Nokia Windows Phone Apollo concept surfaces, what do you make of the design?

Nokia Concept

Bence Bogár, a designer who publishes work to a majority of websites and resources, has revealed some Nokia Windows Phone concepts on Twitter. Bogár, who works at Egy Stúdió in Hungary, states the device in the images is a Nokia Windows Phone sporting a quad-core processor and HD display. While they may well be mere concepts and ideas as to what Nokia could work with in the future, they do appear to be marmite within Windows Phone Central HQ - it's torn the team between absolute detestation to appreciation.

A conspicuous feature to this unique Nokia design is what appears to be a fingerprint scanner on top, plus the absent of the usual 3.5mm headphone jack port. Not much else is visible on the concept. No buttons or rockers can be seen on the left side of the device, though we find it hard to believe all would be present on the single side. We've also compared the look to a 1960s radio, and while it may come across as elegant and modern, we can't help but imagine the amount of dirt that could accumulate in the side grill(s).


Nokia Concept 2

With the recent 'Phi' patent observations, Nokia is clearly sticking to the award winning polycarbonate single body design, which is present on both the Lumia 800 and 900 Windows Phones. To take up these concepts, it would be a sizeable leap from what the manufacturer has released on the platform thus far. Though Windows Phone 8 is the next step in Microsoft's mobile path, we can't see such a design being produced in Nokia factories.

So what do you make of these Nokia Windows Phone concepts? Be sure to sound off in the comments.

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Nokia Windows Phone Apollo concept surfaces, what do you make of the design?


Always loved 80's style electronics, the end of tube calculators etc. They've brought that into the future with all the style of a grand piano.

I find the design incredible. It might not be what Nokia has been doing until now, but it looks like a display for windows phone to shine. It's simple, elegant and understated. I wouldn't mind Nokia having this kind of design.

It won't. The more discharge cycles the faster your battery decays and the faster Nokia/MS will have you splash the cash again. Proof of that approach: no Apollo for Lumias - you should buy a new device, mate! How tasty Jelly Bean becomes... :-)

Well, I was trolled out of an upgrade when I bought a brand new HTC HD2 and MS said splash more cash or stay with an ancient OS, then I bought a brand new Lumia 800 and got trolled into an inferior WP7.99 or whatever instead of WP8... My excellent HTC HD2 although abandoned by MS, runs Jelly Bean now and it's so much fun...

How Many older Android Phones upgraded to Jelly?
I still like my Windows Phone 7.5 and can wait for 7.8 upgrade.
To each his own for me Live tiles are what I like the most about my first and  second gen windows phones and will upgrade to gen 3 when contract allows me to.

I love it. It semes similar to the Surface, which I'm buying, and I'd love to have a matching phone.

This looks very unique. I think it deserves it's life on the shelf eventually. I would at least take it for a two week spin.

I don't understand why people who come up with these concept devices feel they have to list specs.  Unless they're related to the physical size of the object rendered, it's irrelevant.  Why even say there's a quad core CPU in the pretty picture you just put together?
That said, it looks nice enough, just a kind of boring.  It reminds me of 1980s Sony products.

I'm not fond of the grill on the sides. It almost looks tacked on; an afterthought. I prefer the way the metal band on the current iPhone runs around the phone compared to this somewhat similar design. I'm also curious as to how this would feel in the hand.

The dock connection really doesn't make sense in a world where the micro USB connection is a standard now. There'd have to be a ton of buy in with Nokia, carriers, accessory vendors and of course customers to make it take off.

It looks like what Windows phone need. THE KILLER DEVICE. Its simple , powerfull, unique and evrybody will *kill to have ONE. Windows phone is about rectangles and thid is FAR better than Lumias.

Forward this link to Nokia HQ to show off of our LOVE of this phone!  It's basically unanimous - we love it.  Make it so we can buy it.  Beautiful design!!!!

The phone looks cool buy with those sharp edges I doubt that phone is comfortable in hand or at the most uncomfortable holding for an extended amount of time. Great design but not practical

I like it better than the Lumia 800/900 - more professional.  However, Apple, has already blessed the 800/900 as non-infringing, so they may want to stick with that design for the next 20 years.  Apple could say that looks like the iPhone 4 design minus the top and bottom metalic bezel.

Very Braun looking. German industrial modern. Looks like a phone a doctor or lawyer or some other white collar employee with too much money would buy.
Killer looking design.

