Photosynth for Window Phone 8 just “weeks away” after slipping due to driver issue

While we unfortunately can’t provide you with a download link to the Store just yet, it looks like Microsoft is finally getting ready to unleash Photosynth for Windows Phone 8. The popular 360 degree photo mesh app was noticeably absent since the new OS but the prospect of a “...any day now" re-launch always felt imminent.

The Photosynth team took to Twitter to bring the news, seemingly after some folks on Reddit made some noise about the app’s prolonged absence from the platform. The reason as it turns out was a drive issue, which caused the shipping date to head past the original time frame for launch...

The post on Twitter goes into some detail:

“Photosynth for WP8 slipped due to problems with drivers on a few important phones. Mostly behind us now. Release should be weeks away.”

Truth be told, a select few of us have been running Photosynth on our Windows Phone 8 devices due to an early review program and while the app always worked for us, evidently there were some deeper issues with specific new devices that caused some headaches.

The Photosynth app for Windows Phone 8 is expected to be rewritten to take advantage of more RAM, the new API and of course the Lenses feature for quick access to making ‘synths. There’s no immediate word if the WP8 version will vary that much otherwise from its older Windows Phone 7 sibling (ours feels exactly like the older version just faster, but our build is a few months old).

We’ll keep you posted of course when the app is ready to go live in the Store.

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Photosynth for Window Phone 8 just “weeks away” after slipping due to driver issue


...and hopefully MS is taking note... one of the reasons that the iPhone has an insane number of apps is because the developers only have to worry about a single hardware platform.  MS needs to abstract away these hardware differences, we're seeing too many app problems that are hardware-specific and that isn't a good sign.

Hardware differences? Don't they all use like 1 of two possible chips? The only other thing that varries is RAM and screen resolution, and then there are only 3 options.

There has to be other hardware differences that were deemed insigficant but are impacting developers, otherwise we wouldn't see the huge amounts of apps we have seen that require updates to work on the 820, 920, and 8x equally.

Dude if these developers can develop for Android then they can surely work around the 3-4 WP8 devices. It's a lame excuse by Photosynth team and it only highlights their incompitence or lack of seriousness towards WP8.

"MS needs to abstract away these hardware differences"
That's essentially what drivers do.. Perhaps what they need is a really good API test suite that OEMs can use to validate the drivers they're coding.

Really? I tried it prior last weeks update and it was a disaster, always asked me to refocus, repoint, redo this, that... ended up not taking any panoramas

My attempts to use this app on WP 7.5 went like this...   Attempt 1: App worked decently well but crashed after a while.  Attempt 2: App required calibration that would never take, despite many repeated efforts waving the phone in figure eight loops looking like an idiot in a public space.  Attempts 3, 4, 5: App crashed right away.  Uninstalled, maybe will try again on my next phone.

It always works fine for me, other than if I take too many pictures it will crash while stitching. But as long as I keep the pictures to a minimum, its great.

I love these comments... If they put it out with issues,you complain they rushed it and are incompetent, if they take the time to get it right, you complain it takes to long and they're incompetent. The internet... where bitches go to whine.

Still not shipping MONTHS after WP8 launch (Nov) is deplorable. MS is grossly incompetent beyond words on this. See Skype WP software after their $8B purchase.

I think the issue is that there was a lack of communication.  Had in early december they said "hey, we need to push a month or two due to this issue" you would still have whining, but a lot less.  It seems MS internal app devs are pretty bad at communication.

Ok finally we get some news. This is the best panorama app out there used it lots on WP7 and was disappointed to see it absent on WP8. Without wanting to sound like i am whining i will believe this when i see it. The photosynth team said at start of November it was coming soon. There's been no news and now they say more weeks to wait which means it will be Feb and is 4 months later !!!!!

Awesome, it's about the only app I really miss from my old iPhone (ironically)!  Hopefully they've used this time effectively to get it right for launch - will be interesting to see how it works with the L920's low light camera etc.,

The annoying thing is you take these great photosynths on your Windows Phone 8, upload it to photosynth.net, and then are unable to view it in Windows 8/RT because Silverlight is not supported in the "Metro" IE10 and not supported at all on Windows RT.
Typical Microsoft.

The Real question is... how the heck can we get our home screen to go horizontal like in the pic... and is there a coverflow view for apps?

That isn't the home screen. That is the "Lenses View" in the Camera Hub. If you open your camera in WP8 and hit the icon in the nav bar that has two counter facing arrows, it brings up the lenses you can choose from.