Hope for Windows Phone 7.8 as O2 says it’s due by the end of January

We know a lot of people are anxious for Windows Phone 7.8, the OS update for current Windows Phone 7.xx users who want the new “look” of 3 Live Tile sizes, in addition to some other minor enhancements.

O2, via Twitter support, has responded to one customer by stating  the update will come by the end of January and will be delivered by Zune desktop.

We should caution that O2 Twitter is not exactly an official announcement and we have seen some false information come from carrier support before, but the detail and confidence by which O2 responded here gives us some hope.

Windows Phone 7.8 was announced way back in June at the Windows Phone Summit. Microsoft said it would come only after Windows Phone 8 was on the market and they seem to be getting some mileage out of that commitment, seeing as it’s been two and half months so far.

Though 7.8 is not a huge change, the new Live Tile design with three sizes actually goes a long way in delivering the Windows Phone 8 experience on current hardware.  O2 is one of the first carriers to comment about availability of the update and we hope to hear from other carriers shortly.

Read more about Windows Phone 7.8 and our previous coverage here: http://www.windowscentral.com/windows-phone-78

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Er. Akshat, for the tip!


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Hope for Windows Phone 7.8 as O2 says it’s due by the end of January


I agree. Honestly, I like my Nokia 900 with 7.5 but I would like 7.8 and the more its hyped up the more I want it. They should of just kept quite about 7.8 until right before release like they did with WP8. Sometime ignorance is bliss.

I don't think in this case it's so much about knowing it was going to happen vs not knowing about it at all.  MS had to say something because all WP7 users would have wanted to know about their devices and WP8.  Remaining ignorant of the update would have made many adopters bitter, and that is not something MS can afford right now in the mobile device market.  The big problem has been the open ended timeframe for delivery.  Early 2013 could mean anything before the halfway point, depending on how some lawyer spins the definition of early.  I would be fine if MS had said aiming for end of March 2013 release because I would have known when to expect it.  I wouldn't be checking on a daily basis and feeling let down.  If MS would have kept an update on status webpage.  Beta, RTM, from their point, it would have been a good start.  If they had been on their manufacturers about posting their status on the update on the same page, would have been even better.  Forcing the carriers to give feedback status updates on their process would have been hitting it out of the park.  Realistically, we can say they didn't do their part even though we know devices are now being released with the WP7.8 update.  Updates are out there from the manufacturers.  You can manually go through the process depending on your phone.  Knowing all that, I would imagine the wait now is on the carriers, but it sucks to not have an anticipated release date anyway.

Why can't you just wait? Srsly I don't get it. You were happy before the update was announced, right?
Why not go on with your life and be happy as you used to be, cause NOTHING CHANGED. And once the update is there you can be a little happier. I really don't get why people suddenly stress themselves out when they know there will be an update but don't know the exact time of it. Until it's there, nothing has changed!
I'm on a Lumia 800 and I'll be happy when it tells me there's an update ready to be installed, but I won't be forcing checks every day, cause I can't change the release time anyways.

even though i agree with to a certain degree, i do see why they chose to do that, i mean had they updated WP7 devices to the new live tiles, there is a higher chance that new customers would mistake it for a WP8 device and turn around and poing fingers at them saying they delibrately confused the customers... just my 2c

I completely agree, I've had my Windows Phone for about 2 years now. The earlier adopters should not have to wait so much.

Two years, time to upgrade. That's what I'm doing when April rolls around. I still like my trophy, I haven't had many problems with it. But it's time to upgrade since 7.x is slowly going away.

Sure, upgrading would be nice but my phone still works really well. Not everyone has the money to upgrade every two years as well. I just persononally cannot yet justify making the upgrade.

7.X isn't going anywhere. It's here to stay for a long time. Nokia will probably sell more cheap 7.8 devices in 3rd world countries than W8. Fragmentation is here to stay for windows phones unfortunately.

That would be sweet but who knows how valid this information is. Would love to update my focus and give it an improved look.

I was going to wait for 7.8 but was switching carriers so I got WP8.  I think 7.8 is a great option for legacy phones; the reality is forcing new OS onto old hardware doesn't work. iOS and Android prove that every day.  At least there is some sort of update and it will look the same.  I know the function and apps won't be the same but for most people it will get them through until upgrade time.

Its not that it's not possible, its just not practical. 1, it would maybe be slow, and 2 it would require a complete reflash, so if your phone wasn't charged 100% and wasn't charging the whole update, it would brick, and many people would complain.

I graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree in 1978. Does that mean I've been blinded?

LOL, hell I'm about get get a new phone now. This may help me hold out to see if MS is going to do a Surface phone.

You might want to hold until mobile world congress. I bet there will be a couple of nice announcements.

Great news as the twitter reply seems confident and straight to the point. Not saying "soon" or not long. Fingers crossed, its the first carrier to speak out and as you know carriers were the ones to pass the update before release. So not long hopefully

Until nokia build something very different from my l900 I ain't jumping although im really tempted...

What the banana is this ? Some kind of joke, this update doesnt bring that much to be sooo delayed. Microsoft just doesn't give a damn about us except when we actually give them money for their products. I spent almost a £1000 on Surface RT, Lumia 920 (which is my 3rd WP btw) and two Windows 8 upgrades and what ? Xbox Music still hasnt been fixed after two months and it is an utter shit, no notification center that we are asking for over two years, no seprate sound profiles, almost a month two bring a little shit portico update!? Seriously they don't give a damn, not even a little and wish that Nokia would somehow buy Microsoft, because only they actually care of updates, apps and even to bring some Xbox games when everybody sleeps!

