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Save $60 on Lumia 810 accessories bundle at T-Mobile

The Lumia 810 Windows Phone is a mid-range smartphone that offers a number of features unique to Nokia devices. T-Mobile is pushing the device in the states and the mobile operator currently has a deal in place for those who are looking to invest in some accessories for the Lumia 810. If you purchase a wireless charging stand and shell together, a saving of $60 can be redeemed.

This $60 is redeemed once the purchase is made, but the offer is only valid between 1/9/13 and 2/20/13 and the rebate has to be postmarked by March 31st - this offer is for US residents only. The Lumia 810 is available for free on select contracted plans. Be sure to check T-Mobile for more information, or pop into the local store.

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Save $60 on Lumia 810 accessories bundle at T-Mobile


Damn you Verizon...
The ugly Samsung, and the ugly of the low end Nokias....It's like they teamed up with HTC.

Are you guys serious? This article has nothing to do with HTC. Why do you feel you have to bring 8x to the conversation? Are you bots? HTC paid trolls? Or just HTC fanboys with low selfesteem? Either way this is getting very boring to see these HTC fanboys praising their phones. So you love your HTC 8X? Thats just great. Good for you. Keep it to yourselves. You are getting even worse than some Nokia fanboys.

Please man. Just read. My initial comment was totally off topic, I'm in line... but I posted it as an "anti troll" comment. That's it.

Funny to read that I'm an HTC fanboy whilst I owned about 6 Windows Phones so far, from the three main manufacturers... I used to work @ Microsoft... I'm not into an HTC or Nokia or Samsung propaganda.

You're welcome. No mention of me in the article even though it's linked to my thread :) worries, I just want people to get a good deal.

Do ever actually give anyone a rebate? From all the people I've talked to, they always talk their way out of it.

These have been unicorn accessories for me, no one in my area ever seems to have either the stand or shell and never has both together, never know when they will have them, and to top it off they keep referring me to amazon. Finally found a store that has both so getting today...

I went to my local Tmob store, they had both black and blue shells in stock.  Picked up the black shell and wireless charger for my 810, got the rebate form.  Also, and I don't know if this is for everyone's store, but since I bought two accessories they gave me a 3rd accessory for free ... so I picked up a free NFC headset (regular price - $50 ... my price - free).  It's been a good day.

I got the same deal but just got 2 wireless shells instead.
Any way you can send or post pdf of the form as I can't get it anywhere

I'm good on the Nokia 810. I saw the phone and it's a brick. Literally lol It's a block, brick, T.V. remote whatever you wanna call it. I want the Lumia 920. T-Mobile needs a better high end Wp8 device. How about the Samsung ATIV S :-)

So if they are in stock we can do the 60.00 rebate purchase on the charger stand and wireless shell at the Tmobile kiosk in the mall or at a b&m? Anyone know if they still have the buy 2 accessories get one free promo? Also.. I have an online 30% off coupon ... any of those printable for the store?  Thanks. :) I'm so bummed about gmail not continuing on windows phones as of Jan. 30... my 810 is coming that DAY !!!!!