Team Tiles-SEC for Windows Phone 8, Woo Pig Sooie or Geaux Tigers?

Team Tiles-SEC for Windows Phone 8

If you're a fan of any of the Southeastern Conference's Collegiate teams, the Windows Phone 8 app Team Tiles - SEC is a must. The app covers all fourteen teams of the SEC and has individual team pages for each team that has links to that particular University's academic and athletic websites and a link to make a donation to that University.

Each University page also has the latest news headlines from ESPN.com so you can keep up the latest news. There is also a SEC Links page that has links the the SEC Network website, ESPN.com's SEC Blog, and the SEC on Youtube and Facebook pages.

Team Tiles-SEC

In addition to the website links and news feeds, you can create a live tile for that University. The live tile support all three sizes of tiles and the tile displays that school's slogan. For example Alabama's tile will flip to read "Roll Tide", Texas A&M's tile will read "Gig'em Aggies" and Auburn University's tile will read "War Eagle".

We aren't sure if additional versions of Team Tiles will show up for the other collegiate conferences. Team Tiles-SEC is a nice way to share your team spirit on your Windows Phone and stay up on the latest headlines. Maybe the developer could find a way to add game scores to the live tiles to give the app a little more capabilities.

There is a free trial version of Team Tile-SEC available that is limited to Alabama and Texas A&M. The full version is currently running $.99 and you can find Team Tiles-SEC here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Team Tiles-SEC for Windows Phone 8, Woo Pig Sooie or Geaux Tigers?


I might be interested/persuaded to do "other" conferences if there was interest? That said... Gig'em Aggies!
@Nimdock - Good luck on the hard wood tonight - BTHO Florida!

Crystal, I'm open to developing for other conferences, but I started with the SEC and want to see how well it is rated/downloaded before I spend additional time on a project. Which conference would you want to see?

Can't believe it took that long for a B1G checkin.  Go Green!  Go White!  M-S-U!  But Travis, I would say the B1G would be your next "biggest following", top to bottom for a full conference for multiple sports.

I'm a proud FSU Seminole, and even though I'm embarrassed at the state of our conference right now, I'd love to see an ACC version!
GO NOLES! ->->-------->