What does this have to do with MS, they have already shipped 7.8 to OEM's who then in turn have to test with various carriers. If it is delayed then its the oems and carriers holding it up not ms.

I've already got 7.8 on my Lumia 900! I went into my local Nokia care centre 2 weeks ago and they updated the software for me!

I got tired of waiting and flashed a custom ROM to my old focus. I don't trust ATT and am a much happier WP user now. It makes the wait until I can upgrade in September more bearable.

T-Mobile Deutschland told me today that the update is being prepared but they don't have a release date (according to Nivifirm, it's indeed being prepared since it still didn't show up there)

I wish they'd all just deploy it already so they can dedicate more resources to bringing missing features to WP8 and the ecosystem - BB10 is hot on WP8's tail.

More and more apps are going to be WP8-only because its so much easier to port from other platforms.  It sucks for 7.5 customers, but MS really needs to put it behind them and focus on making WP8 even better.

The customers that bought and brought windows phone to the light are now in the shit hole, waiting for the 7.8 update. Well done Microsoft!

I bought a wp7.5 phone to help two companies out (ms/nokia) to get a real 3rd alternative in the market. So l800 cannot update to wp8... Big deal! I knew the score. It's the price you pay to support a new platform. And no, I don't have the cash to upgrade either. But because of us, the early supporters, we now have a potentially new and serious alternative to fruits and nuts. Bring out the meat I say.

can someone confirm if this will apply to Tesco sims as well and will i get it on the htc radar or is it just the Nokia?

How long till microsoft puts out the lights on the windows phone 7.x marketplace just like they did with windows mobile 6.x people shouldn't be forced to upgrade their smartphones.

I'm a bit lost on why its taken so long for Nokia phones since its been shown running on a couple devices already. Also, I wish they'd give more than just the Start screen, like smart dial, multiselect in messages and photos, on device album management, just small things to make the experience whole....

"We know a lot of people are anxious for Windows Phone 7.8"
This is a fucking joke that MSFT is playing upon early adopters . I know my next phone won't deffinetly be a WP for sure, as much as i dislike apple , their phone actually gets stuff done .

You are absolutely right. They get stuff done. This is what people want. People want their upgrades on time. Dont have the time to finalize the updates? then sell skype, sell your facebook stocks, sell xbox and kinect and focus on windows phones. Cant do that? THEN HIRE MORE PEOPLE AND GET THE JOB DONE. MSFT, WE ARE TIRED OF WAITING...

Again I will point this out as many of you seem to be misinformed here as to who is holding up the release of the update. MS have already released 7.8 to OEMS, they then test it on the devices to make sure all is good, once this is done it goes out to the carrier of said devices so they can test it on the network, once this is done then we will start seeing 7.8 rolling out. Please stop with the misplaced blaming of MS here.

I will never understand why it should take so long to update our older model phones with such a small update?.....forget the wp7 users, they are not as important as wp8 users....thats what it seems like!

As much as I'd like to get my hopes up, this is only one carrier making an announcement for WP7.8. If more carriers start making announcements involving 7.8, then the validity of O2's tweet would be more believable and reinforced.

Either way, there are still other ways to receive the update. (NavifirmPlus, XDA, etc.)

But so far, all we've heard about 7.8 is for Nokia. What about Samsung, LG, Dell, HTC? I'm getting anxious.

I'm guessing the slow 7.8 zune update is a business strategy. Nokia finished the 7.8 long ago and are updating phones for free in their care centres. The update has been available online for months at Nokia. My guess is that the UI from 7.8 and 8.0 are so obviously similar that it might not entice people to buy second generation win phones. I upgraded my 800 a month ago to 7.8 and now I don't need to get a 8.0 phone. If that's how it works for me I can't be the only one.

If I flash my Lumia 800 do I need Nokia care suite. I've downloaded Navifirm but I can't get care suite to go onto my pc. Sick of waiting now like.

I've got the Navifirm update. It took an eternity to get Nokia care suite on my PC. It's finally on and it won't see Nokia Lumia. My heads officially battered now. Any advice would be much appreciated.

flashing as I type this. It's been an experience to say the least.  I downloaded Nokia care suite 5 times before it eventually went. In. I had load usb files and stuff in Nokia Suite before I started. After all tat and waiting for the download it took a couple of minutes to flash. Everything ok can make my tiles smaller. Now to play

I run wp7.8 on my lumia 510. The start screen is now much more customizable and that odd little gap on the right side of the phone is gone too.Tiles are resizable and also,here's some news. WP 7.10 is also in the works and it includes all the software features of windows phone 8 like rooms and kids corner and lenses etc.7 8 is just a interim update to satisfy customers till wp7.10. After 7.10 there will be no more updates for the WP7 platform

You know it's funny, we're pretty much all in the same boat. I was fully aware that my 900 was what it was when I stood at AT&T and put the S3 back. It's a great phone. I am however frustrated that I allowed myself to get "had". I was played nicely. After abandoning Windows mobile and redefining what it means to show up late to the game, Microsoft went dark for months prior to releasing WP8 and truly gave no hope that we'd see the new OS until Q1..... Maybe. This intentional rouse helped to entice many to jump, brought Nokia back to the edge of the brink and began what will probably be an undeserved brisk ascent towards the top of the mobile market.... Well done Microsoft, well done

Stop winging about 7.8 either wait or upgrade your phone. Most plans are only 2 years & got pissed off waiting for Vodafone do I bought a 920 SIM free from Harvey Norman interest free on 3 years for $800! Easy fix!