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Teenagers: Apple no longer cool, Microsoft Surface is in

Apple is done and Microsoft's Surface is now down with the kids, according to a report by Buzz Marketing Group. The company specialises in youth marketing and has discovered that younglings are more into Microsoft's Surface tablet than Apple's competing hardware. This might be proof to show just how similar new generation of hardware is to predecessors, with little to excite consumers - teens in particular.

Microsoft has innovated with Windows 8 and its Surface RT tablet, which sports an attractive design and boasts an array of features. It has been a hit with both consumers and ourselves. But why has the younger demographic shown more interest in Microsoft's product than the trendy Apple? Buzz notes that Apple is now too popular to be popular and teens are into replacing iPhones and iPads with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Microsoft Surface tablets.

"Teens are telling us Apple is done. Apple has done a great job of embracing Gen X and older [Millennials], but I don’t think they are connecting with Millennial kids. [They’re] all about Surface tablets/laptops and Galaxy."

The teenage demographic is an important one, which Nokia highlighted back when the company was joining forces with Microsoft on supporting Windows Phone. Should Apple be losing such mindset with young consumers could prove to be a slight dent in the company's sales numbers, with Microsoft picking up some points.

The software (and now hardware) giant has been jabbed by Apple in the past for being dull and not cool with consumers, particularly with the Mac vs PC commercials. With the refresh of Windows and other products and services, it's reports like these that will progress being made by Microsoft to rejuvenate its brand. Windows 8 is now alive with Live Tiles that update with real information, as well as improved user interfaces that incorporate bright colours and clever use of typography.

Could Windows and Microsoft be the new cool? We certainly believe so, and it would seem younger consumers are on the same wavelength.

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Teenagers: Apple no longer cool, Microsoft Surface is in



When we have our weekly family dinner the kids fight over who gets to play on the surface. All the kids have iphones and they are all very impressed with the surface.
Everyone that I show the surface to finds it very easy, I really dont understand how people are finding windows 8 very hard, they must be really dumb....

Is that a grey touch cover, or is it black photographed at a funky angle?  Where do you get a grey touch cover?

Well my Daughter has just declared her allegiance to the Surface. It was so odd I actually had to ask her what she meant. As she is a Uni the Surface Tablet makes pretty good sense. For me the icing on the cake is my tablet can also access using the debug domain trick which now ticks another box. I actually know parents who have bought Apple tablets only for the kids to access to then find it does not work! So this is pretty cool although having said that it really should in the whitelist and I should not have to use the debug function.

These same kids (who that now find WP8/W8 cool) also live and breathe on apps and games.  If Microsoft doesn't do something fast to fix all the app bugs, and lack of features within apps, the teens will soon change their minds.  The quantity of the MS Store isn't the problem, it's the quality.

My two 15 year olds sold their iPads on Craigslist and bought Surfaces. They actually USE them at school now, whereas the iPad was more for just fun.

While I agree that Apple is no longer considered "cool" (was it REALLY ever cool?), the coolness factor is not at all shifting over to Windows, but to Android. I find it odd to see this article, but not so weird when we are on WP Central where there is built-in bias towards Windows Phone/Windows 8. Last I heard, Windows 8 is a big FAIL. This also splashes onto the Surface and the Desktop PCs. I am running it myself on my home touchscreen all in one PV as Microsoft wants me to, but I still find myself using my mouse and keyboard more than anything else. 
Again, Apple is no longer cool, but neither is Windows. The coolness club has Android as it's president.