leftover phones. I got tired of waiting just to be disappointed with cheap phones and slow 3g service and never a OS update. Never again

The US needs to separate phone subsidy costs from monthly plan costs now. It incentivizes very expensive phones to be made and then makes it nearly impossible for more affordable phone carriers like sprint and T-Mobile to compete because they will either have more expensive phones or much worse phones due to the lower monthly costs and less profit margin compared to att and Verizon.

Sprint should follow t mobiles example here.

Sprint couldn't pull things into focus if they had the best focus puller in Hollywood. Weak, I know... couldn't come up with anything better.

I think the Zenith is likely a multiple Carrier device. nothing wrong with that. But some exclusive features are gonna be on one carrier

I'm betting it's not completely new phones but not old phones either. Something in between. Like an HTC 8X-2 or something like that with some minor hardware tweaks, a little bit better specs, maybe a slight design modification. I agree with whoever said they should put out the 8x and Ativ now, just do a generic release without much attention to get the phones out and then work on the "real" push and all that for the summer. Better late than never but dumb move waiting for Summer.

That's what I'm guessing/hoping as well.  Some sort of update to the 8X design (8X1 with Windows Phone 8.1?) with Samsung bringing in the lower tiered device.

I think it would be called the 8X+ like their recent android addition the One X+ since they made these brands specifically on par... =P

I think the reason why the phones haven't been announced is probably because they haven't been made yet. Like an 8X+ or something like that.

This is good news.   First for anyone that stuck with Sprint, I'm sure you're excited.  It sounds like you're going to get some new phones and not just hand-me-downs from all the other carriers.  Also, it's good for the ecosystem as a whole.  You should be able to select your provider based on their service quality and price, not the phones (or lack of quality phones).    Sprint was a dead zone and non-option for millions of potential customers, now (although late) it's finally coming back to the table.   Good news for everyone.

If your not on AT&T  we will always have low to middle end devices. it is why I have reservations about WP. the best devices locked into one carrier thr second best device unavalable in the states. sorry I don't see the 8x as high end. middle range only.

OK So I left Sprint after 12 Years for ATT, not because I wanted to because Sprint made me by producing junk windows phone and the company I was at dumped all the sprint phones for ATT, they told them they wanted good secure windows phones not android..
So just so you know where Sprint is headed with Windows Phone. "current" Windows Phone 8 devices mean Junk, not top of the line and I am Sure they will not have anything that will have better specs than androids, I will never forget them selling the arrive for 199.. all they way to the end ... CRAP

I know Sprint has stated they plan to integrate FM radio tuners into the WP8 and other smartphones going forward, so maybe they are looking to update to the newer Qualcom chips coming out in the coming months as part of their current phones but not 6 months old.

Not that I care about Sprint but why are they NOT working with Nokia who is the front runner in the WP arena.  Why not get some Nokia love into their operation.

the word is... (and would love WPC to look into this) all current Windows Phone 8 devices have the hardware built in for a FM radio. Microsoft didn't have it ready on release. It could be enabled via software.
if sprint gets it, it's just a matter of time before the hackers figure out how to add it to every phone...

I just want Sprint to push out the Tango update. I swear if my keyboard goes away one more time while I'm trying to type.....

People in the US seem to be extremely tied to getting their handsets through their carrier? Is the setup different to the UK?

I'm sure as "current" devices, a HTC 8X and a Lumia 822ish phone. Both have CDMA support so, it might not be as bad as a change over to get sprint a few devices by summmer time. Depending on how long ago they decided this. It takes a while to get a phone from design from a carrier to production (where they are making the volume for a nationwide carrier).
The HTC 8x is a nice phone, I have one on Verizon... only dispointment is 16gb of memory otherwise nice phone.