Braun was the first thing that came to my mind, too. Industrial and minimalist, tempered with just a bit of delicacy.

Am I the only person that thinks this design is awful? its overly boxy and would be horrifically uncomfortable to hold in the hand, why do you think Nokia loves the pillow back so much? Its way more comfortable.

Thick, bulky, boxy, sharp looking edges, looks uncomfortable to hold. It does nothing for me. I'd rather have a more organic looking product this is too industrial for MY liking.

Thick? look at the paper it's on, seems about 6mm 'thick'
Sharp looking edges? The keyword here being 'looking'. If you take a closer look you see there is not a sharp edge anywhere, it's all rounded

Organic? Like a carrot? Do you consider bright yellow or red polycarbonate organic looking? I like my food organic but not electronic gadgets.

Prettyyy and Sexy as the old tiny Nokia 8810 Chome

I want one...
T-MOBILE Please make us happy or I will have to switch

Most people are judging this phone from a part of a pic . Chill . Let's wait for the phone to come out first , then , we can all say something .

I like it! However, I would rather have that crazy looking PureView concept we saw some months ago. I want PureView and a 4.5" screen.

I think the Lumia design is fine, however I think Nokia should make all lumia with the curve glass used on the 800 series and all colors should be high-gloss with the windows logo & color  used on the surface as the home key. for some reason people like matte finish, but I thing high gloss would make the devices look high-end. What we must remember is average consumer feel this way while we may not, and apple has made high-gloss popular and if you want to compete/sell, you'd better come up with something that look just as good if not better.

Looks cheaper. The plastics used on the side just look like cheap plastic imo. The design they have now just seems better, and much more minimalistic compared to that.

while the silver mesh speaker grill looks cool, remember, we wrap our hands around the device at that exact placement; you do know that your dead skin and debris will build up in there right. I am a very clean person and know the potential for grime build up despite washing my hand and numerous time throughout the day.

I'd like to see more than just teaser shots, but I really like the contemporary look. I think it fits the OS nicely.

love the comparison to marmite... I prefer vegemite. For those of us from the US...marmite is delicious and you should all love it. =D

Wow. Why don't the OEMs build phones like this? Nokia needs to adopt this NOW! I have the lumia 800, but it has already had its day....need something new.

What is it with quad core this and that? Windows phone doesn't need it. Only Android is crappy enough to NEED it. Anyway its looks good, but it's a little too thick. I love the idea of Nokia and Microsoft combining their ideas for a surface/lumia phone

also, here's a concept: why not put the little built in kickstand on a phone?

another concept (bear with me here): a phone with a solar panel on the back so that you never have to worry if the phone dies... unless its after sundown. though i could see this idea having some issues considering it would lead to people cooking their phones... but still :-)

As much as I love the looks of this thing...The grills on the silversides would make it look dirty as hell in like two weeks of use. I doubt any company would build something like that, plus whats it for? Cooling?

Was not gaga over the Lumias.

But this is a beautiful phone (from the little you can see of it). Would definitely give these a look if they are the real deals

I quite dig the retro look. Though I'm not sure where I'd make the retro reference.  This design is very much to my liking.  I'm wondering what cases might look like for a device contoured like this.  I'd like to not use a case with my phone and this would certainly be one of the devices I'd considering doing so.  I just wish we could know something more definitive. Oh, right, NOKIA if this could transform into Soundwave, I'd really love it.

I'm surprised so many are in favor of this. Probably because it says Nokia on it. If this were an HTC or Sammy design the comments would be much different

While I am inclined to agree with you on one hand, I personally like the design not because of the name on it. But because I think it looks good. Not a fanboy of anyone. Just thought I share

This is why I think Nokia is going to be very good for WP8. They have the creative design sense to keep things fresh with consistently desirable hardware. Combine that with a great OS and you have something good. They just have to overcome the momentum of the other platforms...

I feel like im alone here but what is there to like about this design? It's a freaking rectangle with a completely impractical and unusable speaker grill. Lumias looks way better then this. I'm glad Nokia would never make this

Aside from the practicality of the silver grill, it's pretty cool and retro, like a pair of black horn rim glasses. But I'm surprised some people are already tired of the Lumias. They're not that old to me.

Yeah it seem really fat if you have 4.5" screen in mind but this device is in width 60-62mm how can that be a 4.5" screen? And some of the device narrows the screen with 7-8mm from the sides... Thats why we think its fat :)

I guess this won't infringe on apples "rectangle with round corners" patent... jejeje j/k (don't bash me for it)...

