Evernote for Windows Phone updated, adds PIN lock and business support


Evernote, the popular note taking app for your Windows Phone, has been updated to version 2.5.4 and adds a few handy features to the app.

The update adds Evernote Business support to the Windows Phone app and allows you to create searchable Business Notebooks, in addition to the Personal Notebooks. Premium Evernote users now have a PIN Lock that allow you to secure the Evernote app from prying eyes.  The PIN Lock will kick in automatically after ten minutes of inactivity. 


All Evernote users will now see notebooks, personal or business, that they have joined in their notebooks lists.  The update also offers styled text support is now available including bulleted and numbered lists and editing of bold and italic text right in-line without the need to rely on section by section editing.

All in all, the update brings a handful of features that will make Evernote a little more user friendly and versatile.  Evernote is a free app for your Windows Phone that you can snatch up here at the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Evernote for Windows Phone updated, adds PIN lock and business support


I don't really use note apps but it's good to see evernote continue to update and address some of the problems people were having with the app.

Microsoft needs to get their act together and update WP8 OneNote to support password protected sections. It is so useless to have password protected notes synced with SkyDrive that I can't access on my phone.

Nope, you can password entire section.
BUT, neither the Web App nor the Windows Phone app can open them.
This is the sort of sh*t you just shake your head at Mirosoft at. Its not hard to code, its a differentiator and they just don't make app features universal. I'd love to get a management job at MS and got and crack some heads.
They are the so close, yet so far people at the moment. So many good products but all 80% and need finishing off.
Even the phone OS !

This was very surprising to me when I purchased my Lumia - when I used Word documents, that were password protected, with QuickOffice and SmartOffice on my N8, I couldn't open them.  When I saved password protected documents on my Lumia 900, I can't open them!  I thought surely I would be able to give that it was a Word document.  Perhaps I'm doing something wrong :(

I like evernote, you can send emails to it. So if i get an email that i want to keep i just forward it to my evernote email address

I updated yesterday and when I checked the version on Evernote it says it's on version  Can anyone confirm?