Priceline.com hotel app books a room in the Windows Phone Store

Travel deals site Priceline.com has put out a hotel booking app for Windows Phone 7 and 8.

The app lets you search for hotels based on location and star level and then book rooms without the need to bid on them. That is because Priceline.com chooses the best deals based on your search and displays them for you, making booking quick and easy. If you're not looking for a specific hotel, you can also check out their daily deals for even bigger discounts.

With the Priceline.com app you can search for hotels by location and view them on a map. You can also see room rates, amenities, ratings and even photos.

No interesting Windows Phone 8 features are implemented e.g. no doublewide Tile, fast resume or Lockscreen features but you do get the resolution support.

Priceline.com app lets you book rooms without bidding

You can get it free here.Thanks,  Jeremy, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Priceline.com hotel app books a room in the Windows Phone Store


I think he means the 3 windows buttons at the bottom. I want to know too they are annoying if you are using it in a dark area

Nice addition. Windows phone needs My Disney Experience on its platform as a smartphone will be a necessity to book rides and dining.

I download apps like this even if I do not plan on using it.  WP fans must show strong download / support when first party apps are released to help encourage more of them!

Wasting space? Clearly your comments are wasting space on WPC so please stop wasting space. Seriously? A small bit of room on your phone to show support isn't a big deal. Maybe if you didn't have ten camera apps taking up so much space you could find some room. Or use cloud storage for all those pictures of yourself that everyone has to see. Or just suck it up and support the platform your using.

Wow.....And no, I am not downloading an app I have no use for. Yes, its nice to see these official apps show up for those who use and need them. But I value my space (which before anyone wants to comment is not taken up by 10 camera apps).

I just find it funny that some bitch about people complaining about the lack of apps and make comments about people having 100+ apps and only using 10 of them. And yet, we are asking people to download apps they probably won't use? Which is it?

Don't you think companies look at their servers to see where their hits are coming from? Apps, PC, mobile web, Xbox...the answer is yes.

Buggy. It closed on me on my first click of a hotel. I will just stick with the website for now. Actually, it didn't close. It booted me to the home screen, but I found the app to still be running in the card deck. I will keep it after all.

This is great, but priceline owns booking.com and booking has a beautiful W8 app but still no WP app :(