Xbox SmartGlass for Windows Phone updated but it's too smart for a changelog.

Xbox SmartGlass

Microsoft has released an update for its Xbox SmartGlass app on the Windows Phone Store. What's new in the latest version? We're not entirely sure, but the app has been bumped to v2.0.0.0368.0 (according to the settings page within Xbox SmartGlass).

We have experienced some issues with downloading the update, so be sure to remain calm when attempting to get downloading. Also, the US Store reports version 1.6, whereas the UK Store only offers up 1.0. What's going on is anyone's guess, but if you do notice anything new in the app, which we've overlooked then be sure to sound off in the comments.

Xbox SmartGlass was previously updated and included some speed improvements, so we'll assume similar enhancements are present in the latest release.

You can download Xbox SmartGlass from the Windows Phone Store for free.

QR: Xbox SmartGlass


Reader comments

Xbox SmartGlass for Windows Phone updated but it's too smart for a changelog.


Just downloaded this and I can check my stats for halo 4 now. I agree waypoint needs updated immediately. Should have been done at game launch or soon after.

Nope, Halo 4 was working for me earlier this evening on my 8X, now since updating it says there's no smartglass experiance, so a step back for me.

I really wish Microsoft would put changelogs as part of the requirements to update an app. Best way to learn about new features. Why are they so stubborn?

Most updates are to fix bugs...and most devs don't want to broadcast that there apps are buggy (but that they are working on them)?

What games for the 360 acutally work with this now ? Is there a list of games that will work with WP7 and WP8 ? (I have a 8X and a Trophy)

The remote screen is different. It now has a close button in the top corner. The menus seem different as well, with the animation in the corner. Smoother animations.

I hope they added a full keyboard search feature while in XBL apps. Scrolling with the WP8 remote is counterintuitive. 

Still no gps map in Forza Horizon like ios and android get :sadface: unbelievable that my old 3 yr old 3gs gets more microsoft smartglass love the my new WINDOWS phone..
Edit: Ah great, all smartglass games are broken now. Halo & Happy Wars both say no smartglass experiance in the smartglass app.

There is a difference... Now the APP is available in my country (Brazil). Until yesterday (before the update) it wasn't. Now i can finally use the smartglass in my windows phone =D

I was never able to get the Halo 4 smartglass experience to work, and so I immediately tried it after the update and it just says it is not supported.

With all these wp8 app updates, the majority of these articles begin with "we don't know".

I think its time an update is available, there must be some kind of info that is automatically shown stating what are the actual updates.

I just updated with no issues. No noticeable difference. I wish they would update Waypoint now, but probably will not happen since it seems Xbox has abandoned the platform.

smartglass update seems to have changed from using accelerometer to gyro stopping lumia 800 users being able to use this amazing app