SkyDrive gets minor bump in latest update for Windows Phone 8

Just the other day Microsoft updated the SkyDrive service for 2013 with a few new features which we detailed here. Now it looks like the Windows Phone 8 app is getting a small update too, which we assume is to continue compatibility.

No new features are noted nor observed (ignore the changelog as that’s dated from November).

The popular cloud storage system that comes with every Hotmail/Outlook.com account has been steadily growing since its launch and with this latest update, those on Windows Phone 8 will appreciate most of the new changes (even if the app is still missing some features).

Pick up SkyDrive version 3.0.1 here in the Store for Windows Phone 8.

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Reader comments

SkyDrive gets minor bump in latest update for Windows Phone 8


could be my imagination, but it seems to be performing faster than the already fast version previously.
also, how do you guys jump on these app updates so quickly?  is there an RSS for app updates :P?

Looks for the numbers on your Store Live Tile or get tips from readers probably?  I downloaded the update over 2 hours ago so this isnt before the public knew or anything.

I've never seen Microsoft pump out so many updates and enhancements to their products before. Much like Nokia, they seem to listening, testing and correcting a lot of product issues. Way to go.

Don't mean to put a negative slant on it, but just my honest opinion.... I think the reality is that MS has adopted the "release now fix later" ideology and that's a big change. Like it or not, it may be the only way to compete these days.

Its fixed an issue with pictures not being displayed in certain time zones which is good to see. Now I'd like to see them enable multiple uploads rather than one photo at a time.

@Daniel - this fixes the 'file can't be displayed' bug, if you're timezone is not UTC 0, then chances are you'll just see a default image for your pictures and also can't open any file.

Alot of people having trouble here, as seen on the forum:

Yes finally!  Update has fixed a major issue that I thought was the Microsoft PDF Reader.  I store PDF's in Skydrive folders and when I updraded from a Lumia 900 to 920 these PDF's would not open - I initially thought this was due to the PDF reader but it must have been a Skydrive glitch - all my PDF's in Skydrive now download and open correctly.

Someone please help me, at first the store is working fine, this last few weeks I don't get live tiles for update, I must find the app and then the update will appear, I dont even know if all of my apps is thr latest version, its really frustrating. Someone please help me.

It looks to me as if they've changes so that videos now are compressed before uploaded to SkyDrive.
Now my wife can watch the videos on her iPhone app. Before this, the videos were too large and stuttered and went out of sync. Very nice.