I'm torn between really ugly and really sexy... Its either dumb or genius... jejeje, guess id have to hold the device to see how it feels in hand. I'm excited for Windows Phone. Just hope that Sprint gets their shtuff together and get onboard with WP8...

Oh, i would buy that in a heartbeat. I think the Nokia Lumina 900 is a sexy looking phone, but this is something else. 

Chunky yet elegant. Reminds me of my old Nokia E51i. It's payback time Apple.*

*Steve Jobs used the E51i as the basis of comparison to the iPhone when he first introduced it.

Could those be speakers on the side ? Could we be talking a Mobile phone with built in sound that does not sound like a tin can ? That could be pretty wild (something the HTC Surround tried to do).
Interesting so far, I want to see more tho... I do like what I see so far.

Love the look of this phone. As Guakala said a Biometric scanner would be great for security, But it needs to be fast.

The best design by far. I would buy that one over any other phone in the market. I hope that doesn't count as "rounded rectangles", otherwise Nokia would have problems with Apple xD

If  Don Corleone was alive, this would be his phone.
PS: I had to register and create a WPC account just to comment on this phone, it is AMAZING.
very Montblanc!

Looks more like a Sony (or Sony Ericsson) design* than a believable Nokia one. It doesn't do anything for me.
* I've owned a number of Sony Ericsson phones so this isn't meant to suggest their designs are bad, just that the feel of this render suggests SE more than Nokia.

I would says the same. The colors and the silver around like the T model from SE from 10 years ago. And this device is thick, so it seems here on the picture.

the design is good. And dont be afraid of the grill on the side/s i had them on my htc 7 pro and there where always clean. I had them on the speaker and under the 3 cap. buttons, and on the keyboard, around the keyboard. And with some cleaning every 6 months its still clean :)

But i have something else to say. The designer stated this device 4.5" but it is only 60-62mm in width. Look at the bottom there are measurements of 15mm, 4x and a littlebit offset. Can that be a 4.5" screen device and with the fact that the grill and the surrounding of the screen takes 7, 8mm? I doubt because the htc 7 pro i ~60mm wide and with the same surrounding of 7, 8mm and the screen fits only a 3.7"

Zune classic?? :) very squarish.. i would say rounded edges are always nice... but anyways Nokia is a trendsetter.. their phone makes fashion statement

Its the Galaxy Note II & HTC DLX challenger future Nokia Phablet model with 5" 1080P resolution Full HD+ screen running Windows Phone 8 Pro

I like what I can see.  Looks similar to the rumored Surface phone.    Would love to see Nokia challenge themselves to even better ergonomics and thinning out their phones some to appear less chunky and more sleek.  I love 920.  I would love a 920 even more if it loss just a little weight and thickness.

I love the gloss black and matte silver but the iPhone "block like" design is dated and not comfortable in the hand. I also agree that the side grilles are a bit impractical. Make it look more like the Lumia 920 or HTC 8x in shape and now we're talking.

Very nice design. Why the confusion over no buttons on left side. I'm looking at my 920 and all three (four?) buttons are on the right. Same-same.

Super futurlistic looking!  Waiting for Apollo to be lauched.  Thanks for this news.  I love the look.  Hopefully, they will make it in 2015 or sooner. 


this concept is freaking amazing!! Make one! I'll sure damn buy it! 

Not in love with it and I love Nokia.  It's too fat and the metal edge just looks like it adds to the width for no reason.  With that extra bit of metal and then the black bezel, the screen ends up too small.  I want less bezel, less thickness, less bulk.  By the time you slap a case on that, all the astethics of it are lost. I don't care how indestructable a Nokia is, they still scratch and crack.  I cracked screens on 2 920's and a 1020 already.  Granted, i dropped one of the 920's off the top of a roller coaster and it still worked after a week out in the sun and rain till I was able to recover it. 

I am so looking forward to a sleek, thin Surface Nokia.  Damn if it wouldn't be sweet with a built in kickstand and that slighly angled edge.   THIN though and some sweet speakers, insane camera and the bezel should be almost nonexistant.  Just enough on the bottom and edges to prevent accidental contact. 

I'd like to see them design something that aligns with the surface design. Something modern-industrial. Elegant but industrial feeling at the same time (oxymoron?).