Nokia Lumia 920 used to record music video

The Lumia 920 has a super camera, that much is already known. We've recorded some sample footage of a gig in full action to demonstrate the power of the Windows Phone, particularly in low-light environments. Now a band in Denmark has been filmed using a Lumia 920. The song being performed is called "Reach For The Sky," but the band itself is nameless for the time being.

As well as strong results with video the Lumia 920 also excels in audio recording, which is also displayed in the video. There wasn't the requirement for powerful lighting or any kind of gizmo to improve the quality of the end result. It's a cool way of showing just what the smartphone is capable of.

Source: YouTube; thanks, geloloco, for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 920 used to record music video


Vid looks pretty good, but you can definitely tell it's compressed 1080p video.  Not that anyone should expect high-end uncompressed 1080p footage.  I'd love to see Nokia find a way to push PureView to the point where they can reduce the compression on the camera and push sharper and more vivid video.  The camera is almost set (just need a faster shutter for motion capture) as it is.  Nokia is certainly close to achieving the perfect phone camera.  Now they're talking about updates to PureView coming out, which has me intrigued.

"The sound was recorded live by several microphones (not the cellphone) and added in post." hmm. I think they used the L920 only for the video... An awesome one btw!
and a nice song too!

yep, and I think they also shot multiple sessions of the song at various angles and pans to get enough footage to piece the video together.

We get it.  The Lumia 920 is the greatest phone on the planet at the moment. 
Hopefully more people are beginning to understand and realize that WP8 is a part of that and that it is light years beyond the stale, boring icon based OSes from the last century.

I saw this a few weeks ago. It's awesome. I love the song too.
The band made a Tumblr, after receiving a lot of comments and stuff about releasing their music. Still no band name and still no details on releases. But they did give me a download link to the song. :D

A "music" video where not a single guitar is present? Truly the advancement of technology is improving phones and ruining music.