Windows Phone Mac app updated

Windows Phone for Mac

Microsoft today released an updated version of its Windows Phone for Mac application. Here's the changelog:

  • Fixed app crashing issue for certain customers
  • Updated directions/documentation for granting access to remote folders
  • Improved data selection capabilities
  • Improved acquisition of album art for Windows Phone 8 devices
  • General bug fixes

Get your update on now in the Mac App Store.

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Reader comments

Windows Phone Mac app updated


It feels like Microsoft has been spending more effort on the Mac app than they Windows app since launch :/

It must be outlandishly poor on the Mac then, Daniel. I cant think of much worse than windows so called replacement for Zune.

I concur.  The one for Windows 7 is terrible and crashes pretty much everytime I try to use it.  It won't sync music worth a darn and is slow is all get out.  

No, Apple requires all apps distributed through their App Store to run in a sandbox. This is a good thing, because it means those apps are less likely to harm your system. The app does, however do a better job of letting you know when sandboxing is causing issues, and pointing you to the solution.

Maybe update the windows version, which is a useless abomination.  It rarely even works for me and has caused strange issues with sound on my computer.  It is one of the lowest rated apps in the W8 universe.  Much easier to simply drag files onto the phone in expolorer.  

Which with Xbox music files that are protected file explorer won't let you move around. It really is terrible. Hard enough to convince people to switch.

Nice to see it finally updated, but like others have said - Windows version also needs to be updated. Both versions desperately need more features/options in addition to fixing existing bugs...

the windows 8 app looks like it was the first program from whom ever made it.  How can any one even switch from zune to that...its crap.  I dont even bother with it I use the drag and drop feature.

God.... All I want is for the new app to use all the album art and tag data I organized my music with in Zune. Is that too much to ask for?

And not just be a transfer tool.  I'd also rather there be a SINGLE app that is used to get XB content and sync to my WP8 device, you know, kind of like that awesome Zune Desktop client was???  Again, WTF was Matt Akers team thinking???  I'd REALLY love it if Daniel or someone else here at WPC would reach out the him and get the truth why this experience is so shitty, considering Joe Belfiore is all about User Experience.

As long as Zune works, i'll contintue to use it to organize my music and video library. Song info in ID3 tags, album art, ratings, and etc...
You're right, it needs more than just transfer functionality. With Zune a simple music-update sync to add a few songs i've downloaded would take MAX 5mins. With this crap application called "Windows Phone" (a straight slap in the face to name it that) it takes at least an hour. The first time i synced when i got my phone, i just left it overnight and went to bed. Ever since then, i start it and then commence playing video games for a few hours and go back to check it, hoping that it's done. -_-

Ugh. I was going to say I won't need it once I get my hands on a Surface Pro.. With these comments maybe I am better off using my old MBP. :-/

Do know that if you have Windows Media Player running, it will take control of your Lumia and prevent either Windows Phone 8 app to access it. That's been my experience with that issue so far.

This is really beginning F me off.

Microsoft should just ditch their own products really.

Apple users get a better desktop experience, more reliable application, all our "killer" apps.


It's a joke that the only proper desktop media player that Windows Phone syncs with is iTunes, soo essentially that is saying the usual consumer is: buy an iPhone

Topleya: can't say I've ever used iTunes to sync music to my phone...so not sure what you mean by it being the only proper desktop media player...

I think he means that the WP8 app on a mac essentially opens itunes in it and lets you pick your songs directly out of the itunes library.

Apple users may get a more reliable application than their Windows brethren, but itunes remains a pig pile of steaming poo. Even after its very Zune-esque revamp last month, it still fails to grasp the concept that you might own more than one i-device, and that you may want different media on each one.

Bring back Zune, it was the best media management software I had ever used. I can only assume that the famously petty internal politics at Microsoft led to its abandonment.

Glad to see an upgrade.  I've never had an issue with it, however.  Simple yet stable app from my experience.  I also never had an issue with Zune, though.

Update means improvement to me. I'm happy to see an improvement . Any OS users can switch to WP without hestiation if there still be an update.  good job sir. 

This is awesome news.  I love Windows Phone and I love my Mac as well.  Now both of them work better together.  Thanks Microsoft!  I am keenly anticipating the next release of Office:Mac as well.